Last year's Castlefest Costume

So yesterday I posted some pics of my old EFF costume, and today I'll show some pics of my previous Castlefest outfit.

At the trainstation(Haarlem), was already photographed many times. Some dudes that were going to the gayparade did NOT like me stealing their thunder, LOL. Anyway, me and hubs:

With my featherfan, which I btw lost when ppl were crowding like crazy at the bus back :( :

With my beloved again, doing Blue Steel (zoolander):

I only made the skirt and bolero, and pimped the hairpieces and wings.

My nails (with annoying nailpolish and nailstickers from Zeeman):

And some closeups of the makeup(at the end of the day, so it wasn't perfect anymore):

 I used stargazers eyeshadow, 88 palette, hema eyeliner and eyelure lashes.

And just because I think it's adorable, a pic of my mom who saw the wings lying on my table, when my parents were visiting, and wanted to try them on: