Review: Essence Stay Natural Concealer

I'm not a big user of concealers, let alone all the different types that are out there.
But I do have some standard ones for when I have some red spots or little outbreaks on my face.(or the once in a while fire red vulcano we all dread.)

I recently bought this one agian, because I msiplaced the one I already had. Yeah I know, but I have different bags I use and sometimes things get forgotten in a different bag. It'll turn up eventyually.
Anyway I liked this one enough to buy a new one.

The concealer comes in plastic packaging, nothing fancy. It has a white brush at the front, that will turn a skin colour pretty fast after you start using it. At the end of the 'pen' you can turn the end, to get the concealer on the brush. Don't turn too much because a big amount can come out, and you won't need that much.

I apply the concealer with the brush and then tap it into my skin with my finger. I myself have no. 01 Soft Beige, which work wonders for me.
I use it on little red spots, who instantly dissapear, or little outbreaks on my skin. I'm not sure if it's supposed to do that, but it usually dries out little zits/spots aswell, which means I usually only need the concealer for one day. Big plus! If you have little spots that you scratched and you try to cover that up, you might want to apply a bit of powder on top of the conealer. Then it will stay put all day.
I sometimes use it around my nose aswell, since my skin is a little more red in that area. You can use it below the eyes if you like, it's pretty much a multi-puprose concealer.

I think it costs 2 or 3 euros, and it last quite a long time(if you don't misplace it!). And for that amount of money it's a pretty good conealer.


BTW today is my sister in law's bday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sanne!!!!