GOSH Summer Look 2010, with swatches!

Yesterday, I found a note from the postman that a package to me was brought to a neighbour. So I went to the neighbour and to my amazement, it was a new package from Gosh, with the new Summer look products.
I've made some swatches and some pics, because to me, the promopics don't really show the right colours.

As you can see the summer look is all about warm, golden and bronzing colours. The nude colours and shining bronzingproducts will make your face shine!

Pressed Bronzing Powder
This bronzing powder gives you a sunny glow and lights up parts of your skin wherea normal blush creates a shadow. For the best result, apply thi powder high in the face, above the cheeckbones, the bridge of your nose, above your eyebrows and along the jaw. You can also use it for your shoulders, cleavage or collarbone for a natural transition. This powder isn't just suitable for summer, but gives you a healthy glow in winter aswell.

I like the pattern in the powder, which gives it something special. I've never used a powder like this, and I think it might be too cakey and dark for my skin.
A swatch in daylight:

The pressed bronzing powder is avaialable at Kruidvat for 9,49 euros.

Velvet Touch Lipstick, no. 43 Tropical Pink

(really weird: the promopic showed a purple lipstick, untill I changed the format)
This lipstick nurtures and protects the lips and gives a fabulous shiney result. The highly pimentated lipsticks gives your lips an intense longlasting colour.

I already have some of these lipsticks and they do give a really nice colour, last long and really hydrate your lips.
A swatch in daylight:

Velvet touch lipsticks are available at Kruidvat for 8,49 euros.

Quattro Eyeshadow, Q22 Driftwood

The Quattro eye shadow consists of a perfect combination of pearlpigments in a beautifull colourpalette. It contains a mosaic of 4 matching colours, to create endless looks.

  I already have a lot of Quattros and this one was not in my stash yet. Because it was a very neutral palette I didn't buy it before, but I still think it's really nice that it's in my posession now. :)
A swatch in daylight without base:
Quattro eye shadows are available at Kruidvat for 9,99 euros.

Amazing Length 'N Build Mascara

 This is a soft, rich and longlasting mascara which is easy to apply. This mascara makes your lashes visibly longer and gives them an intense colour. The brush separates en combs the lashes when you apply the mascara. When you apply multiple layers, the lashes will get extra volume.

The brush looks good to me, and the mascara itself doesn't seem very thick or dry. Usually I don't like waterproof mascara, because it tends to stick all my lashes to eachother. I'm interested to see what this one will do.

This mascara is available at Kruidvat for 8,40 euros.

Precious Powder Pearls Glow

This is a beautifull, ultrafine sunpowder in a nice pearlshape, which is easy to aply. Take a brush and move it carefully over the pearls, this way the brush will take up the powder and then you can apply the powder on your face, body and cleavage.

Like I said before, I don't use bronzingproducts, but I might try this one out, to see what it does to my skin.
A swatch in daylight:
These pearls are available at Kruidvat for 9,49 euros.