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Jennifer Connelly - Fake Lashes Top & Bottom

Did you see how great Jennifer Connelly looked in the Aug / 2007 / In Style Magazine Page 259? Jennifer Connelly's makeup artist Genevieve, put Artificial Eyelashes on the top and bottom lashes! This is a fabulous look for an party, wedding, or just to look totally glam! Putting on bottom eyelashes is easy to do, too! Apply a single coat of mascara to the bottom lashes only as a fill in. Then attach one flare lash with a small amount of glue, to the outer edge of your bottom eyelashes. You may only need to apply 2 or 3 flare lashes. Now you have the Hollywood Look Of Lashes!

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More Facts About the Feature Film - Whisper

Last night a received an email inquiring about the feature, Whisper. I was the Hair Designer on that show. Every actor needed a specific look for their character. Josh Holloway, was such an easy going kind of guy. He has that down home, southern country style that made him lovable. Josh's character had to be a small town, unemployed, drifter type. I really couldn't change the length of his hair since he needed the same length of hair to continue filming the television series, Lost. Every day, he came into the trailer and greeted me with a smile and a big hug. His hair had bleached out from filming previously in Hawaii, that everyday I would put in a Fanci Full, Chocolate Kiss Color Mouse to darken his look to make him tougher looking . Then I would blow dry his hair and add a little Redken Lush Whip texture cream. And before he left the make up trailer he always thanked us all. His mama taught him well!
Sarah Wayne Callies, was easy going and very much into helping me create her , trashy, small town look. Her hair was long and colored auburn previously from the series, Prison Break. I couldn't change the length of her hair since she would be going back to film the second year of Prison Break. But Sarah was into having a hair color change. I decided to put in lots of chunky blonde highlights by using the Redken Powder Bleach and 30 Volume Redken Peroxide . The ultra light blonde streaks, mixed in with her auburn hair, gave her a small town, do it yourself, hair color look. It was Perfect! The script was broken down into a lot of days which means I needed to have a lot of hair changes. Sarah loved it. She had never played a character like this before and so she really wanted her hair style exaggerated.
Some of the filming was on top of Mt.Seymour. Jack Osborne, and his Special Effects team, had to create a winter cabin that was covered in fake snow in October. It looked fantastic!
The Vancouver local production company was Brightlight Pictures and Shawn Williamson was our producer. Other feature films , that I worked on with Shawn and his company Brightlight Pictures, White Noise 2 (starring Nathan Fillion and Katie Sackoff) and Edison Force(starring LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Spacey). Now , I could tell you more stories about these movies too, but that's another blog for later!

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Working on the T.V. series - Supernatural

I have been having a great time working on the Supernatural television series. I have been filling in as the Key Hairstylist for 2 weeks now. Jensen Ackels, who plays Dean (the older brother), and I go way back to when we worked together on the Dark Angel series. Jensen has thick, blonde hair so I blow dry the sides flat and the top, front is blow dried straight up. It's styled into a slight fohawk by using American Crew D:fi d:struct. The other lead actor is Jared Padaleski who plays the younger, smart ass brother, Sam. Jared has thick, dry, wavey, course hair. He looks best when his hair is styled in a casual, natural look. Jared's hair looks best when it's not blow dried. Jared needs hair smoothing creams like KMS Hair Play Configure Creme and Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream. I find that with the humidity outside and the hot lights of the studio will make Jared's hair fuzzy. So a little Grooming Creme is applied every few hours.

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T.V. Premier movie of Whisper

It's been nearly 3 years since I worked on the making of a feature film, Whisper or as some know it as Hellion. It filmed in Vancouver for 6 weeks. I just received an email today saying that it will air on Saturday, September 1st on TNT. This is a movie with a definite all star cast. The lead is the handsome, rugged man, Josh Holloway (Lost-series), the lovely Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break-series), the young boy Blake Woodruff (Cheaper By The Dozen), and Dule Hill (Psych-series) and Joel Edgerton. It's definitely a scary, horror movie so if you are anything like me then you might have to watch it with the sound turned off.

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Have You Seen Artificial Turf?

We are becoming accustomed to many products or applications that use artificial materials. For instance, we know about artificial eyelashes, artificial implants, artificial limbs, artificial insemination, artificial life forms, artificial sugars, artificial flowers, artificial wood. Now you can have artificial lawn! Artificial turf was once used only on putting greens and soccer fields. More and more cities are banning grass landscaping. Do you realize how many gallons of fresh water is used to water your lawn? How about the fertilizers, weed killers, and moss control pesticides that you put on your grass? Where do you think it goes? Right back into your city's water system. How about the noise pollution and the emissions from the lawn mower and the weed wacker. This all adds up to Global Warming!
Artificial turf/grass can be installed quickly and easily. It's like installing carpet.. but it's outside. Did you know that Artificial grass is made from recycled pop bottles! Which means this turf can last for many , many years. Prices are similar to laying carpet which is more than real grass, but hey, I can sit back and admire my lawn ... without any maintenance. It's always green, it's always manicured, and it looks just like the real thing!

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Keep in Fashion - Modern Interior Design

Those of you who like the latest color trend in lipsticks and eyeshadows, I am sure you are the same way in your home. Many of the fashionable clothing colors, ie chocolate brown, warm burgandy, cabbage green, bright whites... all can be added to your pillows and rugs and wall colors too. It's fun and easy! A simple coat of paint can up date your condo or house in just a few hours. Or make simple slip covers over your throw pillows, or maybe pickup a few new colorful funky candles and paper napkins.
You can incorporate your modern style in your landscaping as well. Many homes are using artificial flowers, artificial hedges, and artificial grass. Mix these in with your real flora and you can have the perfect setting with all the right colors and textures to create modern landscaping.

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Missing Eyelashes, Thinning Eyelashes or Losing Eyelashes

It seems as we get older, are hair begins to thin out and so does our eyelashes. Missing eyelashes, thinning eyelashes or losing eyelashes can make you look tired and old. Sometimes adding a few fake individual eyelashes to the corners of your eyes can give you an appearance of young, alert, bright eyes. If you seem to be losing eyelashes or pulling eyelashes, you can use eyelash glue and a few fake eye lashes to correct this problem. I have been working on the television series called, Supernatural. Our lovely guest star Lauren Cohen has been filming in Vancouver on the Supernatural episode of , "Bad Day at Black Rock". Lauren Cohen has young, beautiful eyes, but unfortunately we have been filming at night, so to keep Lauren looking bright eyed and alert, her makeup artist Shannon Coppin has added a few individual flared eyelashes to the corners of Lauren's eyes. What a difference it makes! Some of you like dyeing eyelashes. But this won't make them look longer or thicker. Long eyelashes gives you a younger look. And thick eyelashes gives you a brighter look. This combination is what the actors want and need. So if you have thinning eyelashes or missing eyelashes ... here is your solution!

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