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Is it pouring again?

So....theres been stuff going on again in our lives.

As most of you will know, Freya has been sterilized last week and yesterday the sticthes were to come out. We had some little scares in the meantime, because on monday, she had this weird bump all of a sudden beneath her stitches. Like she swallowed an egg. We called the vet, and they told us that could happen, nothing to worry. Then, we got home on tuesdaynight and i found a bit of blood on her belly, and some stitches in her fur. The end of the stitches were a bit open aswell. Called the vet in the morning and we decided to just wait for thursdaymorning to take them all out.
So There I was at work on wednesday, a bit worried that Freya might have found a way to get to her stitches, and worrying she might find a way to take off her cone of shame ...again. Then there was this disturbance in the force of cardpayment, nationwide, so that was a lot of 'fun'at work aswell.
And when I had a little break and ate something...a corner of my molar suddenly broke off.
What a FUN day! So I called my dentist and I had an appointment for the next day.

On thursday, I went to the vet, and freya's stitches were removed. BUT they were a bit worried about the bump. They thought it might be a 'navelbreuk' or that she had some weird reaction tot the (3 layers of) stitches. So now we have to see what happens with the bump the next 4 weekes, otherwise we have to go back(and prolly need another operation). Her temp was fine though and she looked good for the rest of it. Hopefully the bump will become a bit smaller and less hard, and it will just be some reaction. They also told me she was a very gorgeous cat :)

So today is friday, and I went to the dentist yesterday. They reconstructed the corner, which took less then 10 mins. And then came the bad news. Since I have small molars, and really large fillings in them, there's not much molar left surrounding the filling. My dentist found a breakline throughout the whole molar including the filling. She really recommended that I would decided on a crown. (not sure of thats what its called in english though). Anyway, the crown is a sort of cap that will keep the molar together. Ofcourse I dont want to loose a molar at the young age of 30, so I said, ofcourse! well...the costs are 450 euro! yeah, thats right! FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY euro!
Now, I have a wonderfull insurance, BUT they are doing a reorganisation and getting a diff name and diff coverage. So now, im thinking it might not be insured the way I always was. I'll have to call them today, to found out. *sigh*

And to top that, I found a letter on my doormat today from the police, saying that there was a burglary in our neighbourhood and they wanted to see if there were any witnesses.


Oh well, at least I found one of the last snowboots at action for only 9,99 euros, and we are going to see Breaking Dawn soon. Let's just hope the public transport doesnt break down or anything. *sigh*

NOTD: Golden Rose Holographic Color no. 120

This is a holographic polish By Golden Rose. No. 120 is a very nice pink, with lots of shimmer.

 The flash makes it a bit brighter than it really is, but in daylight (without sun) it's more toned down. So the reallife colour is somwhere in between:

daylight (no sun)

indoors (with flash)
It's a nice and sparkly polish, it applied really easy and it doesn't chip fast either. It is holographic, but not in the rainbows-on-you-nails-way. All in all a really nice polish, and there are a lot of colours to choose from in this holographic range.

EOTD: Zombie Drakon with Evil Shades

This is a simple EOTD with 2 Evil Shades eyeshadows, but the eyeshadows in itself are so pretty, that it doesn';t look as simple. Awesome!

 I applied Drakon on my moving eyelid. DRakon is such a beautifull, colourchanging, miraculous colour. I can't stop watching it, moving my face from side to side.

In and above the crease I applied Zombie, which is a dark winred. I thought of this colour after I dyed my hair, and thought it would be fun to use it in a first EOTD with this hair.

With Zombie next to Drakon, the golden colour tends to change to a bit of red as the light hits it.  I can;t get enough of this colour.

 I used Essence Black gelliner next to my lasline and created a wing at the end.

 I love the way it sparkles and changes with the light :)

Below the eyes I used Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Black Ink.

LOTD with:
Inglot conealer next to the nose
Light Burgundy Blush by Catrice
Gosh Lipgloss 0064

Review: Ici Paris Xl, Mini Perfume Sprayer

I've had a mini perfume spayer by Ici before, but you had to spray the perfume into it, and that way, you waste a lot of product. Since I'm a big fan of (expensive) perfumes, I think that's not a very smart idea. Still, that sprayer was 3,95 and was for that price, filled with your fav perfume on the spot. Now that one is empty, I decided I wanted one that wouldn't waste as much product and found this one:

 It's 9,99 euro if I remember correctly and I think there were a silver and a pink one aswell. It has a small opening at the bottom that works like the top of a sprayer on a perfume bottle. It won't open, unless you press it with a perfume sprayer, so it won't leak either.

 It has an opening on the side, so you can see how much product is left in it.

 I used my Cartier Delices EDT, to fill the mini sprayer. It's so handy to have an EDT in your purse, especially if you're not a morningperson and tend to forget to spray on something when you leave the house.

Filling the sprayer is pretty easy. You just pull the spraycap off the bottle and then put the bottom of the sparyer on top of the little tube on your perfume bottle. All you have to do than is press it down repeatedly as if you's spray on some perfume. This way it'll fill up nice and easy.
 There is almost no waste, just a tiny bit of wetness between the two bottles, and probably only because this was the first tme for me doing this. Afterwards, you don't need to do anything to the sprayer, it closes up by itself, and you only need to put the spraycap back on your perfume bottle.

I think this is a great product, without any waste of perfume and it's not that expensive either, because you can use it over and over again. I'm really glad I bought it.