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EFF Tryout Makeup, Raven/Goth look

When I ordered some Barry M makeup a while ago, I wanted to use those products to try out some makeup/looks for the Elf Fantasy Fair.
I waited for my NYX jumbo pencils to come in and immediately after that, started on my look.

At first, I wanted a more elaborate look, but then I thought about the fact that when I go to the EFF, I don't have a lot of time in the morning to do my makeup and get into my costume. So then I thought about a more simple look, which would still look good with the costume. And this is what I came up with:


Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshdaowbase
  • NYX jumbo pencil Milk
  • NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean
  • Hema Waterproof black eyeliner pen
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust, no. 16
  • Barry M, Glitter Dust, no. 21
  • Barry M, kohlpencil, no1
  • Eyelure fake lashes, glamour, Naturalites, no.107

I started by applying the eyeshadowbase as usual. Then I used the jumbo pencil Milk on my inner eyecorner and the jumbo pencil Black Bean on the rest of my eyelid and my crease. I spread that around with my finger so it was evenly applied.

On my whole eyelid, I applied the Barry M Dazzle Dust. A gorgeous green with a very nice shimmer to it. The jumbo pencils underneath give it some extra colour.
On my crease and above I applied the Barry M Glitter Dust, a very nice black with green shimmer in it.
I blended those together and applied some more dazzle dust into my crease to give it some extra green.


Then I applied some eyeliner and made a little wing at the end. On my inner eye corner I stretched the line towards my nose. Then I applied some eyeliner below my eye to meet the other line.
I also applied the Barry M kohlpencil on my waterline, to make it extra dark. I love this one, because it's the first pencil -ever- that stays on my waterline for more then 10 mins. It stayed on for hours!


Then I applied some more dazzle dust and glitter dust on the outer wing and on my inner eyecorner to follow the eyeliner. The colour on the inner eye corner is not as bright as on my eyelid, this is because I didn't apply some NYX jumbo eye pencil there, so I -will- do that when I go the the fantasy fair ofcourse. I just wasn't sure what I was going to do exactly when I started out.

After that I applied the fake lashes, I love this brand by the way, and the look was finished.

I also tried out the Barry M lippaint, to see how long it lasted on my lips and if it looked good with the eyemakeup.
I haven't used any lipliner or lipbrush here, because I just wanted to try it out, so it's not applied as neatly as it should have been.

Then I figured I should try out the black Gosh Lipgosh, because I thought it would look good together.


I loved the way it looked with the lipgloss, BUT the gloss is pretty fluid, and after a little while, it went running into the outerlines of my lips and ruined the lipstick.So the lipgloss is a no-go for me :(

So what do you think? Will this look good with my raven-feathers? Would you change anything? And do you think this look gives my eyes the birdlike appearance that I was after? Tell me what you think please! :)

EOTD with some browns and FOTD with red lipstick

This was my EOTD, yesterday to work, so a daily look.

Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshadow base
  • NYX jymbo pencil Milk
  • NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean
  • 88 palette, shimmer
  • Essence kajal pencil, no. 08 Teddy
  • Maybelline, the Falsies mascara


I started out with the Hema eyeshadowbase. Then I applied some NYX Milk on the inside of my eye towards the middle. And next to that I applied the Black Bean and spread that a little into the crease and above with my fingers.  This will make the colours come out and prevent creasing even more.

I used only 3 colours of the 88 shimmer pallette. I used the first colour of the second row from the right in my inner eye corner and on the middle of my eye. Next to that I applied the 4th colour form the bottom up, of the most right row of the palette.I blended those two together with a blendingbrush.

After that I used the second from the bottom up of the same row of the palette. I applied it with a blending brush in my outer V: from my outer eyecorner to the crease and a little above. 

 Below my eyes I used the Essence kajalpencil to apply a line . I smudged it with my smudger brush to blend it with the eyeshadow on my outer eyecorner.

After applying some mascara, this is what my eye looked like:


After work I made an FOTD picture, where you can see me wearing:
  • Every day minerals base, Soft butter peach, original glo
  • Catrice, mineral soft powder rouge, no. 120 Wild Rose
  • La Colors lipstick, Berry Red

And no I'm not THAT pale, it's the daylight that always screws up my skin colour on pictures, hehe.

Rusk Thick Review

Hello all! It's review time! Today I'm reviewing Rusk Thick - Body and Texture Amplifier from their Designer Collection. I have to admit this is one of those products that, had it not been included in a gift set (see here), I probably wouldn't have tried it. But it was, and I'm glad I did. You can definitely feel a difference in your hair when you use it, and I'd definitely suggest it to anyone with fine, limp hair looking for a little more oomph!

Taking out all the fluff, we're left with: Water, SD Alcohol 40-B, Polyquaternium-11, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoamate, PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether, Quaternium-26, Olealkonium Chloride, Polysorbate 20, Benzophenone-4, Propylene Glycol.

I like that Thick doesn't have a lot of fluff in it, but I don't like that it contains alcohol. I'm praying cosmetic chemists will find a reasonable substitute for it soon, cos even though it's not the worst ingredient ever, it's not the best either. Oh well, if you're reallllly against alcohol in hair products, move on. If it's worth anything, I really have not found this product to be drying at all, but to each their own...

Moving on, Polyquaternium-11 is a fixative used in hair products to add shine with a slight hold. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (wheat turned partially to water by means of hydrolysis) replicates the strength and elasticity found in healthy hair. Panthenol aka vitamin B5 moisturizes hair and plumps it up, making it feel thicker and look healthier.

Dimethicone + meadowfoam seed oil = Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoamate. Meadowfoam seed oil comes from the seeds of the Alba plant; it is a very rich emollient, popular because it absorbs into skin very quickly. It conditions very well and adds a lot of moisture to hair. PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether + Quaternium-26 are other good, conditioning emollients. Olealkonium Chloride is used to up the viscosity of a product, and can also be used as a mild cationic surfactant. Polysorbate 20 is an emulsifier, which if you're new here means it basically makes all the ingredients work together and not separate. Propylene Glycol is a humectant. Humectants draw in and seal moisture in your hair + skin.

Even though Thick contains alcohol, it more than makes up for it by including all these conditioning ingredients. I personally like it, because it can be layered with other products without weighing down your hair, and you honestly just need a few spritzes all over to feel the effect. As for the scent, I can best describe it as smelling... fresh. It just has that nice, fresh hair product smell. I can't really describe it any better lol. I like it, and I think you will too, so go on - give it a shot!

Rusk Thick comes in a 6 fl oz. / 150 ml bottle, and retails for around $13. There are lots and lots of reviews coming soon! So sit tight, have a good weekend, and take care of your hair! ;]

NOTD and Alice in Wonderland.

Since I bought an Alice in Wonderland necklace and bracelet on tuesday, I'm totally in an Alice-mood. I can't wait to see the (new Tim Burton) movie. The bracelet even has so many charms that I'm going to make a pair of earrings out of it aswell.

Mine is a bit different though. Instead of the bunny and hat on the lower chain, there are hanging 2 red hearts.

Instead of the hat, I have a cute silver bunny with a red jacket, hanging on the bracelet.

I bought both at Claires in Amsterdam and also spotted a very cute Alice in Wonderland T-shirt. Which...I bought today, hehehe. I really loved it and it was on sale now, so w00h00. Now I just have to find the right bag since my other one has been worn to threads..... ;)


Sorry for the small picture, they didnt have a bigger one on the site.

Now I know there's an Alice in Wonderland nailpolish collection by OPI, and one new store in our mall does sell OPI. So they ordered the AiW collection for me, and when it comes in, they will call me.
To keep me in the right mood, while I wai for those, I put on some holographic blue nailpolish, which reminds me of Alice's outfit.

It's Effect Nails by Etos no. 600.


I know it's not very neatly applied, but bear with me. My lamp next to my couch broke and since it's a very special kind of light'bulb', I didn't have an instant recplacement for it. Doing your nails in the dark is a special talent, hahaha.


I really love the holographic effect of this one. I just have to get used to the light blue. I'm mostly into dark or very bright-in-your-face-colours and this is more of a babyblue. Still, it applies easily, dries pretty quick and hasn't chipped after a days work. So for the 2,99 euros(or something close to that), it's a very nice nailpolish.

Boozyshop Order

I've been wanting to order something at Boozyshop ever since I found the shop online. Especially when Linda from Beautytreat posted some blogs about the shop and their products.

So a little while ago, I ordered some products I was really curious about, by brands I never bought before. I thought it might be more interesting for my readers to buy some non-Dutch products, since I recently found out that from the 140 readers I had in one week (w00h00!! :) ), about half of those were international readers.

First of all, I want to say that Boozyshop is a great shop with fast shipping, and great customer service.
I was really interested in the Jumbo pencils by NYX, because I saw many people use them in youtube vids. Especially the white and black one, because with those you can create colourchanges with just one eyeshadow.
When I wanted to order the white pencil was out of stock, so I emailed them and I got the answer that they would be in stock in just a few days. She even told me the exact day, which was great.

So what did I order?

  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Bean
  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk
  • NYX Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania, Lime
  • LA Colors Moisturize Lipstick, Berry Red

The package came pretty soon, and when I opened it, everything was in this cute little pink bag, closed with a green ribbon. Every product was neatly wrapped in bubbleplastic, so nothing could break in the envelope it came in. I only payed 1,95 euros shippingcosts, for these 4 products, which is really low. Great service!

The lipstick wasn't in the package though and on the note it said it was sold out. Which could be expected, because it had been on sale. The note also had the question if I wanted another colour, so I emailed the shop about what I was looking for. I got an email back that said she probably overlooked the last lipstick in this colour and that she just found the -last- one and would send it to me immediately -with- a free gift. Which is SO sweet, considering she already send the other products instead of emailing that one product was out of stock, and had to make extra shippingcosts for me this way.
So 2 days later( She emailed me in the evening, so she really shipped it immediately), I found another envelope on my doormat. In it was once again the cute little pink bag, with my lipstick and... an LA Colors mascara!
 Needless to say, this shop has awesome service and I can really recommend ordering there. I'm definately going back there soon :)

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil

On the Boozyshop site it says that these pencils are also called 'the product of the year', whic after using them I have to agree with. They come in a lot of different colours and only cost 3,50 euros a piece. I've already been using them and I really love them, they give a great base to eyeshadows and gives them extra colour.

NYX Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania


 On the Boozyshop site it says that this pigmented eyeshadow stays on long, blends great and has shimmer in it. I think this  is already one of my favourite eyeshadows, even though I've only had it for a few days. I am definately going to order more, because they cost only 1,99 euros a piece!
It is -really- pigmented and the colourchart on the site doesn't do it justice. The eyeshadow reminds me of the Gosh effect powders, only wayyyy more pigmented. It comes in a cute little pot, which is filled to the brim with super shimmering powder. I already made some EOTD's with the jumbo pencils and this eyeshadow and i LOVE it. It didn't crease after a long day and was still as shimmery and perfect as when I put it on. I can really recommend these eyeshadows, especially for this price!

LA Colors Moisturize Lipstick


This lipstick moisterizes your lips and contains Vitamin E and Aloƫ Vera.
I haven't tried it yet, but I love the colour and will post a blog about it when I know more. It only cost me 1,50 euro because it was on sale.

LA Colors mascara

This mascara gives you length and spreads your lashes apart, the brush is made so it won't give you lumps.
I got this one in the colour Black Brown, which I never had before, so I'm curious on how that will look.

What do you think about the products? Do you have some of them, and could you recommend me some more? And have you ever ordered something at Boozyshop?

EOTD orange and greens

This is an EOTD I did a little while ago, I used the following Gosh products:

  • eyeshadowbase
  • effect powder, Sunstone
  • effect powder, Apple Jam
  • effect powder, Greeny
 I used the Gosh eyeshadowbase, because that one is a bit more sticky and therefore more suitable for effect powders.

I used the Sunstone on my inner eyecorner and in the crease, towards the middle of the eye. I applied some more above the crease towards the outer eye corner.

From the middle of the eye towards the outer eyecorner I applied some Apple Jam. I blended it on the lid with the Sunstone.
I applied the same colour below the eyes as above. The Apple Jam was applied for about 2/3rd of the eye, the rest was Sunstone.


In the outer V, the outer eye corner and into the crease, I applied a little Greeny, to tone down the bright colours and to give it some extra depth.


I always liked the way orange and green looked together, what do you think?

Extreme Art Eyeliners by Gosh

What the Gosh site says about it:
A new liquid semi-permanent eyeliner.The combination of a fantastically sift and light formulation and an ideally formed brush makes it possible to draw a line that is beautifull, even and precise.

Below a picture of the extreme art eyeliners that are in my stash:


From left to right:
no. 14, 19, 20, 04, 03, 01, 05, 12, 06, 08, 10.
The eyeliners come in a see-through bottle with a black cap. The colour that shows is exactly like the colour that will show on your skin. The bursh is really thin, so you can really make thin lines with it, or even draw with it.
The eyeliner is a bit thick, so you have to make sure you apply it evenly.
The glitter ones are not as easy to apply evenly, because of the glitter that is not sticking evenly to your skin. Which is easily fixed by applying some more along the lines.

The eyeliner is waterproof, really really waterproof. You can walk through a storm with rain soaking your clothes, and this eyeliner will stay on as perfect as you had put it on. I always take it off with olive oil, but even then, I really have to work hard to get it off. So I don't wear these on a daily basis, because my eyes tend to get a bit sensitive about the removing.

Here are some swatches I made on my arm, in the same order as the picture above.
One with lamplight:


One with daylight:


As you can see, they have great coverage, except for the shimmery ones. But like I said that's easily solved. I just made swatches with ones stroke of the brush for these pics.
I really like this eyeliner and the colours they come in. The only downside for me as that it is too hard to remove, which makes my eyes a little unhappy.


Hey everybody! It's HAUL time! You guys don't even know how bad I needed to do some retail therapy. After ping-ponging back and forth with my dumb school about getting my license CONSTANTLY and being stuck at home all the time, I've been going stir crazy!!! But it's almost over, and this bit of shopping helped a bit. What I'm actually BEYOND excited about is America's Beauty Show in March! Are any of you going?! I think I'm just going the last day (when all the best sales are), it runs from the 27th - 29th of March. Those of you who follow me on twitter, I will DEFINITELY be tweeting/taking pics live from the show, so you can get a glimpse of all the action! I'll for sure post any + all the pics I take when I post my ABS HAUL. Those who are going, are you going for any specific reason? Shears? Product? Education? Because it's awesome? Hahaha, I'm going for ALL those reasons!

Anyway, moving on before I hyperventilate - here's all the stuff I got (btw there are some last minute pics thrown in because I forgot to include some stuff when I first took the pics after I got home... oops!).

Starting from the top left: Pearatin Fortifying Reparative Serum, Marrakesh Oil, Schwartzkopf OSiS Sherbet Wax Spray, Box of 12 S-Factor Color Savvy EMT, Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff , Bed Head Headbanger Spray Wax x 2, Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Leave-In Hairtip Serum, S-Factor Dream Drops. Bottom row from left to right: Short Sexy Hair Blow It Up Gel Foam, Silky Sexy Hair Gift Set (details/pics below), S-Factor Diamond Dreams Duo, Sebastian Texture Tandem 1, Joico K-PAK Reconstruct, Matrix Vavoom Design Pulse Kit (details/pic below).

The products in italics are repurchases, in case you wanna know what products I always like to have. I've had my eye on the Pearatin Serum for a while now, because not only is it a serum for hair, it's also a catalyst to mix in with hair color! I've tried using it that way once already and I like the results, but more testing is needed for me to write a review on it. Sit tight!

The Marrakesh oil is nice... except the scent. It's not bad, but it kinda smells like smoke + cookies. Is that Marrakesh I'm smelling? Idk.. but it works. The Schwartzkopf spray wax is nice, and smells really good! Like... a boy! I'm not used to using such masculine smelling products haha, it's a nice change. The whole OSiS line from Schwartzkopf is full of interesting products, check them out.

Headbanger! This is one of the best spray waxes ever! I couldn't believe I was able to get ahold of two of these, because they've been discontinued. And since it has been discontinued, I won't be reviewing it, I just feel like it wouldn't be fair to say "Yeah, this product is awesome! But you can't get it anywhere. Sorry!" Yeah, don't you think? BUT I will say, if you like spray wax and you see a bottle of this somewhere (like a cosmetic outlet store or something), GRAB IT!! If you don't love it I'll be shocked.

Sigh. It's so unfortunate when any company discontinues a great product, ya know? I feel like maybe TIGI stopped making it because of their "Rockaholic" line. I wish they'd just repackage it into Rockaholic or something, because it really is awesome. And it smells just like Superstar Blowdry Lotion, which I love!

The Goldwell serum is pretty new, and even though my last Goldwell experience wasn't too great, I wanted to try this. You know I gotta try and debunk anything that says it'll "repair" hair. And the Short Sexy Hair gel foam just sounded interesting, so I got it on a whim. Gel foam? Hmm...

I love Diamond Dreams! I love it so much I even turned my mom onto it, that's why she bought these tweens for herself! Included is the shampoo, conditioner in tween size. They call it a "tween" because it's inbetween a normal size and a liter. The tweens are 25.36 oz, and came with a free Balance Booster!

I've never actually used Vavoom products before, but their Design Pulse line looked so cool, I had to try it! The kit included Vavoom Shape Maker Extra Hold Shaping Spray, Design Pulse Glow to Pieces Shine Wax, Messy Couture Molding Paste, and a pretty nice feather razor. I'm really excited to test these products out! Reviews for these coming soon. ;]

As for the box of S-Factor EMT's, yeah.. I'm in love. These are the BEST protein shots everrrr. I always use them after I color someone's hair and omg they work so well. The one's I got are Color Savvy... I tried the Health Factor ones and didn't really like them - I think they're more for hair that's super damaged.As for the box of S-Factor EMT's, yeah.. I'm in love. These are the BEST protein shots everrrr. I always use them after I color someone's hair and omg they work so well. The one's I got are Color Savvy... I tried the Health Factor ones and didn't really like them - I think they're more for hair that's super damaged.

The two products in the left pic are from the Silky Sexy Hair set. They are: Silky Sexy Hair Frizz Elminator LITE and Silky Sexy Hair Conditioning Styler LITE. I'm not too familiar with Silky Sexy Hair, so I assume there are normal versions of these two products since they're named "LITE" but I didn't see them. These two products are for fine/normal hair - and since I know how hard and frustrating it is for people with fine hair to find products they like, I wanted to try these out + review them! Oh, and I forgot to include I also got the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. I'm not gonna lie... I totally got this because it has a spray bottle, cos I LOVE when hair products come in a spray bottle instead of the usual little spritzer. No annoying little caps to lose for this product!

So I'm pretty sure I covered everything. Thoughts? Questions? Comment! I love them you know. Stay tuned for more reviews, and for my post on ABS. I also MIGHT be having a giveaway soon too... so look out for that. ;] Take care of your hair everyone! MUAH!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

From March 1st till March 15th, Dutch Lush stores and Dutch Lush Mailorder, will be selling a limited edition kit. This kit will help you get through the winter with a smile on your face. You start with your head and work your way down to your toes.

The kit has 9 products in it and is available for 19.95 euros.

- a fresh face mask of your choice
- a sample tin of moisturizer of your choice
- lemony flutter sample
- handy gurugu sample
- pied de pepper sample
- mini sugar scrub
- 45gr of Big shampoo
- 1 vitamin C toner tab
- 1 mini each peach and two's a pear massage bar

And to put an even bigger smile on your face, watch this video:  Head, shoulders, knees and toes...

 So don't forget: March 1-15, dutch stores and mailorder, 9 products, 19,95!

NOTD: Miss Grey

A while ago I blogged about the Gosh Spring collection, and today I'll blog about one of the Nail Lacquers from that collection: no. 594 Miss Grey.


The Lacquer gives good coverage, and dries pretty fast aswell. But the colour is way too plain and dull for me. I would never have bought this one myself, and especially wouldn't have picked it out for s spring look. But there are probably a lot of people who will love this colour, and that' what makes life interesting, our differences.

Anyway, to make it a bit less dull, hubs took one of my nail art polishes and created a sort of cross and bones with it to pimp it up a little. The nail art polish was a bit thick and the brush is a bit too long to really draw with it, but it looked fun anyway. The topcoat decided to spread the black around a little, so it turned out a bit messed up. But I still like it better than without, if I'm honest I might not ever wear this colour again. Maybe with a lot of nailart or something....maybe..

So what do you think? Do you totally love this colour or do you think it's dull and plain?

Pour des Prunes

I realized I haven't posted about my Sephora palettes yet, so this EOTD is with one of those.

Products I used:

  • Sephora, colorful palette, Pour Des Prunes no.4
  • Gosh, Effect POwder, Rosewood
  • Gosh, Hohl/Eye liner, Stone
  • The Falsies mascara

I really love this palette, it has soft colours to make a perfect daily look, but enough colour to make it less plain.
Unfortunately, the pictures have a bit of overlighting, so the colours don't show aswell. But I was in a hurry to get to the hospital to see my sisterinlaw, so these'll have to do. (Sorry about that, Just pretend the colours are a bit sharper and darker)


I used a little bit of tape next to my eye to get a straight line of eyeshadow. (I'll blog about that trick later)

I used the white colour as a highlighter below my brows, a little next to my nose and towards my crease.
In the inner corner I used the lightest pink colour towards the middle of my eye. I also applied some into my crease and a little above. Next to that I applied the darker pink colour, it's almost a plum colour, onto the outer corner and the crease aswell.


Then I applied the black colour from my outer V into my crease, unfortunately you can;t see it very well on the pics, but it makes the crease a bit more defined and darker.
After that I blended it all and applied a little effect powder on the crease and above it with the same blendingbrush. Then I removed the tape and blended that line a little.
After that I used a little mascara, and the kohl/eye pencil below my eyes.

As I said before, I was in a hurry, so I don't have any FOTD's But I do have some older ones where I've used the same palette.

Sebastian Microweb Fiber Review

Hey all! Gosh, things have been so crazy lately - so sorry I haven't been posting more! To get back in the swing of things, I'm reviewing one of the most interesting (and fun to use) hair products e v e r ! Sebastian Microweb Fiber - a "flexible, elastic texturizer" that gives you some craaaazy texture. I actually got this for free thanks to CosmoProf's 12 Days of X-Mas promotion! Which was so funny, because every time I saw this product in the store I'd be back and forth with myself, and in the end I always talked myself out of buying it. Thank you CosmoProf! But yeah, seriously, if you're at your wits end + can't find a good texture product, give this a shot.

You also might be asking yourself, "Um, what's so fun about using a hair product?" Good question! I have the answer - in video form! It will be posted at the end of this review. And don't worry, it's not even a minute long.

So, what does this do? It gives really funky texture, that's totally re-workable, and you can use it to make a lot of different looks! Whether you want your hair to look crazy and wild, or piecey and defined, you can even scrunch this into your hair and rock some waves. Versatility! You all know how much I love that in a hair product. =]

What's in it? Let's see: Water, Propylene Glycol, Ceteareth-25, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Ozokerite, a lot of other emulsifiers, humectants, a few uber-silicones, fragrance, preservatives, etc...

Propylene Glycol is a humectant (A humectant carries moisture to hair + skin). Ceteareth-25 is a "penetration enhancer" which means it helps the product adhere to your hair and not slide around all over the place. Glyceryl Stearate SE is an emulsifier - this product is chock full of them, which is probably why it has such an interesting texture... it's like... well you'll see it in the video. Cetearyl Alcohol is an emulsifying wax made from a bunch of different fatty alcohols. Fatty alcohols btw, are NOT the same as isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) which is extremely drying. Fatty alcohols condition and protect hair, your conditioner probably contains them. Petrolatum is a petroleum byproduct that prevents moisture loss, which is good because it keeps moisture from getting in too - take that humidity! Also, I have a feeling petrolatum, along withthe next ingredient, is why this product has kind of a tacky feel to it. It's not bad, you just may wanna wash your hands when you're done using this. To me - it's worth it. Anyway, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 is an emollient that's used as a substitute for lanolin. It has high water-binding properties, and adheres very well to skin and hair. Ozokerite (which I think sounds kinda cool) is a naturally occuring mineral wax that has a good consistency and hardness - perfect for a product like this.

Who would like this product? I truly believe this is an extremely versatile product that both men + women can use and enjoy! It's perfect for short-medium length hair, the scent is nice but isn't feminine (it just has that typical Sebastian scent) and neither is the packaging. Ladies keep an eye on your man, cos he might steal this from you! LOL!

Sebastian Microweb Fiber comes in a 45 ml / 1.5 fl oz. container, and retails for around $15. And as promised, here is the video!

Bathing in a Vanilla Fountain

When I first smelled this ballistic, I found the scent a bit too strong for my taste. Since I have a bath, I tend to smell all the Lush products again at work, and I have to say, this scent has grown on me. So just last week I decided to buy one and try it out.

The ballistisc looks really cute: It's a bright yellow with a little bit of a vanilla stick, sticking out.


What the Lush website says about it:
When Mo brings a new Bath Ballistic to a Lush creative team meeting, she gets a bowl full of warm water, drops it in, then hands it around the room for everyone to smell. With the Vanilla Fountain, no-one wanted to let go of the bowl and pass it on. Simon Constantine made the comforting vanilla scent with natural vanilla absolute - the posh stuff made from vanilla pods - with a touch of restful sandalwood and a note of burnt caramel. It was inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumental's amazing restaurant.

This ballistisc smells very strongly of vanilla with a nice touch of caramel. It's the caramel that made me buy it in the end. It was in my livingroom this week and everything smelled like it, which wasn't upleasant. I thought this ballistisc might be too strong for me in the bath, so I decided to just use half of it.The water turned a nice and bright yellow colour and the scent was just right. Sweet without being too sweet and with a warm touch to it. Needles to say, I loved it. I soaked in the bath for nearly two hours: I tend to read a book and forget the time. After that I was totally relaxed and when I got out and had dried myself, my skin still smelled like Vanilla Fountain...yummy!

Vanilla Fountain is available in Lush stores and at Lush mailorder, for about 4,75 euro.

By the way, if you're into vanilla scents, Lush now has a whole line of products with vanilla scent. A bodylotion, a Perfume, a massagebar, a solid perfume, a dusting powder, a soap and ocourse the ballistic from this blog.

Purple Butterfly

This EOTD is made with some products I used before, but this time I combined them with a Gosh effect powder.

Products I used:

  • Manhattan Multi Effect eyeshadow, no. 33 Violet
  • Gosh Trio Eyeshadow, TR17, Purple Dream
  • 2True True Colour eyeshadow, shade no. 6
  • Gosh Effect Powder, Butterfly
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Purple Stain
  • Maybelline, The Falsies Mascara


I started with HEMA eyeshadowbase, and applied it as usual. After that I applied the lighteste colour of the Gosh trio as a highlighter and owards my crease. This way I can blend it easy with the rest of the makeup when I apply those.
Then I used the Manhattan eyeshadow over my whole eyelid. I really love this colour, so much that I even have 2 of them. If you haven't tried this brand yet, I can really recommend it. This colour is pretty bright, but on the pictures it looks like a plain purple. Trust me, its not, it's more like a Hot Pink, so I really bright Violet.

Then I applied the Effect Powder on the crease and a little above it. To get a little different effect I used more on the outer corner of my eye. This way you get a different shape. This effect powder isl ovely, it's a light purple with little blue specks of shimmer in it.

I put a little of the 2True eyeshadow into my crease and in a little Vshape in my outer corner. This gives some extra colour and depth to the makeup. On the pictures above you can see it pretty good.

Below my eye I used the eyeliner Purple Stain.  On this picture above you can see the different shape you get when you apply more eyeshadow to the outside of your eye.

Just add a little mascara and you're done.