EOTD Bourjois Or Baroque

This EOTD was made with another Bourjois Smoky Eye trio, no.2 Or Baroque. This is the one I use the most, especially when I go to work. Sometimes I use some black eyeliner or brown eyeliner with it, or sometimes just a little brown line below my eyes.

Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Bourjois Smoky Eye trio, no.2 Or Baroque
  • Hema waterproof eyeliner pen, black
  • L'oreal Lash Architect mascara, Midnight Black.

This trio, as the others, has three different colours, that really work well together. You can make all kinds of looks with them. I love this one a lot, because it has soft brown and gold colours, but also a nice shimmer to make it less boring.

As usual, I used the lightest colour in the inner eyecorner and the darkest in the crease. This isnt that difficult of a look, so I won't explain it all.

 The eyeliner gives it some extra colour, I like to have some darker eyeliner to give my face some extra colour, because I'm pretty pale.

So this is one of the looks I use when I go to work. I'm not really a 'nude/natural' makeup kind of girl :)