(Makeup) Haul for EFF

So I've been searching for stuff to make my EFF (elf fantasy fair) costume and ofcourse I also need the right makeup to go with it.

At alicejohavesentials they have a lot of gorgeous stuff, especially Barry M, which I love. Thanx for introducing me to the brand Rebecca!!. I love Barry M's glitter and dazzle dusts and last week, the second one was half price. So I decided to finally order some makeup there.
This way I can also start and try out some looks for the EFF.

What did I buy?


A lippaint, a dazzledust, a glitterdust and an eyepencil, all by Barry M. 
And which ones did I get exactly?

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust 21 Opal  
Barry M Dazzle Dust 16 Dark Green
Barry M Kohl Pencil Black
Barry M Lip Paint Black 

The dusts, I already know and love, but I bought the eyepencil because a guy on Youtube was telling that this one stayd put on your waterline. Since eye pencils never do that on my waterline, I wanted to try it out.
The same guy was also very enthousiastic about the lip paints. Especially this one, which made me very curious.I never had a black lipstick that was very good, and it would be perfect for my costume.

Let's see if those of you who don't already know can guess what has inspired my costume.. I'll give you a hint with a picture of something else I bought.

Yes, My EFF costume will be inspired by a raven...and also a bit by the Celtic goddess the Morrighan, since she can turn into a crow/raven.
This is the necklace that I totally fell in love with and was the inspiration for my choice:

I'll be trying out these new products and probably will write some blogs about it aswell.