Pineapple Party

On the Beautytreat website there's a contest where you can win palettes and gelliners. The theme of the looks must be 'fruit'.
Since I like being creative, ofcourse I wanted to participate in this contest.
Today I will post the first look, tomorrow the second one and the day after that, the third one. After I've blogged about them all, I'll enter them for the competition.

Every look is inspired in a different way, you'll see for yourself.

The first look was inspired by the Pineapple. I love pineapples, and we eat a lot of them. I love how it is hard and rugged on the outside and soft and sweet/sour on the inside.
I tried(yes TRIED, haha) to make my eye look like a pineapple on this one.

Here's the pineapple I looked at to make this look:

Products I used:
  • 88 palette matte
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • The Falsies mascara by Maybelline
  • Gosh, extreme art eyeliners

Unfortunately for me, the lines I made with the eyeshadow smudged a lot, so after blinking a couple of times, my pineapple started to look like....a dead
But still, I had fun creating this look, so I'm still showing it to you.


So what do you think, and how would you have done it? Tomorrow I'll post the look 'Cheeky Cherry' .