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EOTD: Racoon Eyes

Hello OhMyGosh readers :)

This look came from my attempt to make those dark goth eyes that went completely wrong in a very good way LOL.

>>> What I used <<<

As a base, I used a dark brown gel liner all over the lid and faded it out on the crease. I used a mat black eyeshadow over it. Under the eye I used a black gel liner to make a base and went over it with the black eyeshadow. On the top part of the eye, I faded the black over the brown with a darker brown eyeshadow, then a lighter and so on until I highlighted it with white just under the eyebrow. For the lips, I used a bronze golden gloss by Avon.

 This was the first time I did an all over black eye like that, so it is a lot contained and so NOT goth. But I guess it kind of worked out in the end. After I took the pictures and taken off the makeup I realized I did not put on mascara! lol Sometimes I thoroughly forget about the damn thing. It makes such a difference!

Well, next time, I hope I won't forget. I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,
Huggles to all!


Coming up: 1 YR anniversary & Giveaway

On this saturday, I've been blogging for a whole year!
Ofcourse I want to celebrate this occassion, so I'll definately be doing a giveaway.

So keep your eyes on this blog, because I've already put some things together and I've added some Limited Editions aswell :)

I like the fact that my giveaway will start the day before Sinterklaas(international readers, you can look that one up on google ;)  ), which also has to do with someone giving away presents :)

I hope you will all participate!

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 5

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh EffectPowders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the picsturned out good enough for you to see the effects. It really is a shamethat my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERYpigmented, contrary to the pics.

Butterfly, Grape, Purple Rain, Plummy

Without flash:

Butterfly is a fabulous blueish purple colour, it tends to lean towards lilac in the jar. This effect powder is a duochrome, which means that it becomes a completely different colour on a black base. It then becomes a gorgeous more blueish colour.

Grape is a gorgeous dark purple with golden glitters. This is, as far as I know, a discon. If you can get your hands on it, I recommend that you do! A great colour for purple lovers.

With flash:

Purple Rain is a lighter purple, leaning towards lilac/pink with silver glitters. These glitters unfortunately create a lot of fallout, so beware.

Plummy is brownish colour with copper glitters. This is a great colour that goes perfectly with a lot of others. Definately one of my favs.

Butterfly, this duochrome is definately a musthave. Not just for purple lovers, but also for blue lovers, or people who just want something special.
Grape, a gorgeous purple, but a discon.
Plummy, awesome brown colour with copper glitters, great colour to have in your stash

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 4

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh EffectPowders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the picsturned out good enough for you to see the effects. It really is a shamethat my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERYpigmented, contrary to the pics.

Kiwi, Apple Jam, Greeny, Emerald

Without Flash:

Kiwi for some reason looks much darker in the jar on picture, but it's a light coloured green. It has a beautifull shine and reminds me of spring colours.

Apple Jam is one of my favourite effect powders. It almost looks like a duochrome, something between gold en green and with a brown or red undertone.

WIth Flash:

Greeny is another favourite. It is a much darker green, with a lot of goldgreen shimmer in it. It looks great in the crease and outer V.

Emerald is just a gorgeous emerald green with a great shine. As fas as I know though, this is a discon.

Applejam is definately a musthave, it's a fabulous colour and it goes with almost anything. Especially if you like green, this is one effect powder that should be in your stash!
Greeny, because it's a great dark colour that isn't a black. So it won't give that harsh effect, and it will go perfect with greens.

EOTD: Beautiful People

Hello OhMyGosh readers :)

Today I want to share with you a look I saw on the canceled series Beautiful People with Mischa Barton. I don't know if you guys watched it or remember it, but there was one episode (there weren't many haha), the one with the gold GUCCI dress. There was this photoshoot where they wore this amazing eyes, silvery black with a hint of blue. I fell in love with it and had to make one like it.

>>> Here it is <<<

>>> And here's what I used <<<

  As a base I used a dark blue gel liner and made the basic shape, on the lid and under. The trick I use when using a dark shadow base is to smudge the borders as much as I can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

On top of it I used the dark charcoal all over the lid, black on the outer V and under the eye. I used the silver as a highlight and used an eyeshadow by Coastal Scents no longer sold which is a sheer shimmery glittery silver all over the lid and specially on the inner corners. I also used a teal interference effect powder lightly over the lid to give it a little "color". I highlighted my brows with a pure white shadow.

I'm also wearing my favorite lashes I told you about. :))) You can notice that even tho I circled my eye entierly with a dark color I still used silver on top of it on the inner corners to lighten up and try to not to let the dark color close my eye too much. I think it made a very good compromise. It's still bright but dark at the same time.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next time,
Huggles to all!


REVIEW: Bubble & Bee Organic Coconut & Lime 100% USDA Organic Lotion Stick

Goal: To find a natural Hand Lotion convenient enough to carry in my bag.
Brand I Tried: Bubble & Bee Organic
Product: 100% Organic Lotion Stick in Coconut & Lime  
Product Description: Are your hands stressed? Give 'em a tropical vacation with our Coconut Lime 100% Organic Lotion Stick, and they'll thank you later. Rub on this little moisturizing powerhouse, and it will heal dry, chapped skin while making you smell like a tropical dreamboat. Organic coconut oil moisturizes, and organic cocoa butter makes your hands velvetey-smooth and improves your skin's elasticity, while organic beeswax seals the deal and locks in moisture. And best of all, it contains no water, so it won't evaporate or wash off like water-based lotions. This means more bang for your buck-- why pay for water? Carry this little tropical treat in your purse, your backpack or even your pocket and feel like you're taking a mini-vacation every time you use it! 100% organic, contains no water, contains no chemicals or estrogen mimickers, goes on smooth, doesn't wash off like water-based lotions, heals dry hands fast, airline permitted, convenient application, great value, great for sensitive skin, no animal testing, gluten-free.
Ingredients: 100% USDA Certified Organic by UDAF- Organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic lime essential oil, certified organic coconut scent. That's it... No "Bad" Stuff!

  • Price: $7.95
  • Size: .63 oz
  • Uses: Anywhere you have dry skin- Hands, Feet, Elbows, etc...
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: A little goes a long way!
  • Visual Attractiveness: Cute Packaging & Labels!
  • Texture: Ummm... like lip balm- but for your hands LOL.
  • Scent: Ok, it smells like a Margarita to me. It's a little more Lime-y than Coconut... and they really did "put the lime in the coconut & mix 'em both up" like it says on the label ha-ha. 
  • How Long I've Used It: Since Spring 2010.
  • Easy To Find And Where? Bubble & Bee Organic & Natural Joy Beauty.
  • Acquired: Purchased with my own $.
  • Customer Service: My favorite place to shop for truly natural & organic body care products! The most knowledgeable company I have come across so far... with the BEST Customer Service! For more info, please see all my other B&B Organic Reviews here.
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: It's Travel Size Already...
  • EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: "0" YAY!
  • The GG's Opinion: First of all- the ingredients are absolutely amazing and work wonders for really dry skin, especially in the winter! It's quick, easy to apply and really seals in the moisture! I really only put this to the top of my hands unless I'm desperate, and it soaks in pretty fast. I love that it doesn't wash off like regular lotions... so no need to apply a million times a day- which can be soooo annoying this time of year and can also save you lots of $! It's not ridiculously greasy or waxy like you would imagine. It's great to carry on the go and the packaging is very practical. It will never spill unless maybe in the dead of summer and it melts... yikes! Ahhh, how the scent makes me miss you summer... Plus, it multi-taskes! In case of an emergency you can use it to tame frizzy hair. How FAB, right? I've used it on split-ends plenty of times... ummm... can you say life-saver? LOL. I also must mention- that my boyfriend had shoulder surgery recently and had super-dry skin on his hand from loss of circulation and being in a crazy sling/ brace for the past 2-3 weeks. We used the Raspberry-Lemonade Salt Scrub and the Coconut & Lime Lotion Stick on his hand- and I cannot believe how fast it's healed... this product is incredible! Needless to say, he also wanted to try my Raspberry Vanilla Body Butta. Hmmm... I think I just got robbed!! LOL. So... I see my evil plan is working... puah-ahh-ahh! This is someone who said he would never use anything natural- because he thinks it doesn't work. Now, if I catch him stealing my Pit Putty- we are soooo broken-up! Just kidding. That's just gross. Anyway... as always, I heart Bubble and Bee's signature graphics and snazzy sayings on their labels. I will definitely purchase it again- if I ever finish this one :) "Rude Raspberry"- you're next!

DIY: Cranberries & Cream Facial Mask

Pamper yourself before your holiday shopping extravaganza! Stash a little left-over Cranberry Sauce for and you're skin will be forever Thankful! This mask will soften & brighten dry, dull-looking skin. Oh Joy!

 What You'll Need:
  • A Bowl.
  • Basting Brush or something to apply the mask with (you can use your fingers).
  • An Old Wash Cloth.
  • Microwave.
  • A Sink.
  • Pick one: either 3 Tbsps. of Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Cranberries (boil 5 Tbsp. of them for approx. 5 min. in 1 cup of water, mash and let cool) or 5 Tpsbs. Cranberry Juice.
  • Pick one: either 3 Tbsps. of Plain Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, or Sour Cream.
  • 1 Tbsp. of Honey (preferably Raw Organic- but any Honey will work).
  • 1 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
A Few Tips:
  • Always use organic ingredients when possible...
  • The thicker the better with the Yogurt or Sour Cream.
  • I suggest Fresh Cranberries or Cranberry Juice if possible. I don't use any canned products... one, because metal food cans contain BPA / Bisphenol A, which is linked to Breast Cancer and two, because of the unnecessary fillers and preservatives. Some good info on BPA and the link to Cancer here: The Breast Cancer Fund.
  1. Combine all ingredients into a small bowl and mix (or you can just toss it all in the blender).
  2. Wash your face with cleanser to remove any makeup.
  3. Prepare your Facial Cloth: wet your old wash cloth, fold it in half and roll it up.
  4. Heat up your moist wash cloth in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.
  5. Make sure it's not too hot and lay it on your skin to steam your face, soften your skin and open up your pores.
  6. Apply a thick, even layer of the Cranberries & Cream Facial Mask onto your skin (avoiding your eyes) and relax for about 15-20 minutes.
  7. Lay a warm, wet washcloth over your face for a minute or so to loosen the mask, then gently wipe it off.
  8. Rinse your face with warm water to remove any excess and pat dry.
  9. I like to apply a little Organic EVOO after- but you can apply any natural moisturizer.
Why It's Good For You:

Cranberries: are extremely high in antioxidants- which help fight skin damage, work as an astringent to tone your skin, are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K (fab for dark circles BTW), Flavanoids and Tannin, and also contain mildly acidic enzymes which make a great skin exfoliator.

Honey: is a gentle cleanser, is awesome for acne, high in vitamin C, a variety of B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid, as well as minerals such as potassium. It also contains powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals and reverse aging, it's rich in amino acids, the basic building blocks of life- softening and dissolving dead skin cells and nourishing to new skin cells. Bees release glucose enzymes when they create honey that is a natural antiseptic and has antibacterial properties. When applied topically, it draws body fluids and nutrients to the area assisting in cell growth and scar prevention.

Cream or Yogurt: is also a gentle cleanser, has anti fungal and antibacterial qualities, is useful for unclogging blocked pores. It also brightens the skin and contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid from lactic acid that exfoliates and renews the cellular surface of the skin.

Olive Oil: is a naturally hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, promotes a smooth, radiant complexion and is actually good for acne, helps maintain skin's elasticity, is high in antioxidants, including vitamins A & E, and also contains Squalene & Chlorophyll. 

Happy Turkey or Tofu-rkey Day! xoxo 

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 3

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh EffectPowders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the picsturned out good enough for you to see the effects. It really is a shame that my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERY pigmented, contrary to the pics.

 This post is about the blue colours I own:

Blue Diamond, Sea Me, Bluebell , Aquatic, Azure

Without flash:

Blue Diamond is a light blue with a golden shine. It's a great colour if you always think of the 80's when you see blue eyeshadow. This one will definately change you idea about blue!

Sea Me is a semi darker blue with super tiny glitter in it. A great colour that goes with almost any other blue.

With flash:

Bluebell is kind of like a baby blue, a bit pastel. It has a lot of little silver glitters in it.

Aquatic is one of my favourites, it's definately a peacock blue.You all know how I feel about the colours of a peacockfeather ;)

Azure is another one of my favourites, it's a great turquoise green/blue mix, a perfect mermaid colour.

I seriously recommend Aquatic, because it's a peacockblue, d0h. Azure, because it's a special greenblue, that most people don't have in their stash and works great with other colours.
And maybe Blue Diamond, because it's a different kind of blue, because of the golden shine.

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 2

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh EffectPowders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the picsturned out good enough for you to see the effects.
It really is a shame that my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERY pigmented, contrary to the pics.

This part is about the yellow/red/pink tones I own:

Glamour, Sunstone, Fox, Rose Gold, Rosewood

Without flash:

Glamour is a light orange shade with golden glitter. It reminds me a bit of Gold Dust. In the jar it looks like orange, but a closer look shows you the glitter and the swatch gives you a warm golden colour.

Sunstone is a bit salmon coloured in the jar, but it's more of a ligt orange on the skin It does have that salmon shine to it though, just a bit.

 With flash:

Fox is a soft red with red glitters in it, if you look at the jar. But on the skin the glitters appear to be silver. This red looks almost metallic with a great shine if you use it wet or unblended.

Rose Gold is a soft pink with a golden shine. It has really really tiny golden glitters in it. A gorgeous colour for pink lovers!

Rosewood is a nice combination between pink and red. It's like a softer version of Fox.

Honestly, these are the ones less used in my stash. I think I'd recommend Fox and Rosewood, because they are easy to use as red, without having the 'i-'ve-cried-my-eyes-out-look', and I'd recommend RoseGold for the pink lovers.

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 1

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh Effect Powders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the pics turned out good enough for you to see the effects.

This first post is about the lighter and silver colours I own:

Sky, Gold Dust, Steel, Holographic Silver, Paradise

Swatches without a flash:

Without a flash, the effect powders don't really show the gorgeous shine they all have.
I might try again in the summer ;)

You can see that Sky has a gritty substance, which I don't particulalry like. It does have a nice white colour, which can be used as a highlight. The gritty pieces tend to create fallout though, and don't feel very nice to your skin.

Gold Dust doesn't really reflect to well without a flash, and isn't really visible. I like using it as a highlighter, the little golden glitters in it, really give it something special. On the pictures with a flash, you can better see the shine it gives, but the glitters don't really show up on the swatches, they are really tiny though, and they don't feel bad on your skin.

Swatches with flash:

Steel is an awesome silver colour with a metallic efffect. I really like this one because it gives a different effect, than the other effect powders. This is the only one I own that has that metallic shine.

Holographic Silver is really hard to catch right on a picture. It's a dark grey with holographic glitters in it. Or at least, glitters in all kinds of colours. I love this EP, even though I've read a lot of reviews of people not liking it. Apparantly, some people don't get the holographic effect, or have lots of fallout. Well, I used this on a sticky base, and I've never really had a problem with it. I love the effect it gives, when the light hits it. I tried to capture it on a picture, the last one shows a bit of the glitters lighting up in different colours.

With flash, from the side

Paradise is a golden colour with a hint of olivegreen. It's a very different kind of colour, one I can really recommend. I don't use this one as a highlighter below my brows, but I use it in the inner eyecorner instead. It goed well with a lot of different colour, because it seems to change a bit when you use other colours next to it.

Gold Dust if you're looking for a special highlighter.
Steel if  you want a great silver colour.
Paradise if you are looking for special colours
(Holographic Silver, if you're into glitters)

Coming up thisweek!

This week, I'll post blogs with swatches of all the Gosh Effect Powders that I own.
There are quite a lot, so I've decided to post them in different blogs.

I have 23 Gosh Effect Powders, yes, seriously.
Some are new, some are discons. Some I've bought in the stores at full prize or at the buy one get one free sale, but mostly are bought online from other people. Saved my quite some money with that ;)

So finally I have done what came out of the poll on the blog, made swatches of the effect powders. I didn't have the best op lighting, but I did my best, and most pictures turned out good enough to be able to see the great effect of these powders.

I hope you'll enjoy!

EOTD Winter Silver

Hello OhMyGosh Readers :)

Today I want to share one of my all times favorite looks.

Most of my favorite makeup looks were created out of sheer inspirational boredom. This is why my hair won't always be good, actually it will rarely happen. lol

>> For this look I used these <<

I used the black grey scale of the 120 palette and the blushes from the 46 palette. A little of the black too but not too much, I wanted this look to be soft and shiny.

>>> Here's the details <<<

I used the light silver color in the first 2/3 of the eye, overlapped the true silver on it and through the other 3rd. I made the outer V with the charcoal shiny gray and intensified the borders with a little black. I used the white to highlight my brows and illuminate the inner corner. Also, I used a light shinny gray on top to make it more shiny. I'm using my favorite lashes here. They look incredibly natural and when I bought these on eBay, I got two b/c I never want to be without those. :)))))

>>> Here's the finished look <<<

I also used an eyeshadow by Coastal Scents no longer sold which is a sheer shimmery glittery silver all over the lid after the look was done. That can be replaced by any effect powder with some fine silver glitter in it.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next time,
Huggles to all!


NOTD: China Glaze, Awakening, Mummy May I

This NOTD was done with the gorgeous China Glaze polish Mummy May I, from the Awakening collection.
I haven't worn this polish before, so it was time to show it to you all.

Don't mind the glitter on my fingers..that's what you egt when you have to clean up glitterpolish.

  I first applied one thin coat, which is a purple with magenta/pink glitters in it.

Then I applied a second, thicker coat, which made the polish look black with magenta/pink glitter.
On the pics it looks more like a dark purple though, which it probably is.

This is a gorgeous polish, which applies easy and dries normally. I haven't used a topcoat, because it's not gritty enough to be annoying. It's actually pretty smooth for a glitter polish.

Ghetto-Fabulous Tip # 6: Use Washcloths As Mini-Towels For Your Face

I'm not quite sure when or how I exactly figured this out (it's not rocket science or anything)... but it has made my life much simpler! It was probably on one of those days when I felt like I was drowning in a heaping mountain of laundry! Let me just tell you... The GG does not like doing Laundry! 2 flights of stairs down & 2 flights of stairs back up... twisting, turning and finagling every which way to fit through 6 doorways with the laundry basket... who needs the gym??? Ummm, soooo not my friend! I've been told that a clean house is a sign of a wasted, I prefer to just let it all go to hell while I watch Oprah and eat Organic Bon-Bons LOL! Just kidding... if only. Snap out of it sister!

Why You Should Use Washcloths As Mini-Towels For Your Face:
  • I use them once (2 washcloths per day) and then toss them right into the laundry basket.
  • They're smaller so they cut down on the loads of laundry, also cutting down on energy.
  • They're much more sanitary for your skin, especially when it's breaking out!
  • Awesome for "Quickie" Hot Steam Facials (the kind you put in the microwave or in hot water- then put on your face to open up your pores or on your hands/ feet to soften your cuticles before a Mani/ Pedi).
  • When they get old, you can use them as rags to clean with.
I have a gigantic stock-pile of all kinds of crazy looking washcloths that don't match anything! Whoa, right? Ha ha. Living on the edge! You should see it under my bathroom sink- it looks like a circus! I have some with polka-dots, some with stripes, lots and lots of pink and white, every single other color of the rainbow, some are be-dazzled, (which hurt your face, I might add- cute though!) some have ice skates and bows on them. Nothing matches! You only live once, and nobody really, really likes to take their makeup off... c'mon! So Just have fun with it! Target usually has an awesome collection with all sorts of crazy colors!

REVIEW: Radius Natural Cranberry Dental Floss

Goal: To find a natural dental floss that would help keep my gums healthy :)
Brand I Tried: Radius.
Product: Natural Cranberry Floss.
Product Description: 100% VEGAN floss. Cruelty Free, Coated in Natural cranberry essence from Ocean Spray, Antibacterial cranberry helps prevent bacteria growing between teeth known to lead to gum disease. Naturally soft, fibrous cleaning texture, Spun in natural vegan Candelilla wax, Clear box for easy measure, Large 55 yd. size, Packaging is 100% recyclable. No artificial sweeteners, color or flavor synthetic wax, GMO ingredients, preservatives, glutens or yeasts. Native to America, the cranberry is rich in proanthocyanidins; originally a defense mechanism for the plant, these organic substances also are known to naturally help cure urinary tract infections. Recent research in Israel and the USA has concluded that the proanthocyanidins also inhibit the adhesion of bacterial bio-films on teeth. This bio-film adheres to the surface of teeth and forms plaque, which feeds on sugars, producing acids that wear away the tooth surface and dissolve linkages to the gums, eventually leading to destructive periodontal disease and tooth loss. As this bacterial adhesion is the first step in the formation of plaque, cranberries have a unique position in helping to prevent periodontal disease. After coating the floss in cranberry essence, RADIUS Vegan Antibacterial Floss s is coated in natural VEGAN Candelilla wax. Candelilla wax is a wax derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is yellowish-brown, hard, brittle and translucent. Pure, natural silk has a soft texture with very low abrasion. It removes plaque softly and effectively.
Ingredients: N/A.
  • Price: $2.99
  • Size: 50m / 55 yds.
  • Uses: Dental Floss.
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: Normal amount.
  • First Impression: Ummm, a little tangy & tart- but really nice!?!
  • Visual Attractiveness: Saw pictures of the clear containers online- I like them better than the one I have (solid white)- so I can see how much I have left.
  • Texture: Smooth, just like conventional floss.
  • Scent: Doesn't smell like anything to me...
  • How Long I've Used It: For the past few months.
  • Easy To Find And Where? I got mine at my local Whole Foods Market, but you can also buy it at and on
  • Acquired: Purchased with my own money.
  • Customer Service: N/A.
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: Nope, not that I'm aware of but they're small enough to travel with and you can buy them in bulk if you fall in love with it :)
  • EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: N/A.
  • Verdict: This will be a short and sweet review- it's dental floss for crying out loud- how much can one write? Ha ha. Ok, back to business... Cranberry is known to fight Gingivitis, Receding Gums and Gum Disease (Ew. Yuck!). This particular floss was even featured on Dr. Oz (heart him!) and reviewed in Glamour Magazine. I have always loved cranberry juice and berry flavored things... so I really wanted to try this! It's not minty or sweet at all- which unusual for floss, but somehow it really works in this case. It's tart, but won't make you pucker like that one time when you bought unsweetened cranberry juice by mistake! Now, for me to write a review about dental floss- it must really be working! I can honestly say that I have noticed a HUGE difference in the health of my gums! They aren't as sensitive (yippee) and don't bleed anymore (oh joy)! I really thought I was going to miss my mint flavored floss- but I  don't... it's a nice change actually. And... it definitely makes me wanna floss more- which is a miracle all in itself!! Wait, did I really just say that???.. Oh Lord, I hope my dentist is reading this LOL!

First time making sushi..

Last saturday, I had the whole day off.... I had the whole weekend off, which I don't get a lot. Also, it was a weekend where we didn't have any plans to go out. Once in a while, that alone is something that can make me look forward to it sooooooo badly. So we decided to have pyjamaweekend. :)

On saturday we decided to make sushi, which I've never done before.
This is how the table looked when we started....just all the ingredients we thought we wanted to use.

This is what I saw, when I looked next to the table.... Loki tried to hypnotize me in givimg him the fish, Greebo was planning a raid or something. Odin was somwhere else in the room, trying to figure out if why we were in the kitchen. Odin isn't that smart...

Rolling a sushi....see how Greebo is lurking there?
And yes, I love fisheggs, sue me.

Loki is much more bold in his plans to conquer the fish..
Oh btw, see that bathrobe? That's me. I told you it was pyjamaweekend! Yeah , I know a bathrobe isn't a pyjama, but my 'pyjamas' tend to be skimpy outfits, and those are cold :P

Look look look! *proud* My first selfmade sushi...and it even looks edible!
*takes a bow*

When tasting the sushi we came to 2 conclusions:
1. red union was not a flavour we wanted in our sushi. So I peeled them out with my sticks and put in cucumber instead.
2. my sushimaking skills weren't fabulous yet: they were a bit too big, which made eating them not so easy and we were pretty filled up, pretty fast. Next time, I'm making them snacksize.

Still, they were quite tasty and they were gorgeous to look at:

Okay, now I'm getting hungry....