Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 1

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh Effect Powders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the pics turned out good enough for you to see the effects.

This first post is about the lighter and silver colours I own:

Sky, Gold Dust, Steel, Holographic Silver, Paradise

Swatches without a flash:

Without a flash, the effect powders don't really show the gorgeous shine they all have.
I might try again in the summer ;)

You can see that Sky has a gritty substance, which I don't particulalry like. It does have a nice white colour, which can be used as a highlight. The gritty pieces tend to create fallout though, and don't feel very nice to your skin.

Gold Dust doesn't really reflect to well without a flash, and isn't really visible. I like using it as a highlighter, the little golden glitters in it, really give it something special. On the pictures with a flash, you can better see the shine it gives, but the glitters don't really show up on the swatches, they are really tiny though, and they don't feel bad on your skin.

Swatches with flash:

Steel is an awesome silver colour with a metallic efffect. I really like this one because it gives a different effect, than the other effect powders. This is the only one I own that has that metallic shine.

Holographic Silver is really hard to catch right on a picture. It's a dark grey with holographic glitters in it. Or at least, glitters in all kinds of colours. I love this EP, even though I've read a lot of reviews of people not liking it. Apparantly, some people don't get the holographic effect, or have lots of fallout. Well, I used this on a sticky base, and I've never really had a problem with it. I love the effect it gives, when the light hits it. I tried to capture it on a picture, the last one shows a bit of the glitters lighting up in different colours.

With flash, from the side

Paradise is a golden colour with a hint of olivegreen. It's a very different kind of colour, one I can really recommend. I don't use this one as a highlighter below my brows, but I use it in the inner eyecorner instead. It goed well with a lot of different colour, because it seems to change a bit when you use other colours next to it.

Gold Dust if you're looking for a special highlighter.
Steel if  you want a great silver colour.
Paradise if you are looking for special colours
(Holographic Silver, if you're into glitters)