The Art Of Making Perfume - How To Mix Essential Oils & Make The Homemade Fragances Last!

The Art Of Making Perfume
The Art Of Making Perfume

You’ve been hearing all about making perfume and how much fun it is and are all hyped about making it yourself. You’ve read the directions and all you have to do is buy the main supplies, particularly the essential oils, which is what gives your perfume its fragrance.

If you’re planning to make your own perfume, it’s important that you understand the basics. When we think of expensive perfume, we automatically think of France, since France is the perfume capital of the world. Although the French did not discover perfume, they were the ones that turned making perfume into a Science.

It sounds easy enough, right? All you have to do is go to your local health or craft store or start browsing the web and you’ll find all the essential oils you need. However, before you rush out and start buying, here are some helpful tips and suggestions on what to look for in essential oils.

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