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Review & Swatches: Sigma Tapered Blending Brush

I've bought the Sigma eyekit a few months ago, and thought it was time I reviewed them for you.
This review is about the Tapered Blending Brush SS224, now also known as E40.

   This is what the Sigma site says about this brush:

Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.

This brush is the reason why I bought the eye kit. I wanted a better bledingbrush than the one I had from Hema. I know people love it, but it was a bit to difficult for me to blend smaller things, and it was a bit prickly. When I was looking for this brush, I saw the kit and decided that I wanted to see if the other brushes were better aswell.

This brush blends very easily and it isn't prickly at all. It's very soft against the skin and it is pretty precise.
It does tend to get a bit puffier than it was when it was unused(like the brush below), but I think that's pretty normal.

 I can't tell you much else about this brush, except that it does exactly what it's made for, and I really like it. If you're looking for an affordable blending brush, and the Hema one doesn't do it for ya, this is the one to try!
It's not too expensive, and gives a great result.

It can be bought for 9 dollars at the Sigmastore. It comes in an eyekit with 6 other brushes which costs, for example, 39 euros at Enchantra.    

Last minute Halloween Look

Hello OhMyGosh Readers :)

Halloween is here. Although I wish I could have published this look earlier, I have been terribly busy.

Well, let’s begin.

I wanted to do a Greek Goddess, but how do you portray one? In this case, I wanted to be Persephone, b/c of my boyfriend’s fondness of Hades. She’s known as The Queen of the Underworld and the origin of the Seasons. I didn’t want anything too dark, b/c Persephone, tho known for her dark beauty (black eyes and hair), was a great beauty and lover of spring and flowers. She was abducted by Hades and doomed to spend part of her year with him and the other part on Olympus.

Well, here’s what I’ve done. I used the 80 Shimmer Palette, Catrice’s eye Quattro in Aqua Flash nº5, Natura’s Unica Foundation, makeup remover and white pigment, the blush from the 42 palette, a darker pressed powder to contour…. oh, and HUGE fake lashes too lol.

<<< I used these colors >>>

This is how I looked before.
 This is how I looked after.

I mixed a little makeup remover to thin the foundation and a little amount of white pigment to make it paler. I used the pink on the inside, the lavender in the middle, white to highlight the top of the eyebrows.

I used too much blush, I know. The thing is, the flash was washing out the color so I added more. And now that I’m looking at the pics I could have toned it down a lot.

I used an eBay gel liner (the best I’ve ever got!!) to line and do my water line. Also, I used the rest of it in the brush to define my brows.

In these close ups you can see the blending and the distribution of the color. I used the purple to contour my nose too. The lashes I got on eBay, I don’t remember the seller but he/she had a great selection.
Well, this is my first look. I truly hope you all enjoyed it :). I have some good ones up my sleeve and I’ll post them in the future.

Until next time,
Huggles to all!

Paula ♥

NOTD: Konad Halloween Nails

I don't have a lot of time these days to do my nails, especially not if my only day off is a day that I already have plans for. Which happens a lot lately.
Anyway, this mani is pretty easy and can give you a lot of variations and colours.

I used the Konad halloween plate, imageplate number 13, which has a lot of different designs on it.
I flipped the pic so you can see the images better. I always stamp images towards me, so I can look at them myself :P

Products used:
  • Colorclub Bewitching. A black that cover the whole nail with just one layer! And it dries superfast aswell! Only ''downside"": it doesn't really shine. It's not matte, but it's not shiney either.
  • Konad stampingpolish red
  • Konad stampingpolish white
  • Konad stampingpolish silver
  • Colorclub Hocus Pocus, gorgeous holographic glitter that dries superfast and I used just one coat!
I was planning on doing a more elaborate mani with the bewitching colorclub set, but I just didn't have the time. Maybe I'll do one later, I don't care of its halloween or not ;)

EOTD: Apocalyptic Gold

Wednesdaynight we went to see Apocalptica at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I always try to see them when they are visiting NL. This time we also bought a ticket for my motherinlaws birthday, since she loved the band aswell. The show was awesome(not counting the boring emo/pop support band), a bit heavier than older shows, and I've never seen the guys so hyper on stage. You could tell they were really enjoying themselves... I think they also enjoyed Amsterdam the day before....hahaha...
There was even a guestsinger, that was a first, and it was really kewl. And Miko, the adopted drummer even played a song on a cello!

Anyway, I wanted to do something else with my makeup then just dark greys and blacks, so this time I went for gold!

On Hema eyeshadow base, I used:
  • Sugarpill Loose Powder Goldilux
  • Barry M Fine Glitter Dust no.24
  • Barry MFine Glitter Dust no. 26
  • Gosh Effect Powder Gold Dust

I used Coatsel Scents Gelliner True Black on my eyelid, and created a small wing.

Below my eyes, I used some Barry M Kohlpencil Black, and some more Goldilux.

Brazilian National Brands X International Brands

Hello again OhMyGosh Readers :)

I have been asked what is the difference between Brazilian makeup and foreign; also, if use differs too.

Well, yes and no. Yes national makeup is different than foreign but the use is still the same. Foundation will always be foundation, and lipstick will always be lipstick.

I read somewhere that lipstick is the most sold cosmetic item in the country and that makes absolute sense. It is the most user friendly makeup item and it comes in a variety of different colors. The brand I’m most acquainted with, Natura, I can personally say I never tried better lipsticks. That including MAC, NYX, Clinique and many others. They are creamy, long lasting and do not run easily on the mouth’s creases. For lip gloss, I usually buy NYX, Natura or Avon. They are cheap and extremely moisturizing. My lips chap even during rain season, so I always have lipbalm and lip gloss with me.

 There are some Brazilian brands like Natura, Contém 1g and Tracta which make very good products but I seldom buy them. The thing is. Due to this country mix of several races, skin tomes range from dark chocolate to pale milk and EVERY color in between; but mostly are warm pinkish tones, the cooler and neutral tones are rarer. Most of the national brands make only a limited range of colors (I know, HUGE paradox) and finding your color can be extremely hard. Especially if you are pale.  

But they do, however, make very good mascaras, eyeliners and makeup removers. Natura eyeliners are very good and are longlasting. Not as longlasting as gel liners, which can last on my waterline for a whole night without smudging. Contém 1g has one of the lightest and deep cleanzing makeup removers I’ve ever seen, you shake it and voilá. Tracta has good lipsticks but lacks colors, particularly trendier colors. 

I say, it doesn’t make much difference, when you are having a very hot day (35ºC+) NOTHING will stick on your skin. Eyeshadow will crease and by the end of the day, there will be no more foundation left on you.  

It is almost impossible to find makeup without SPF and the texture of eye shadows are usually the same. The good thing about national brands is just the price. All these national brands have very little color payoff, and that is the main reason why I don’t like to buy eyeshadow from them. I do love Natura’s skincare line, soaps and perfumes, they are fabulous.

So, I choose to take care of my skin so I won’t need to wear foundation/concealer, even tho sometimes is impossible not to. I have extremely oily skin and in this tropical weather, everyday is a battle.

*This blog comes from a person with oily skin and complete lack of patience to do her makeup every day. Some may disagree and I do welcome your POV. :) Leave your comment below!


>>> Stay tuned for my Halloween Look, I’ll post it on this Saturday :) 

Perfume Love Spell


According to the Mirror News you can use your favourite perfume to cast a love spell upon the one you love. This will help you capture the heart of the one you love, and they will hopefully return your love.

The Mirror News claims that if you take your favourite perfume, spray it upon a mirror or glass window and write your name, your lovers name and what you would like to happen, then rub it off with a cloth and keep the cloth close to your skin, then your love spell will be granted.

I don’t really believe in spells and magic, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be giving it a go. After all I believe perfume is very powerful, and alone it could get you noticed or even attract others. Perfume has been used for years to make the wearer more attractive to others, and some scents can be intoxicating. Therefore a love spell that involves perfume could stand a chance of working. Being in love with someone who doesn’t return your love can be painful. Therefore next time I have unreturned love I will give this spell a try, got to be worth a go. Now I need to find someone who I can make fall in love with me. Hummmm.


View the original article here

How To Make a Perfume – Getting To Know Your Materials

perfume materials

The aromatic materials used to make perfume are categorised by the way they last in the air and on skin.

The oils and materials that last the longest are called base notes and generally make up 40-55% of the blend. These are the notes that last longest on the skin as they are the least volatile (take the longest to evaporate). Natural base notes include sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, labdanum and oak moss as well as some of the more exotic materials such as cognac, tobacco, tea and spruce.

The materials that will give your perfume its character are the middle or heart notes, they will be around 20-30% of your finished fragrance concentrate. Heart notes determine the nature of the finished perfume and will pretty much always have floral elements such as rose, jasmine & ylang but could also include spices such as cinnamon or clove and herbal notes such as basil and clary sage.
The final 25-35% of your perfume should be made up of top or head notes.  These are the materials that give the first impression of your fragrance but will disappear quite quickly on skin. They are the most volatile and include all the citrus oils as well as spices like nutmeg and black pepper.

View the original article here

DIY: Pumpkin Cream Pie Facial Mask

Not sure what to do with all that fresh pumpkin after carving it? Pamper your pumpkin-face of course! Not only is this facial mask fun & festive- it actually packs a punch... my skin was absolutely glowing!

What You'll Need:
  • A Blender or Vita-Mix.
  • Measuring Spoons.
  • A Bowl.
  • Basting Brush or something to apply the mask with (you can use your fingers).
  • An Old Wash Cloth.
  • Microwave.
  • A Sink.
  • 3 Tbsps. of Fresh Pumpkin (Yes, fresh as in the pumpkin you just carved for Halloween LOL).
  • 3 Tbsps. of Organic Greek Yogurt (Vanilla, Plain, Regular Yogurt or Sour Cream)...  
  • 1 Tbsp of Organic Honey (Regular or Raw).
  • 1/2 Tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice (or mix a combo of what you like... Ground Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Gound Nutmeg and Ground Cloves, etc.).
A Few Tips:
  • I suggest Fresh Pumpkin. A lot of recipes I found say you can use Canned Pumpkin instead of Fresh... but I don't use any canned products... one, because metal food cans contain BPA / Bisphenol A, which is linked to Breast Cancer and two, because of the unnecessary fillers and preservatives. Some good info on BPA and the link to Cancer here: The Breast Cancer Fund
  • The thicker the better for the Yogurt or Sour Cream!
  • If you use Plain Yogurt or Sour Cream... use a few drops of Vanilla Extract, like the kind you use in cake to get it to smell yummy like pie!
  • Also, I thought the spices would bother my skin- but they didn't!

  1. Combine all the ingredients into your blender.
  2. Pour the mask into a bowl and put your spoon or basting brush in it.
  3. Wash your face with cleanser to remove any makeup.
  4. Prepare your Facial Cloth: wet your old wash cloth, fold it in half and roll it up.
  5. Heat up your moist wash cloth in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.
  6. Make sure it's not too hot and lay it on your skin to steam your face, soften your skin and open up your pores.
  7. Apply a smooth layer of Pumpkin Pie Facial Mask onto your skin (avoiding your eyes) and hang out for about 15-20 minutes until it dries.
  8. Lay a warm, wet washcloth over your face for a minute or so to loosen the mask and then gently wipe it off.
  9. Rinse your face with warm water to remove any excess.
  10. I like to apply a little Organic EVOO after- but you can apply any natural moisturizer and you're done!
Why it's good for you:

PUMPKIN:  is a member of the squash family, which contains vitamins like A (great for healing), E & C- (great for a healthy complexion) and is really rich in antioxidants like natural alpha-hydroxy acids, Beta-carotene and zinc, potassium, and lutein which all help reduce the signs of aging.

CREAM or YOGURT: has anti fungal and antibacterial qualities, so it is useful for cleansing and unclogging blocked pores. It also brightens the skin and contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid from lactic acid that exfoliates and renews the cellular surface of the skin.

HONEY: is awesome for acne, high in vitamin C, a variety of B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid, as well as minerals such as potassium. It also contains powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals and reverse aging, it's rich in amino acids, the basic building blocks of life- softening and dissolving dead skin cells and nourishing to new skin cells. Bees release glucose enzymes when they create honey that is a natural antiseptic and has antibacterial properties. When applied topically, it draws body fluids and nutrients to the area assisting in cell growth and scar prevention.

VANILLA & SPICES: reduce stress and is used in aromatherapy to have comforting and relaxing effects. It's also a powerful antioxidant, anti-depressant, an aphrodisiac, lower blood pressure, blood sugar and is an antiseptic.

See, all Treats and no Tricks... Happy Halloween My Little Pretties! Enjoy! :) xoxo

Review & Swatches: Gosh Nail Lacquer Miss Minty

This is an NOTD with the Gosh lacquer Miss Minty:

Thisis with 2 coats, which seems to be okay, but after working a few hoursright afterapplying it, the polish had a lot of dents and opaque bitsto it. I forgot to make a picture of it though.

Itapplies easy and dries pretty quickly aswell. I'm not into this colour,because I really don't like pastels, but I got a lot of compliments onmy nails when I had this mani.

Since I wanted to testthe polish for durability, but wasn't liking the colour much, I usedsome dark green konad polish to stamp some nails and give it somethingextra. I had first applied an extra layer of polish to make thecoverage perfect again, which makes it 3 coats, and later on the INMtopcoat.

Igot a whole new round of compliments on this mani. I'm still not reallyinto it, but  I guess it started to grow on me. At least it was a bitinspired by Totem(circqu du soleil), because Totem is partly aboutanimals and the Totem poster had lots of greens in it.

Thepolish lasted this way for dayyyyys, which honestly baffled me a bit. Idon't have a lot of great experiences with this count of polishes, thecreamy ones. But this one really lasts!
To be honest, I did get really tiny and vague scratches on my nails after 4 days, but you can only see those upclose.

Istill think it reminds me of Tipp-ex, which was used by kids ages agoto paint their nails. I never understood that, as I still don'tunderstand the hype for mint and brown polishes.
But I've neverreally been a girl for hypes, and if you love pastels this isdefinately a polish I can recommend. It will be available at the at ofNovember at Kruidvat for 6,99 euros.

How To Make An Oil Based Perfume

oil based perfume

Take a clean glass beaker or shot glass and add 10ml jojoba or fractionated coconut oil.

Add your aromatic materials starting with the base notes and working up to the top notes.
As you add each material swirl it in the oil so it blends, smelling as you go. Record your formula as you you go along so that you do not forget anything. Always date and label your creations and store in small glass bottles.

20 drops = 1ml approx

10% fragrance will be 20 drops essential oil or absolute consisting of:

8 drops base notes
6 drops middle notes
6 drops top notes

15% fragrance will be 30 drops essential oil or absolute consisting of:

12 drops base notes
9 drops middle notes
9 drops top notes

View the original article here

Gosh Giveaway Winner

Not a lot of people participated, which is a shame, but I really loved all the looks that were created. I seriously loved them all , but there can be only one winner....

And the winner is...


Please email me with your adress, so I can forward it to Gosh, then they can send you your price :)

To the other participants, thank you for your entries, and hopefully I'll see you again with another giveaway :)

Gosh Winter Look 2010

This Winter Look by Gosh, doesn't just have some new products, but also new colours from already available products! Some of them are favourites of mine, so let's take a look at all the new eyecandy!

Eyebrow Kit

The ultimate brow kit which contains three brow powder shades, which are easy to blend and match(light, medium and dark) and a wax cream to fix and shape. The wax can be used alone, or on top of eyebrow pencils or powders. The kit also contains an applicator and brush in one and a build-in mirror. There's also a step by step guide and it's paraben and perfume free.
Price: 9,99 euros

Defining Brow Gel

This is a transparent gel that controls your brows. The formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. The gel can be worn alone or used over Gosh eyebrowpencils, or the eyebrowkit powders. This gel is suitable for sensitive eyes and is perfume and paraben free.
Price: 7,99 euros

Gosh Lengthening 2 Step Mascara

This is a mascara with the Reviva serum, which will create superlong lashes with lots of volume.
Step 1:
This is a transparant nourishing serum, containing cotton peptide and panthenol, which have a rejuvenating and moisterizing effect. This creates volume in each single strand. It will make the lashes feel soft, thick and strong.
You can use this serum as a basecoat beneath your mascara, or alone as a serum at night.
Step 2:
This is a coloured mascara, which can be applied to the lashes, after the serum is dry. This will create an intense colour and further lengtening.
This product is also prfume and paraben free.
Price: 11,49 euros

I'm not sure what to think of this. The last 2 step mascara I had by Gosh was the worst I've ever had. I'll definately try it out to I can give you a good review.

Intense Lashes Mascara - Waterproof

This mascara is extremely waterproof, designed to resist tears, sweat, raind and other forms of moisture. The formula is totally clump proof, so it won't smudge, which is essential for finishing up the perfect look. The content of natural waxes strengthens and conditions the lashes, a unique mascara that gives your eyelashes exaggerated volume and definition which will last all day long.
And again, it's perfume and paraben free.
Price: 9,99 euros

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner

These eyeliners are easy to use, soft to the eye and have excellent coverage. They are waterproof and extremely durable.The formula contains jojoba oil and vitamin E and it's perfume free.
These were already available, but Gosh will now release 3 new colours!
Classic Grey nr 016, a grey colour.
Pink Darling nr. 014, a pastelpink, great for softer looks.
Pure Natural nr. 015, a khakicolour.
Price: 6,99 euros

I'll definately check out the Classic Grey, since Hypnotic Grey is my most used VTEyeliner. I might look at Pure Natural aswell, but I think it's a bit too light for my taste.

Natural Touch Foundation

An amazing light foundation that gives the skin an even and perfect look. So soft and effective with its wonderfull lightweight texture, it's almost invisible on the skin. But it still gives you what you expect from a foundation: a natural and flawless look. The formula contains biological almond oil, Vitamin A and E and lots of other ingredients that are good for the skin. It is coloured with mineral pigments and has an SPF of 8.
This foundation is available in 10 different colours. 
Price: 10,99 euros

The one on the photo is nr 36 Ivory, which I think is a bit to pink/pale for my skin.

Intense Lip Colour

This is a unique combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss. It is similar to a lipstick and it gives an intense and lasting colour dus to the high concentration of colour pigments. At the same time it feels moisturizing and nourishing like a lipgloss. The formula is rich and creamy and it doesn't feel sticky or dry.
It's paraben and preservative free. The packaging is awesome: it has a built-in light and a little mirro on the side.
It's available in 2 pastel colours: nr 301 and nr 302.
Price: 8,49 euros

Too bad there are only 2 colours and they are pastels. I'm not very into pastels. The product sounds amazing and I would love to try it out. I have seen a red on the site, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed to having the other colours released aswell soon.

Velvet Touch Lipsticks

These lipsticks care for and protect your lips, while giving you a brilliant and shiney look. They have an intense and longlasting colour due to the high concentration of colour pigments. They also have an SPF of 6.
These were already available but Gosh now comes with 2 new colours: Capucciono nr 146 and Shocking Coral nr 145.
Price: 8,49 euros

Also one of my favourite products! I'm not sure if I like these colours, i'll have to take a look at them in real life first.

Lip Gloss

This lipgloss gives shiney  lips with elegant shine and new volume.Keeps the liips soft and well protected. It also contains no perfume.
These were also available already, but now Gosh comes with one new colour:
Apricot nr 84.
Price: 7,49 euros
Nail Lacquer

These nail lacquers are manufactured without the use of DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid.  They give excellent coverage and  an extra glossy finish. They dry quicly and have a very hugh durability.
Gosh now comes with 2 new colours: Miss Minty nr 597 and Miss Mole nr 597.
Price: 6,99 euros
I'm not really into pastels, so they don't really appeal to me. But I'll be posting a review of Miss Minty soon, because a lot of people really like this colour.

These products will be available at Kruidvat at the end of November.