Review & Swatches : Sigma Pencil Brush

I've bought the Sigma eyekit a few months ago, and thought it was time I reviewed them for you.
This review is about the Pencil Brush SS219, now also known as E30.

  This is what the Sigma site says about this brush:
Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper andlower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Naturalbristles.

I own a different pencil brush, one by Gosh, that I use dayly for applying colours in my inner eye corner. This Sigma brush isn't as pointy as that one, so I don't use it for the inner eye corner.
I use it mainly for applying colour in my crease. It's really precise that way, and especially black, can be applied perfectly, and nicely blended. If I want some darker colours on my outer v, I also use this bursh.
I haven't used it to smudge pencil liners, but I'm sure it will do well.

 The brush is really really soft, so it's very nice to use on your eyes. The first one I bought (I've won a second one), is a lot more fluffy now, than the second unused one. Maybe I push a little too hard in my crease, or maybe the hairs aren't that firm. It might even be that this one was more fluffy to begin with, I can't remember it being very pointy.
Still, even with being a bit more fluffy, it works wonders on my crease, and the only negative thing I have to say, is that the hairs are white. For some reason that has kept me from using it for a time, espcially with the darker colours and black I prefer to use it with. Also, I really don't see this ias a pencil brush, it's not nearly as pointy as for example my Gosh brush.
All in all, a brush everyone should have, because it is the best brush I ever used for the crease, and can be used on other parts of the eyes aswell.

It can be bought for 9 dollars at the Sigmastore. It comes in an eyekit with 6 other brushes which costs, for example, 39 euros at Enchantra.