Review & Swatches : Sigma Small Angle Brush

I've bought the Sigma eyekit a few months ago, and thought it was time I reviewed them for you.
This review is about the Eye Liner Brush SS266, now also known as E65.

the black is from my gelliner ;)

 This is what the Sigma site says about this brush:
 Essential for the application of gel or cream eyeliner on the upper andlower lash line. This brush is also excellent for filling out theeyebrows. Synthetic bristles.

The first brush I had, is the one I use daily for my eyebrows. It's better than the brush I used before: it makes the pencil strokes look more natural and powdery instead of harsh and dark lines.
It's a very soft brush, that doesn't hurt or irritate the eyes. It's firm, so you can make straight lines, yet flexible enough to make round lines aswell.

 The second brush I got, because I won a Sigma contest, I'm using to apply gelliner. It's really easy to use and makes applying eyeliner simple and quick.

It can be bought for 9 dollars at the Sigmastore. It comes in an eyekit with 6 other brushes which costs, for example, 39 euros at Enchantra.