Body Massage with your Homemade Fragrances

homemade massage oils

Having one’s body being massage while inhaling the fragrances of essential oils and rhythmically rubbed into the body is extremely relaxing. It was once a matter of much dispute whether these oils could pass directly through the skin. Whoever refuses to believe will soon agree when they try this simple experiment. Cut garlic gloves and rubbed it to the soles of your feet and after few hours the unmistakable smell of garlic will be lingering on your breath.

To pay homage to Science, massage assists in the elimination of toxic wastes which relieves muscular pain by increasing nutrition to painful areas of the body. As body tensions are released, so fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions dissolve into sweet nothingness. A combination of good massage with subtleties of your homemade body massage oils, the fortunate person being massaged may be influenced on many different levels.

candle aromatherapyAvoid giving or receiving a massage under the harsh artificial, electric light. Intensify the atmosphere by illuminating the bedroom or the massage parlour with candles, or drape the lamps with cloth of a soothing color.

If you’re still going to prepare the oils to be used in giving body massage, make sure that the essential oils are diluted in suitable base oil with proper proportions. (Refer to this page on how to make your own body massage oils) Concentrations of between one and a half percent should be used for facial massage or if using Basil, Chamomile, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon Grass or Melissa. In no circumstances should a concentration be more than three percent be used.

Mother Nature has endowed us with such wealth of oils that there is sure to be an admixture that is just right for you. So by all means follow these tips on things you should know about making your own homemade massage oils here in this blog but dear readers, do so with care.