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GOSH Limited Autumn Collection

Gosh is launching a limited edition collection this autumn, and I already have the scoop for you guys! These will be available on October 11th.

Quartet Eye Shadow
The new Quartet Eye Shadows have a build-in mirror and light, to allow you to create endless beautifull makeup looks. Use just one colour for a soft, natural look, or two colours for more contrast. For even more contrast you can use three or four colours. These new 2 limited editions have smooth square boxes with build in miror and light and allow you to apply makeup anytime you want.
These 2 new shades are called: Vanity Pastels and Modest Liberty.
Price: 11,49 euros a piece.

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner
Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner is soft, easy to apply and has perfect coverage. The creamy soft quality makes sure that it's easy to blend with a brush or an applicator.
It doesn't smudge, it's waterproof so it will stay perfect through all conditions and has vitamine and jojoba oil.
Price: 6,99 euros a piece.

GOSH Multicolour Blush
Gosh multicolour Blush has a fantastic, licht, creamy constistency, that is based on 4 combinations of silky, in colour saturated pwderparts. It also contains mica, which in cooperation with the ultra fine round powderparts, arrange a smooth and velvety-soft application. This results in a beautifull and natural colour. It also contains a Skin Conditiong Agent that makes the skin softer.
This blush is easy to apply with a big blushbrush, and it is also perfume free. 
Price: 9,49 euros a piece.

The velvet touch eyeliners have been available for some time, I don't know if there will be new colours in this collection. The blush isn't new either, maybe there will be a new colour?

I do love the new quattros, I've already spotted those on blogs from other countries, and I love it that they finally will be available here. Unfortunately for me, it looks like they all have soft pastel colours, so I might have to wait untill, they make them with bolder colours.

And the new Miss Gosh can be admired in week 45!

REVIEW: Bubble and Bee Organic Foamer Bottles

Goal: To save money by stretching my products!
Brand I Tried: Bubble and Bee Organic
Product: Empty Foamer Bottles
Product Description: (directly from their website) Stretch your shampoos and shower gels further with a foamer bottle. Comes with instruction booklet and recipe ideas.We don't add water to our shower gels and shampoos, so they're super concentrated. Just a little bit of shower gel added to a foamer bottle with some water (or an herbal infusion) will give you a nice rich lather. Have a shower gel hog in your family that likes to use a LOT of gel? Now you can make your bottles last longer by using the foamer bottle. A fine wire mesh pumps air in to the mixture, creating a lather that comes right out of the pump. Makes it easy to shave and clean--no lathering needed, so it saves time. (Hey, every 30 seconds count, right?). One 8 oz bottle of shower gel diluted as directed will fill the foamer bottle 8 times. BPA-free plastic. Because the wire mesh in the foaming mechanism is fragile, you can expect this bottle to last from 3 to 4 refills.
  • Price: $7.99 for a Three Pack.
  • Size: 6 oz. each
  • Uses: Concentrated products like castile soaps, shampoo, body wash, face wash, hand soap, dish soap, shaving foam, etc... your options are almost endless!  
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: You usually only have to fill the bottle 1/3 to 1/2 of the way with product and the rest with distilled or filtered water.
  • Texture: If it's too thin and runny- fill it with more product, if it's too ruch and thick add more water. The beauty of these bottles is that you can custom mix them however you want!
  • Easy To Find And Where? Bubble & Bee Organic
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: This is the only size they offer because they want you to use the product in a short amount of time since you are adding water to your product without a preservative! You should use this up within about two weeks. If I know we won't be home or go away on vacay- I usually mix only about a half of a bottle.
  • Verdict: At first, I thought who the hell would pay that for empty bottles? Well, I did. Yes, this review is for empty bottles LOL. But, I can admit when I'm wrong. These bottles make things sudsy without the suds, even in products that don't contain SLS. With one pump they give you a luxuriously rich lather. I have since filled these bottles several more times than Bubble and Bee says you can and I've filled them with just about everything under the sun! I love that they came with a little instruction and recipe booklet, which really helped! Such great ideas...who knew? Hence, saving me more money than I could have imagined... Woo-Hoo! More $ to feed my Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter Addiction LOL. Currently, I have one in my Kitchen with Hand Soap, one in my Bathroom with Hand Soap and one in my Shower which I use for either Shampoo, Shaving Foam or Body Wash- sometimes all 3 at once if I use Castile Soap Haha. I use my P-Touch Label Maker (which I also have an obsession with) and label them in case I have different things in different rooms so I don't forget. The only thing I would change is that I wish they had a wider base (like the foaming Dial Soap bottles). Sometimes they tend to fall over- but with the amount of Moo-lah I've saved in the past 6 months- I can deal with that! Needless to say... I LOVE these things! They were a great investment and I will probably buy more in the future.

REVIEW: Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Botanical Lip Gloss

Goal: To find a Lip Gloss with a lot of pigment & pearly shimmer that's safe.
Brand I Tried: Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques 
Product: Botanical Lip Gloss in two different colors: "LOVE" & "PIXIE"
Product Description: (directly from their website) Soothe your lips with Lauren Brooke Botanical Lip Glosses. Made with 100% Organic oils and natural coloring and flavors. Feel good knowing your lips have the best.
Ingredients: Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera), Organic Beeswax (cera alba), Castor Wax (ricinus communis), Rosemary Oleoresin, Certified Organic Pomegranate Extract, Certified Organic Green Tea Extract, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Stevia Extract. (+/- mica, Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Certified Organic Raspberry Oil Blend, Certified Organic Peppermint Oil, Certified Organic Spearmint Oil, Vanilla CO2).
  • Price: $8.00
  • Size: 2 ml twist up tube w/ attached brush for easy application.
  • Uses: Lip Gloss.
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: I got a sample size- so I didn't have the actual applicator that the full-size comes with. At first, I didn't use enough- once I applied a little more- I was in LOVE! Holy pearly-pigment!
  • First Impression: Finally a natural lip gloss that smells like berries & has a lot of pigment!
  • Visual Attractiveness: As I mentioned above- I have a sample of just the product and can only tell what the tube and applicator look like from the picture. I am generally not a fan of that type of tube because I always feel like too much comes out- but I can't really say for sure until I try it though. 
  • Texture: Like Butter- but not really greasy. The perfect consistency!
  • Scent: Smells like berries! YAY! Raspberry Pomegranate flavor/ scent. Awesome! If you LOVE Bubble and Bee Organic's Raspberry Body Butta- this is like Body Butta for your lips Ladies!  
  • How Long I've Used It: About a week... it had me at hello!
  • Easy To Find And Where? &
  • Acquired: Sent to me to review from Natural Joy Beauty.
  • Customer Service: Joy at Natural Joy Beauty is really great! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask her. I am very picky about everything- so I just asked for her honest opinion, and she really helped me decide what was best for me based upon my preferences which really counted in my book. My advice: try a sample first so that if you don't like it- you aren't making a huge investment. Most of their products seem pretty reasonably priced with very impressive, safe ingredients. Definitely one of my favorite new stores to shop at online... Highly recommended!
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: I'm not sure about Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, but Natural Joy Beauty does... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they offer samples of almost every product they sell - most are about .99 cents each- what a deal! Please stop by her website and check them out!
  • EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: 1.
  • Verdict: Hello Luscious Lips! I'm in LOVE! Ok, this is one of my favorite natural products so far! I got samples of two different colors: "Love" which is a nice girly-girl pearl pink. And "Pixie" which is a very light pearl-pink. Both are very pretty and have tons of pigment and iridescent shimmer- but not glitter. On, they look similar to my Bonne Bell but BETTER (which I loved... R.I.P. Vanilla Swirl Lip Lites LOL). My only concern is that I'm not so sure I'm gonna like the applicator tube- I will update when I get one- in the mean time I guess we'll have to wait and see though. Price point isn't bad and I also heart the way they taste and smell- just as girly, makeup things should! I also feel as if I might actually be able to skip the lip balm when I'm wearing this- it's soooo smooth, creamy and moisturizing, and isn't sticky at all! Ahhhh.... LOVE! Haha. Bottom line... I would definitely buy both of these products again! In fact I even want to try all of the other colors too! That's a big step for me who usually plays it safe with my light neutral pink. If you're looking for an awesome Natural (not natural looking- which is a good thing) Lip Gloss- This is the one... so pucker-up my little pretty!
UPDATE: 4.2.11- Still using & LOVING this Lip Gloss... but HATE the packaging  / applicator! I feel that this has way more packaging than product. Plus, it takes forever to come out, and if I twist it too much because I think nothing is coming out- I end up with excess Lip Gloss on the brush! Yuck! Totally prefer a squeeze tube or a regular tube with a wand applicator where I have much more control of the amount. :)

REVIEW: Real Purity Holistic Mascara

Goal: To find a really good, chemical-free mascara with natural ingredients. 
Brand I Tried: Real Purity, LLC.
Product: Holistic Formula Mascara in Black.
Product Description: (taken directly from their website) This product is truly amazing and is one of Real Purity's best sellers. We've heard from people all over the world that this is the best mascara they've ever used! Women that have not been able to use mascara in the past due to reactions from chemical-based products, can now wear mascara again. 
Ingredients: Purified Water, Beeswax, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Candellila, Cellulose, Pure Plant Extracts, Iron Oxides.
  • Price: between $13.00 & $14.50
  • Size:.50cc (looks like normal mascara tube size).
  • Uses: Mascara.
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: Well, it depends on the look you are going for. Covers well with one coat and acts like conventional mascara. 1-2 coats is my usual with conventional mascara. I used 3-4 coats the other day- just to see and it was nice and dramatic, build-able, and didn't flake, so far! Yes, I happen to like Drag-Queen Eyelashes for an everyday look... I'm a reformed MAC addict. Don't judge LOL.  
  • First Impression: I hope this works! I've heard that natural mascara was the hardest switch!
  • Visual Attractiveness: Just a simple, plain, shiny black mascara tube with a green/ white ingredient label (that keeps coming off).  
  • Texture: Just like conventional mascara.
  • Scent: Smells like, ummm... mascara? IDK, I normally don't sniff my mascara. This is a first.
  • How Long I've Used It: Everyday for a week so far.
  • Easy To Find And Where? and
  • Acquired: Sent to me to review from Natural Joy Beauty.
  • Customer Service: Excellent! Joy, the owner of Natural Joy Beauty is awesome! She responds quickly to emails, is extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients, picky about the products they sell and really nice! I can order just about anything from her and know that it's safe for me to use- which gives me great piece of mind these days! She is also very active on The Glamorganic Goddess Facebook Page and has one for their store which is really cool too!
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: I'm not sure if Real Purity does, but Natural Joy Beauty does... for everything but mascara, I think. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is that Natural Joy Beauty offers samples of just about every single product they sell (almost all are about .99 cents each)! Fabulous! Check them out!
  • Product This Will Be Replacing: Loreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Carbon Black 990.
  • EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating for Loreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Carbon Black 990: 4.
  • EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating for Real Purity Holistic Mascara in Black: 2.
  • Verdict: Ok, so I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara actually. Do I think it could use a little more umph! Yes, but if I take the time to apply another coat or so- it has it. What is two extra seconds when you're getting ready? The party starts when I arrive. LOL. During my research, I had heard that conventional mascara was one of the most difficult products to replace with a natural alternative. So I was a little terrified to try, considering all of the issues I have been having with replacing other products. This is my first attempt with a natural mascara and so far so good. YAY! Did I just get lucky? LOL. In other reviews, many people mentioned that it runs when you sweat or when it rains, which was also one of my main concerns. Nobody wants to walk around looking like a raccoon people! I generally apply pressed powder under my eyes anyway- I did experience hot weather/ rain (not torrential down pours though... I will update when I do, and you will probably hear me cursing from there haha) in the past week but had absolutely no issues with this. I haven't had a party-girl night in awhile, so I haven't slept in it yet (bad girl)... but that will be the true test! I do however have very sensitive eyes and wear contacts and have had no problems so far which is awesome! I know mascara is something that takes time to decide if you love it or hate it... you have to wear it a lot to judge it, so if you don't hear from me on this... it's a keeper. I just wanted to post it, because a lot of you have been asking. All in all- I would definitely buy this again! Thanks Joy!  

NOTD: Orly, Cosmic FX, Out of this World

This NOTD was made with Orly, Out of this World.

The polish has a dark purple base, with lots of pinkish shimmer. Unfortunately, I can't get the right lighting for this polish, but I tried anyway. So please, just pretend all the shimmers have a pinkish colour ;)
Indoors, this looks like an aubergine polish with pinkish shimmers that sometimes change to a copperygold.

In the sunlight, the shimmers really sparkle, and I can't look away.

This polish applies like heaven. It dries pretty fast, and doesn't need a lot of coats to look gorgeous. I also love the bottle, which is pretty huge: 18 ml. I like the rubber top, which make applying really easy.
This polish is also DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free.

Ghetto-Fabulous Tip # 5: Buy Travel, Trial or Sample Size Natural & Organic Products First!

If you're anything like I used to be, you know what I'm talking about... expensive, full-size bottles upon pretty bottles of barely-used beauty products stashed away in a deep, dark depths of your powder room closet that you don't use because you didn't like, couldn't return, felt bad throwing out, blah, blah, blah...etc., and now you're throwing a Titty-Fit because you spent a huge chunk of change for it to just sit there! FML. Might as well set your Louie Vuitton Wallet on fire and watch it burn, right? Haha.

When you buy truly natural and organic products these days... you are really making a serious investment in your own health... it's like paying a small mortgage (literally un-greening your wallet) to green your beauty routine which just so happens to LESS PRODUCT for MORE $$$. How frustrating! Just imagine quality vs. quantity! Think about it long-term Lovelies... there is nothing fabulous about Cancerland. Trust me :)

So what's a girl to do???

I honestly never thought to look in the little section of travel size product bins first... Aha-Moment perhaps? Save your $ and start by asking if companies offer free samples (Whole Foods gives free samples of almost everything in their store including the Whole Body Dept. so check it out) or trial sizes, especially online companies. Some do, but they are hard to come by. Many offer some at a fraction of the cost (like .99 cents per sample) for a decent trial amount...which usually lasts for several more uses than you would think. Check the travel products sections at Health Food Stores, Whole Foods, Vitacost, etc. Also try to search for items on websites for 2 oz. sizes (usually travel size).

In my opinion, offering these options to consumers is the very best form of customer service, EVER! I don't mind paying a VERY small amount to try a product- and most people will take a chance on that. I mean like less than $5.00 depending on what it is... free is of course better LOL. And for an entire sample set of the company's products- no more than $20. Natural & Organic Products have a bad reputation of  being expensive (because they are) and also for "not working" (which sometimes they don't). I know that this is the biggest turn-off for a lot of people who flirt with the idea of switching to natural products. Besides that, there are a ton of people with sensitive skin and allergies out there... who want to switch to natural products but don't know the exact cause. Any idea how much these people spend on products they can't use? A LOT! For most of us- this is the only way we can afford to make the switch, frugally. We want the chance to make healthier choices we can afford! So... if any companies are out there listening... HOOK IT UP and let us know if you do! :)

This weeks Bargains!

This weeks bargains at Etos:

All facial care products : buy 2, get one for free
Etos Nailcare: second product, half price
Swiss O-Par lash or brow dye: 2 euros discount
Fing'rs and Wimp'rs fake nails and lashes: 25% discount
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick: 10 euros
Etos eyecosmetics: 25 discount
Max Factor makeup: 25% discount
Rimmel Lash Accelerator: 3 euros discount

This weeks bargains at Kruidvat:

25% discount +free bracelet, if you buy 3 products of Max Factor, Olaz, Venus & Bruno Banani.
Pro Set hairspray: only 1,69 euros
Andrelon Haircare products: buy 2, get 2 for free.
Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies mascara: 9,99 euros.
Kruidvat Natures, 1,50 euros discount if you buy 2 products(with a voucher)

Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Thanx all for participating, and a special thanx to everyone who took the time to make a partylook! I had a lot of fun browsing through those :)

I've gone through all the entries, and came to a total of almost 150 entries! Let's hope we get as much entries for upcoming giveaways aswell :)

I won't keep you all waiting, so here's the winner of the Orly Cosmic Fx Collection:


And email has been sen to you!

Everyone else: keep checking out my blog, I'll definately be having more giveaways! :)

NOTD: China Glaze, Awakening, Ick-A-Bod-Y

 This NOTD was made with the new China Glaze, Awakening, Ick-A-Bod-Y.

I'm normally not really into orange(yes the glitters are orange, not brownish like my cam thinks), but I do like this polish. It's really autumny(thats a word!) and halloweeny.

The polish has a black base with orange glitters. If your first apply a thin coat and afte that a thicker second coat, then this is what it looks like:
The glitter isn't easy to remove, and when you ahve to remove some polish on your skin, the glitter will get -everywhere-.

I really did like the polish...untill this happened within 24 hours:
That has never really happened to me before. I don't get a lot of chipping, let alone within 24 hours!
I used the topcoat that came with the Awakening collection, and it might have had something to do with it. Usually I only get chipping when I wear a topcoat....I don't really like topcoats, but with gritty glitter polishes you don't have much choice.
So, yeah...that kinda bumme me out.

Still, it's a really nice colour, And I'll definately try again without or with a different topcoat.

Review & Swatches : My first OCC Liptar Experience

Iv'e read a lot of good things about OCC Liptars, so I really wanted to try them out.

This is the colour Vintage, a darker red, which I totally adore. Application is fairly simple, it's pretty thin and I used a lipbrush to applyYou don't need a lot and it feels really good on my lips. Not sticky, you can't really tell your wearing it, like with other glosses or lipsticks. It doesn't have a weird taste or smell either.

I've read that these could stain your lips a bit, but normal lipsticks a;ready stain mine, so that didn't stop me from trying out the dark red. They didn't even dry out my lips, like I had expected. They did feel a bit more dry after a few hours though.

I've read that they tend to bleed when you use to much. So I used the smallest amount possible. This might also be the reason why the liptar didn't have a great durability on my lips.
This is what my lips looked like, just a few hours later, after eating dinner:

Not a great sight, huh? This does look a bit worse than it really was though, check out the full-face-pics at the bottom.

I'm not sure why this happened, maybe I used too little? Maybe I need Mac lip prep+prime underneath, like I do with other lipsticks? I dunno. But I am going to try again, because I seriously love this colour.
And after reading so many great reviews on them, I really want them to give me the same experience.
I'll let you know if next ime is any better.

Colorful Lifestyle Haul & a Free gift for You!

I've always liked hairaccessoires, it's one of the reasons why I have long hair. I have a small stash of hairflowers and I'm always looking for other ones that appeal to me.
That's how I found Colorful Lifestyle, a webshop filled with hairaccessoires, makeup, jewelry, bags, and so on. It's a great shop to browse and find special items, that you can't find anywhere else.

I immediately fell in love with the hairflowers they sold, and I ordered 2 pair of them.

The red orchids are (if I remember correctly) the Small version, and are only 2,95 euros for 2 pieces.
The purple orchids are the Small/Medium version, and are 2,95 euros for 2 pieces.(which I think is pretty cheap!)

The customer service is really quick and friendly, and when I asked them if I could link them on my blog, they told me they even wanted to do something special!

So when you place an order at Colorful Lifestyle for 10 euros or more, and you write "Be Colorful" in the commentsection of your purchase, you get a FREE set of Tiki Style Flower Earrings that are worth 4,95 euros! Don't wait to long, because this code will only work untill Octobre 9th and there's a limited amount of earrings!

They also told me, that there will be new colours coming up for the hairflowers, so keep checking it out for updates. I'm definately going to order me some more hairflowers and maybe some other stuff aswell. I think I'm going to order a big red orchid aswell, I just love the colour!The shipping is really fast, so you don't have to wait long for your order either :) .

Ofcourse I wanted to do a look with the hairflowers to show you how beautifull they are:

Used: HD foundation, lipfinity, Catrice blush en a bit of EDM finishing powder & bronzer. The eyes are done with Sleek Sunset, a blog will follow with more detailpics of those.

Ofcourse I can't make any pics in this house without the cats interfering:

He's standing on my shoulder, that's why my pose is so weird, lol

And one for fun...''Why do you say I'm standing in a bathroom? Ofcourse I'm not! Wait...what?.. You can see the toiletpaper hanging behind me? ...
Oh.... *facepalm* ":

Goldwell Rich Repair Leave-In Hairtip Serum.

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing Goldwell Rich Repair Leave-In Hairtip Serum. The struggle for healthy hair never ends. It's an interesting little product; I kind of like the fact that it's specifically made for the ends of your hair.

At first I was a little turned off by it, because I saw alcohol on the ingredients list. And when I opened the bottle to smell it, I could smell the alcohol in it. For a second I thought, why would you want to put alcohol in a product for split ends? Alcohol is mainly used for hold in hairsprays and gels and such. But then it came to me, the alcohol is used to smooth down your ends to make it look like your hair is healthy! So once I figured that out, then I wondered if it was going to smooth my ends, or just make them stick together. But once I started using it regularly, I could see that the serum isn't just all alcohol, but it works with all the other ingredients to smooth my dry, damaged ends. Oh, and once the product is in your hands, you don't even smell the alcohol. So, it doesn't actually repair anything, but it does give the illusion of healthier ends. And in the end, isn't that what all "repairing" products do?

Now that I'm done rambling, let's take a look at the ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Alcohol Denat., Dimethiconol, Diethylhexyl Carbonate, Isopropyl Myristate, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolized Silk, Phenyl Trimethicone, Water, Octyldodecyl PCA, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Fragrance, Limonene, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional.

Cyclopentasiloxane, Alcohol Denat., Dimethiconol, Diethylhexyl Carbonate, Isopropyl Myristate, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Phenyl Trimethicone, Water, Octyldodecyl PCA, Sodium PCA, Glycerin.

What did I tell you? The alcohol is in a sea of moisturizers and emollients. Cyclopentasiloxane is useful on its own, or for breaking up other silicones, like dimethiconol and phenyl trimethicone. Alcohol denat. stands for denatured alcohol, in case you didn't know. It's what keeps the ends smooth. Hydrolyzed keratin is kind of a "buzz" ingredient, but it can kinda help fill in cracks in the cuticle. Octyldodecyl PCA is an emollient, and sodium PCA is a humectant. The difference is that humectants draw in moisture from the air and lock it in, whereas emollients just add moisture. Glycerin helps add slip and makes hair feel smooth.

So, who would use this? Definitely people with damaged ends, whether it's from coloring or thermal styling. I'd also say it seems light enough to be used on all hair types, but if you have very thick, coarse hair this may not be enough for you. I'm guessing though, because I don't have that type of hair, and I haven't used it on anyone with that type of hair. I'd say it's a good product, because it hasn't been buried underneath all my other stuff. I do use it occasionally, but not all the time. I might even buy it again once I'm out.

Goldwell Rich Repair Leave-In Hairtip Serum comes in a 50 ml / 1.6 fl oz. bottle, and retails for around $17.

That's all for now. Have a great day, and take care of your hair!

EOTD: My First Sugarpill Experience

This EOTD was made with my new Sugarpill products:

I used loose powder Junebug on my whole eyelid. It's a beautifull emerald green with lots of shimmer.

Then I applied loose powder Absinthe into my crease and blended it a bit with Junebug.

Then I applied Buttercupcake from the Burning Heart palette above the crease, and blended it out with a blendingbrush.

And lastly, I applied some of the darkest colour of the Coastal Scents, DuoShadow Pencil, Emerald below my eyes.

And a LOTD, with Coastal Scents HD Foundation, some Catrice Blush and Vintage OCC Liptar:

The Dirty Thirty. A List of Bad-Ass Ingredients To AVOID Like The Plague, or Rather Cancer!

Believe me- there is nothing cute or girly about the effects these toxic chemicals will have on your health... especially over a lifetime of use!

How many Body Care products (including Cosmetics) do you use per day??? Ever counted? I was floored when I realized how many I was using! It really didn't seem like that many until I actually counted... Try it & No cheating! After you do that, go ahead and count the number of ingredients in each product and then ADD THEM ALL TOGETHER. Ummm... WTF, right? I was literally lathering on (and re-applying) THOUSANDS of toxic chemicals each day and mixing them all! Can we say Carcinogenic -Cocktail? You've been asking for a list, so here it is!

Dirty Thirty (courtesy of Teens Turning Green )

The Dirty Thirty is a list of 30 chemical ingredients that may be linked to cancer. Many have been banned by the European Union on suspicion of their toxicity. What you may not know is that many of the biggest manufacturers of these products reformulate without these chemicals for the European market, but continue to manufacture with these potentially dangerous chemicals for the US market. Our hope is that you will use this list to help navigate your new purchases, and use your buying power to protect your right to health and a healthy world.

This list was compiled by Teens for Safe Cosmetics based on a survey of over 500 teens who named the products and brands they were using daily. In collaboration with a chemist, the ubiquitous chemicals were investigated for their potential harm to our health.

Function: Used to control sweat and odor in the underarms by slowing down the production of sweat.
Present in: Antiperspirants. Banned by EU.
Health concerns: Linked to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease; may be linked to breast cancer; probable neurotoxin; possible nervous system, respiratory, and developmental toxin.

Function: Solvent; hidden within “fragrance.”
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Linked to pancreatic cancer; easily absorbs into skin causing quick systemic effects; animal studies show hyperemia of the lungs; possible gastrointestinal, liver, and respiratory toxicant; possible neurotoxin.

Function: Antimicrobial agent, deodorant, preservative, biocide.
Present in: Moisturizer, sunscreen, facial cleanser, acne treatment, pain relief. Restricted in Japan and Canada.
Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; may trigger asthma; possible organ system toxicant; animal studies show endocrine disruption and brain, nervous system, respiratory and blood effects; possible carcinogen.

Function: Preservative.
Present in: Moisturizer, body wash, facial cleanser, makeup remover, anti-aging products. Restricted in Canada. Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; lung and skin toxicant; animal studies show endocrine disruption and gastrointestinal, brain and nervous system effects; irritant.

Function: Solvent in polishes and treatments, prevents chipping.
Present in: Nail polish and nail treatments.
Health concerns: Repeated exposure causes skin dryness and cracking; vapors may induce drowsiness or dizziness; flammable.

Function: Anti-Oxidant; slows down the rate at which product ingredients change in color.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Banned by EU.
Health Concerns: Immune system toxicant; endocrine disruptor; probable human carcinogen; animal studies show brain, liver, neurotoxin, reproductive and respiratory toxicant.

Function: Surfactant, emulsifying or cleansing agent, penetration enhancer.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Animal studies show brain, nervous system and sense organ effects; irritant; reproductive and skin toxin, alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin and increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream; may contain harmful impurities.

Function: Controls itching and eczema, softens and promotes the dissolution of hard, scaly, rough skin, also used in hair dyes.
Present in: Shampoo and Hair Dye. Banned by Canada and EU.
Health concerns: Known human carcinogen; skin and respiratory toxicant.

Function: used as foaming agents in shampoos and bath products, and as emulsifying agents in cosmetics; foaming and cleansing agents for “mouth feel.”
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Human immune system toxicant; forms carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds if mixed with nitrosating agents; animal studies show sense organ effects and skin irritation; may contain harmful impurities.

Function: pH adjuster.
Present in: Sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, hair color.
Health concerns: Skin and immune system toxicant; possible carcinogen; irritant; animal studies show endocrine disruption and neuro developmental, brain and nervous system effects; may trigger asthma.

Function: Solvent.
Present in: Nail polish products, mascara, tooth whitening, perfume.
Health concerns: Probable neurotoxin; possible nervous system toxin; possible carcinogen; irritant; highly flammable

Function: Disinfectant, germicide, fungicide, preservative.
Present in: Deodorant, nail polish, soap, shampoo, shaving cream. Restricted in Canada. Banned by EU.
Health concerns: Immune system, repertory, hematological, and skin toxicant; probable carcinogen and cardiovascular toxicant; can damage DNA; may trigger asthma; animal studies show sense organ, brain, and nervous system effects; possible human development toxicant.

Function: Anti-microbial preservative.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Forms nitrosamines when in the presence of amines such as MEA, DEA and TEA; probable immune system, blood, cardiovascular and skin toxicant; possible carcinogen; animal studies show endocrine disruption, nervous system and organ system effects; may contain harmful impurities.

Function: Deodorant, masking, perfuming
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; possible neurotoxin; can contain between 10 and 300 different chemicals, many of which have never been tested for safety; see phthalates. Labeling can be confusing. If uncertain, check with manufacture.

Function: Antioxidant, fragrance ingredient, skin bleaching agent, hair colorant.
Present in: Skin fading/lightener, facial moisturizer, anti-aging, sunscreen, hair color, facial cleanser and moisturizer. Restricted in Canada.
Health concerns: Immune system and respiratory toxicant; probable neurotoxin; possible carcinogen; irritant; animal studies show endocrine disruption.

Function: Preservative.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels. Restricted in Japan.
Health concerns: Human toxicant; possible liver immune system toxin; allergenic.

Function: Colorant.
Present in: Hair dye, hair products. Traces found in some red lipstick. Restricted in Canada.
Health concerns: Probable carcinogen; developmental, respiratory, gastrointestinal and reproductive toxicant; reduced fertility; animal studies show metabolic, brain and nervous system effects; suspected nano-scale ingredients with potential to absorb into the skin

Function: Preservative.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels. Restricted in Canada and Japan.
Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; animal studies show restricted growth of the axons and dendrites of immature nerves, neurotoxicity and positive mutation results; can lead to a malfunction in the way neurons communicate with each other; especially detrimental to a developing nervous system.

Function: Sunscreen Agent; Ultraviolet Light Absorber, UV Absorber; UV Filter.
Present in: Sunscreens and makeup
Health concerns: Associated with photoallergic reactions and immunotoxicity. Probable carcinogen and endocrine disrupter; Enhanced skin absorption and bioaccumulates to dangerous levels; biochemical cellular changes. Developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Function: Preservative and anti-bacterial agent.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: May alter hormone levels, possibly increasing risk for certain types of cancer, impaired fertility, or alteration of the development of a fetus or young child; studies have found parabens in breast tumors; probable skin toxicant; animal studies show brain and nervous system effects.

Function: Forms barrier on skin; makes lipsticks shine and creams smoother; inexpensive skin softener.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels. Banned by EU.
Health concerns: May be contaminated with impurities, linked to cancer or other significant health problems.

Function: Fragrance ingredient, plasticizer, solvent.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels. Banned in EU.
Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; developmental and reproductive toxin; respiratory toxicant; probable neurotoxin; possible carcinogen and endocrine disruptor; bio-accumulative in wildlife.

Function: Hair colorant.
Present in: Hair dye, shampoo, hair spray. Restricted in Canada.
Health concerns: Immune system and respiratory toxicant; probable neurotoxin; eczema; possible nervous system, skin, kidney and liver toxicant; irritant; may trigger asthma and gastritis; shown to cause cancer in animal studies.

Function: Solvent, penetration enhancer, conditions skin, controls viscosity and keeps products from melting in high or freezing when it is cold.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin and increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream; animal studies show reproductive effects, positive mutation results, brain and nervous system effects and endocrine disruption.

Function: Surfactant, penetration enhancer.
Present in: Many cosmetics and personal care products, read labels.
Health concerns: Alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream; Irritant; animal studies show sense organ effects.

26. TALC
Function: Absorbs moisture, anti-caking agent, bulking agent.
Present in: Blush, powder, eye shadow, baby powder, deodorant.
Health concerns: Carcinogen; link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer; talc particles are similar to asbestos particles and data suggests that it can cause tumors in the lungs; probable respiratory toxin;

Function: Antioxidant, solvent to improve adhesion and gloss.
Present in: Nail polish and hair dye.
Health concerns: Liver toxin; probable developmental, nervous system and respiratory toxin; possible cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, renal and sense organ toxin; possible carcinogen and reproductive toxin; irritant; highly flammable;

Function: Anti-bacterial agent, deodorant, preservative, biocide. Reduces and controls bacterial contamination on the hands and on treated products.
Present in: Antibacterial soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, face wash and cleaning supplies. Restricted in Japan and Canada.
Health concerns: Probable endocrine disrupter and carcinogen; easily bio-accumulates to dangerous levels; irritant; animal studies show reproductive and other broad systematic effects; potentially contaminated with impurities linked to cancer and other significant health problems; studies have shown it can actually induce cell death when used in mouth washes.

Function: Fragrance ingredient, pH adjuster, surfactant.
Present in: Hand & body lotion, shaving creams, soap, shampoo, bath powders and moisturizer.
Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; possible carcinogen; animal studies show endocrine disruption; may trigger asthma; forms carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds if mixed with nitrosating agents.

30. 1,4 DIOXANE
Function: Penetration enhancer
Present in: Body lotion, moisturizers, sunless tanning products, baby soap, anti-aging products...
Health concerns: EPA classifies it as a probable carcinogen found in 46 of 100 personal care products marketed as organic or natural, and the National Toxicology Program considers it a known animal carcinogen. Acute (short-term) inhalation exposure to high levels of 1,4 dioxane has caused vertigo, drowsiness, headache, anorexia and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs of humans. It may also irritate the skin.

Download a printable copy of The Dirty Thirty here...

Solution: use multi-use products with the least amount of ingredients. Make sure you can pronounce each ingredient and understand what you're putting on your body. Remember what goes on, goes in. If you wouldn't eat it... think about why you would use it on our skin. Use only 100% truly Natural or USDA Certified Organic ingredients when possible.

Make the switch now... if not now, when?

Review: Essence Studio Nails, Nail Fashion Stickers

When I first heard about these nail stickers, I really wanted to try them out. Not just because I loved the designs, but also, because I was curious to see if they were anything like the Incoco nail stickers. I've written a review about those once and I didn't like the application. The durability was good though.
Anyway...moving on..

Here's the 3 packages I bought last week at Kruidvat for (if I remember correctly) 1,99 euros a piece.

I loved the first 2 designs and bought the third one to experiment with.

 Seems easy enough....

Well...that turned disaster....
I can only show you 2 nails, because after those two, I was FED UP with these stickers.

Look at how small they are, I really don't want to see the sides of my nails.
And look at all the wrinkles! Trust me, they aren't because I didn't apply them well enough, its because my nails are to round. That's also the same reason why all of the stickers weren't wide enough for me.
MAYBE if you have flatter nails, the stickers will fit you, and apply better withouth wrinkles.

Also, look what happens when you want to get the lengths to fit your own nails. *sigh* It was one big disaster. After fooling around with clipprs, scissors and a file, I was just DONE with it.

I can't recommend these, especially if you have rounded nails like me.They might work beter when you have flatter nails, and for only 1,99 euros, you can try it out without loosing to much money.
Also, the sizes avalable aren't working for me, I don't really ahve wide nails, but becaue they are pretty round, they have more surface to cover, and these just didnn't fit.

The stickers itself are fairly easy to apply: you can release them easy enough and coorect them. BUT thats also a reason not to like them: because you can also remove them that way. Which makes them easy to loose while wearing them. They say a topcoat helps, but I'm not sure about that.

Also, if you have round nails like me, flattening the stickers at the sides of you nails just deosn't work. You get ugly wrinkles, and when you try to hard, the sticker will damage and you will get white stripes on your design.

And lastly, fitting the lengths...*sigh*...not working..AT ALL.

Oh and btw, these do NOT have base and topcoat like the Incoco nail stickers!

If you have rounded nails, you can leave these when you see them...or you might cut them into pieces and use them as nail art stcikers...(trying to see something positive here).
If you have flatter nails, you can try them out, and they might even work for you. Please let me know!

I've won a prize at Lovethatmakeup!

A while ago, Love that makeup had a contest where you had to tell what your best cosmetic was.

My entry:

The Best Cosmetic is....... to smile!
Smiling lifts the face, which makes you look younger, it makes you look more attractive aswell. Smiling releases endorphines, it's a natural drug. It releaves stress, lowers your bloodpressure and boosts your immunesystem.
So smiling is seriously good for your health, and when your healthy, your skin has that radiant glow that everybody searches for. There's no better cosmetic out there!

And I got an email that I won 3 Benefit eyeshadows! I've never had any products by benefit, so that was really exciting! Last week, I recieved my prize:

Two Velvet Eyeshadows and one Lust Duster.

Bikini line: A soft golden coloured eyeshadow.
Dandy Brandy: A coppery brown eyeshadow.
Nugget: a light golden/nude shimmery loose powder for eyes and face.

Swatches indoors, on my skin WITHOUT a base:

I think these are great to make a neutral and soft look. Something I don't normally wear, but seeing these, I'm getting excited to do anyway.
There isn't a store nearby which sells Benefit, so I've never used anyproducts of this brand. But the packaging looks pretty and the products feels very nice on the skin. They are pretty pigmented aswell, I'm sure a base gives them even more colour. :)