NOTD: Essence, Choose Me! (Zoya Dupe!)

I recently bought this polish and was so curious how it would look on my nails, that I immediately applied it.
In the bottle it looks green, but on the nails it takes on a more bluegreen. My cameraflashes made it into a lighter blue though, but it really does have a green tint to it in real life.

It's a blueish green with golden shimmers in it, and I really love it
The shimmers are clearly visible in real life, and it really makes a special colour. It bugs me that I can't get a good picture of it.

Alos, today I read on pimpmynailz that Choose me is a dupe for Zoya Charla!

See the pic below from that site:
(more pics can be found on pimpmynails)

I've googled some pics, and I have to say, it's true!

Take this pic below by Polishis:

This represents the colour MUCH more, and then imagine a more clearly visible golden shimmer. It's a very shimmery polish, I seriously love it!