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How Do I Remove Permanent Eyelashes?

May 13, 2008
I thought maybe a few of you would want to see this email.

Hi, Kandace.
I'm hoping you can help me. I had lash extensions applied 7 days ago. Just after the aesthetician finished applying them with some type of warm glue, my eyes burned like crazy. It discontinued after approximately 45 minutes and she said I was a great client, that most others cried through the entire process. I am now trying to remove them because there must be more glue on one eye than the other and it is "pinching" my real lashes, irritating my eyelid. I have tried baby oil and baby oil with vaseline. These are not budging. I called the aesthetician and she said she could remove them for me but it would irritate my eyes further and I should "keep using baby oil and they will come off". I have tried for 45 minutes on my left eye and the "glue" is still so dry and hard I don't know what to do. Can you please give me some insight or what I need to buy to remove these??? I would much rather learn to use a kit on my own than have this "hard, dry" feeling at the base of my eyelids. Thank you! Karen in Houston

Hi Karen,
Sorry to here about your mishap. I have also tryed the Permanent glue for eyelash extensions. It usually is made from cyano acyralate (crazy glue) and the stinging and odour is the formaldehyde. It is really harsh stuff.
Make sure you do not try and remove it yourself. You will end up pulling out your own lashes. Then it will take up to 6 months for your lashes to grow back.
Go back to your aesthetician , she will have the proper remover for that type of glue.

Thank you, Kandace.
I called her but she said it would be less painful if I used baby oil and took time removing them myself; she said what she would use to remove them would burn my eyes much more, so . . . . I used ice to attempt to change the poperty of the glue, then baby oil and vaseline for approximately 3-1/2 hours last evening to finally remove the extensions and yes, the vast majority of my previously long lashes. I slept with Locoid Lipocream (a hydrocortisone cream) and Biafine (a topical emulsion) applied to my eyelids and they are still too tender to even attempt makeup.

Do you think, if the majority of my eyebrows did not grow back after plucking them in high school 30 years ago, that my eyelashes may not grow back either? I don't want to panic now, but I am very upset that the aesthetician indicated that humidity, water and oil might cause the lashes to come off; however, in reality, it has actually been a nightmare trying to remove them.

Thank you so much. The glue was simply too irritating to my eyelids and going on the advice of the aesthetician, I have indeed pulled my own lashes out.

Again, thank you for your response, Kandace.