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Is it pouring again?

So....theres been stuff going on again in our lives.

As most of you will know, Freya has been sterilized last week and yesterday the sticthes were to come out. We had some little scares in the meantime, because on monday, she had this weird bump all of a sudden beneath her stitches. Like she swallowed an egg. We called the vet, and they told us that could happen, nothing to worry. Then, we got home on tuesdaynight and i found a bit of blood on her belly, and some stitches in her fur. The end of the stitches were a bit open aswell. Called the vet in the morning and we decided to just wait for thursdaymorning to take them all out.
So There I was at work on wednesday, a bit worried that Freya might have found a way to get to her stitches, and worrying she might find a way to take off her cone of shame ...again. Then there was this disturbance in the force of cardpayment, nationwide, so that was a lot of 'fun'at work aswell.
And when I had a little break and ate something...a corner of my molar suddenly broke off.
What a FUN day! So I called my dentist and I had an appointment for the next day.

On thursday, I went to the vet, and freya's stitches were removed. BUT they were a bit worried about the bump. They thought it might be a 'navelbreuk' or that she had some weird reaction tot the (3 layers of) stitches. So now we have to see what happens with the bump the next 4 weekes, otherwise we have to go back(and prolly need another operation). Her temp was fine though and she looked good for the rest of it. Hopefully the bump will become a bit smaller and less hard, and it will just be some reaction. They also told me she was a very gorgeous cat :)

So today is friday, and I went to the dentist yesterday. They reconstructed the corner, which took less then 10 mins. And then came the bad news. Since I have small molars, and really large fillings in them, there's not much molar left surrounding the filling. My dentist found a breakline throughout the whole molar including the filling. She really recommended that I would decided on a crown. (not sure of thats what its called in english though). Anyway, the crown is a sort of cap that will keep the molar together. Ofcourse I dont want to loose a molar at the young age of 30, so I said, ofcourse! well...the costs are 450 euro! yeah, thats right! FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY euro!
Now, I have a wonderfull insurance, BUT they are doing a reorganisation and getting a diff name and diff coverage. So now, im thinking it might not be insured the way I always was. I'll have to call them today, to found out. *sigh*

And to top that, I found a letter on my doormat today from the police, saying that there was a burglary in our neighbourhood and they wanted to see if there were any witnesses.


Oh well, at least I found one of the last snowboots at action for only 9,99 euros, and we are going to see Breaking Dawn soon. Let's just hope the public transport doesnt break down or anything. *sigh*

NOTD: Golden Rose Holographic Color no. 120

This is a holographic polish By Golden Rose. No. 120 is a very nice pink, with lots of shimmer.

 The flash makes it a bit brighter than it really is, but in daylight (without sun) it's more toned down. So the reallife colour is somwhere in between:

daylight (no sun)

indoors (with flash)
It's a nice and sparkly polish, it applied really easy and it doesn't chip fast either. It is holographic, but not in the rainbows-on-you-nails-way. All in all a really nice polish, and there are a lot of colours to choose from in this holographic range.

EOTD: Zombie Drakon with Evil Shades

This is a simple EOTD with 2 Evil Shades eyeshadows, but the eyeshadows in itself are so pretty, that it doesn';t look as simple. Awesome!

 I applied Drakon on my moving eyelid. DRakon is such a beautifull, colourchanging, miraculous colour. I can't stop watching it, moving my face from side to side.

In and above the crease I applied Zombie, which is a dark winred. I thought of this colour after I dyed my hair, and thought it would be fun to use it in a first EOTD with this hair.

With Zombie next to Drakon, the golden colour tends to change to a bit of red as the light hits it.  I can;t get enough of this colour.

 I used Essence Black gelliner next to my lasline and created a wing at the end.

 I love the way it sparkles and changes with the light :)

Below the eyes I used Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Black Ink.

LOTD with:
Inglot conealer next to the nose
Light Burgundy Blush by Catrice
Gosh Lipgloss 0064

Review: Ici Paris Xl, Mini Perfume Sprayer

I've had a mini perfume spayer by Ici before, but you had to spray the perfume into it, and that way, you waste a lot of product. Since I'm a big fan of (expensive) perfumes, I think that's not a very smart idea. Still, that sprayer was 3,95 and was for that price, filled with your fav perfume on the spot. Now that one is empty, I decided I wanted one that wouldn't waste as much product and found this one:

 It's 9,99 euro if I remember correctly and I think there were a silver and a pink one aswell. It has a small opening at the bottom that works like the top of a sprayer on a perfume bottle. It won't open, unless you press it with a perfume sprayer, so it won't leak either.

 It has an opening on the side, so you can see how much product is left in it.

 I used my Cartier Delices EDT, to fill the mini sprayer. It's so handy to have an EDT in your purse, especially if you're not a morningperson and tend to forget to spray on something when you leave the house.

Filling the sprayer is pretty easy. You just pull the spraycap off the bottle and then put the bottom of the sparyer on top of the little tube on your perfume bottle. All you have to do than is press it down repeatedly as if you's spray on some perfume. This way it'll fill up nice and easy.
 There is almost no waste, just a tiny bit of wetness between the two bottles, and probably only because this was the first tme for me doing this. Afterwards, you don't need to do anything to the sprayer, it closes up by itself, and you only need to put the spraycap back on your perfume bottle.

I think this is a great product, without any waste of perfume and it's not that expensive either, because you can use it over and over again. I'm really glad I bought it.

A Change of Hair

I've dyed my hair black since 2002, and have been thinking about dark red ever since. I even had a couple of dark red locks in there at first. But having to decolour my hair was just too much trouble, and also, knowing my hair, I didn't want to go bald.  I also thought red might be too harsh for my skintone.

I'm a natural blonde(middle, ash, dark, etc all in one), and apparantly, when you dye my blonde hair black, it gives out a lot of red pigment. Which is why the ends of my hair looks like this:

 It looks kinda brownred, but when the sun hits it, it becomes an honest red. weird huh, my hair does this all by itself. I only dye my roots every month and maybe every 6 months or more I dye the ends black again. Just to kake sure my hair doesnt turn into a ropey kind of structure.

When I saw a picture of Blix her hair on her blog, I felt that it was a great possibility for me to change my hair a bit. I could just dye my roots a different colour!

I got a bit scared when the dye was in my hair, because it became BRIGHT ORANGE, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!, but when it started drying, it got darker and darker red.

After washing out the dye, my hair looked really bright under the light in the bathroom. In the living room however, it looked like this:
Which isn't that weird, because the dye was called middle brown red. The hairdresser and me decided on that one, because we didnt know how bright it might become on my lighter roots. And we don't really use bright lights in the livingroom. (they give me headaches.)

But...this is how it looks in daylight(without sun):
I know it's not much yet, but I really needed to dye my roots, because my lighter hair, makes it look like I have bald spots when I put my hair up, because it's so close to my scalp colour.
I think it'll look really nice, when Ive dyed my roots again next month.

I've tried to make pics, but the red just didn't show because of my flash, so this is all I was able to conjure for you right now:
It's not exactly the reallife colour, but you can see where it it in this pic at least.
So what do you guys think? Keep going with this next month, or go back to black?

Freya haz a sad & Change of hair

Last wednesday, Freya had an operation. She was to be sterilized, so we were both a bit nervous. I had to get up at 6:15 to make sure she was at the vet in time.
I got to pick her up around 15:00, so it was a looooong wait.

Sleepy Cat

Not a Happy Cat

Im-Not-Happy-And-Im-Going-To-Kill-You-When-This-Is-Over Cat

Sitting in the Skyrim box, taunting Loki already. 
 Look how big she's gotten! Loki looks small here but hes somewhere between 6- 8 kg!

More sleep

And still more sleep

She's doing really good, but she's still really drowsy and sleepy. She also gets these shivers, so I put her inside a blanket all day. But she's Freya so she wants to wander around..and gets cold again. *sigh*

She sleeps on our bed in a little nest of blankets, between sid and me, that way we can watch her if something goes wrong.
The wound looks good, and hopefully our two other cats will stay away from it. Next thursday the stitches will be taken out.

On a diff note, I have been wanting to do something diff with my hair for quite a while, but I was in doubt for sooooo long. Yesterday, we dyed my roots a different colour. I was anxious at first, because the dye looked like a peack flavoured yoghurt, and on my hair it turned flaming orange! But when it dried it turned darker and darker red.
I'll post pics later on how it turned out, but its not really that noticable under normal lighting, because its a brownred. Under brightlighting though, its VERY darkred.

Don't mind my lack of sleep face :P  My hair looks NOTHING like this now, it's not as big a change as I thought. More on that later!

Giveaway winners!

And here are the long awaited giveawaywinners!

For the first giveaway there were not a lot of entries. I really think this is a shame, everytime you try to ask people to really -DO- something for a giveaway (not just clicking a like button), people just dont want to bother. Since I buy almost everything myself for every giveaway, I think it's not too much to ask to really do something for a prize. Sending a birthdaycard/email, make an EOTD or NOTD: apparantly, people think it's too much work. But I put a lot of work in collecting and buying the prizes aswell, and it's nice to 'receive' something in return. But maybe that's just me... I honestly have to say, that I doesnt really make me excited to do other giveaways though :(

The second giveaway had over 200 total entries, which was a lot more that I expected. Took me some time to go through it all, as you can see. But, I didn't really ask for much either, just some tweets and such, so maybe thats it. (I'm a bit dissapointed in that, but hey, I'm weird that way) I do had several comments on changes for the blog and I will keep them all in mind. For everyone who took the effort in givimg me a comments on the blog: Thank you so much!

That being said, on to the winners!

Shi (greeneyedbbw25)


Silke - (Het is klein en het

Don't forget to mail me your choice of hairflower!

Make sure to contact me with your adress, so I can ship the goodies to you. If you have not contacte me within a week, I will choose another winner!

EOTD: Tyr's Dark Fantasy

Another EOTD with just two Fyrinnae pigments: Tyr and Dark Fantasy.

 I applied Tyr over three quarters of the moving eyelid. Tyr is a very beautifull mossy green with lots of golden sparkle.


On the outer V, I applied Dark Fantasy. This is another Arcane Magic eyeshadow. It's a beautifull darker forsetgreen, with a lighter green sparkle.

I applied the same two pigmets below the eyes, for more sparkle.
I love greens, and these are definately a favourite of mine!

NOTD: Hema Diamond Nailpolish no. 12

This is a beautifull Hema nailpolish, that caught my eye in the store.

 This is a lovely rosey lilac polish with a blue shift. But wait, that's not all!
It also has tiny golden flecks/shimmer in it! Unfortunately, I couldn't get those on cam, but trust me they are there, and visible too!

 The flash brings out the blue shift, but above you can see the colour change a bit.

It applied easily enough, dries pretty fast aswell. I was pretty surprised by this one. It's not just any plain polish.

EOTD: Meerkat's Sequined Master

This is an EOTD with 2 Fyrinnae pigments: Meerkat and Sequined Master.

I applied Meerkat over three quarters of the moving eyelid. Meerkat is a wonderfull lilacpurple with golden shimmer. This makes the purple almost g to a gold, or a rosegold when the light hits it, beautifull!

On the outer V, I applied Sequined Master. This is one od the Arcena Magic eyeshadows. It's a purple with silver and blue shimmer. This makes the colour shift beautifully to a bluesilver shine when the light hits it.

Above the lashes, I applied some Gosh liquid eyeliner, Black Brasse, wich has some gold in it. For a change I did a chunkier wing that I usually do. Below the eyes I applied some Gosh eyeliner Metallic Brass, which also has some gold in it.

It's a very simple EOTD, but with the shifting colours of the lid, it looks like it's much more complicated, I love it!

EOTD & LOTD: Military Grey

This is an EOTD that was inspired by my new shoes and military jacket. There's also a LOTD :)

First I used Hema eyeshadowbase, and on top of that I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

 Then I applied Evil Shades' Double Barrel on the moving eyelid.
On top of that, I applied some Pixie Epoxy, to make sure, the glitter of the pigments I wanted to use, would stay put.

 Then I applied some Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie on the inner eyecorner, and some Immortality on the outer V. I applied the same pigments over Gosh's Hypnotic Grey eyeliner, that I used below the eye.

 Sparklies!!, unfortunately, the cam doesn't always capture all the sparkle, but this shows a little at least.

Then I played around with my curlingiron and while letting the curls cools off, I applied Chanel's Fatale on my lips. I also used some Inglot concealer on the sides of my nose, and some Sleek Rose Gold blush on my cheeks.

And this is the final outfit, I went to my father in laws birthday like this:
Yea, I suck at posing :P

Extreme Look: Medusa Makeup with Sugarpill & Outfit Pics

This blog has been a draft for way too long, I just kept forgetting about it, oops.
This was the makeup that I used for Castlefest, including the costume I made.

Prepare for Picture Overload!

I made these EOTD pics when I got home, after a VERY rainy day. Calling it rain doesn't even begin to describe how the weather was eventually, it was more like a bucket of water thrown down, but constantly. Still, the makeup held pretty good!
The EOTD was not a nice as the try out makeup that I did before, but I'm not a morning person, and I only had so much time before I had to go to the trainstation.

Products used for the eyes:
Gosh waterproof eyeshadowbase
Gosh vellvet touch eyeliner Woody Green (eyebrows)
NYX jumbo pencil Milk
Sugarpill Absinthe
Sugarpill Junebug (for the eyebrows aswell)
Sugarpill Goldilux
Dollywink eyeliner black
Barry M Kohlpencil black
False lashes with black glitter from KKcenterHK

 Look at all those sparkling colours!

 The stones are nail art stones from Born Pretty Store.

Products used for the face:
Gosh waterproof eyeshadowbase along the hairline
Sugarpill Absinthe
Sugarpill Junebug
EDM Soft Butter Peach Original Glo
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Morgana Cryptoria Absinthe lipstick

Here are some pics of the outfit I made. I had so many ideas, and in the end too little time. I couldn't decided on what to do, so I ended up with a simple costume, inspired by a Greek peplos. I was not really happy with the outcome, but hey, it worked. At least, this time, I didn't have to take off half my costume when I needed to pee ;)

 In the train applying my lipstick, after having eaten my breakfast.

 My costume consisted of:
A black wetlook snakeprint legging
A silvergrey snakeprint skirt, with 8 slits at the bottom (selfmade)
A black wetlook top that I pimped with silver clasps and a diff neckline (pimped)
A black leatherwaistcorset with buckles
A silvergrey snakeprint bolero with silver clasp. (selfmade)

The sleeves were wide, and were supposed to flow around my arm, but my handbag and the weather made sure, it didn't most of the time. Same with the neckline of the bolero, my handbag made it shift to the side a lot. I've made a similar skirt before, and the slits make it really flowey when you walk...unlees the fabric is all wet...and heavy. *sigh*

I also had a killermigraine, and the hair on my head weighed to much aswell. Still, it looked fab.

Already wearing a wetlook bolero against the cold:

Wearing a fluffy jacket against the cold, together with Sid, who is almost never cold:

After we went home, at trainstation Haarlem at the BurgerKing:

Usually I look on the internet for pictures that were made of me. This year, a LOT were made, but I just haven't had the time and patience to search for them. I did however receive some of some photographers... Not all of them unfortunately though. But almost all of them complimented me on my makeup and wanted to take some pics.
These were made on my way to the toilet, and I really needed to go..can you tell? HAHAHAHHAHA

I should have placed the snakes more in the front, instead of at the longer side of the hair. Now, you can barely tell that there are lots of them in my hair. Oh well, I guess this is my least fav costume, even though it was one of the more comfortable ones. I really do like the makeup though, and the hair.
What do you think?