Freya haz a sad & Change of hair

Last wednesday, Freya had an operation. She was to be sterilized, so we were both a bit nervous. I had to get up at 6:15 to make sure she was at the vet in time.
I got to pick her up around 15:00, so it was a looooong wait.

Sleepy Cat

Not a Happy Cat

Im-Not-Happy-And-Im-Going-To-Kill-You-When-This-Is-Over Cat

Sitting in the Skyrim box, taunting Loki already. 
 Look how big she's gotten! Loki looks small here but hes somewhere between 6- 8 kg!

More sleep

And still more sleep

She's doing really good, but she's still really drowsy and sleepy. She also gets these shivers, so I put her inside a blanket all day. But she's Freya so she wants to wander around..and gets cold again. *sigh*

She sleeps on our bed in a little nest of blankets, between sid and me, that way we can watch her if something goes wrong.
The wound looks good, and hopefully our two other cats will stay away from it. Next thursday the stitches will be taken out.

On a diff note, I have been wanting to do something diff with my hair for quite a while, but I was in doubt for sooooo long. Yesterday, we dyed my roots a different colour. I was anxious at first, because the dye looked like a peack flavoured yoghurt, and on my hair it turned flaming orange! But when it dried it turned darker and darker red.
I'll post pics later on how it turned out, but its not really that noticable under normal lighting, because its a brownred. Under brightlighting though, its VERY darkred.

Don't mind my lack of sleep face :P  My hair looks NOTHING like this now, it's not as big a change as I thought. More on that later!