The Results of A Day of Shopping

A week ago, Sid and I decided we had worked hard enough, and it was time to spend some money. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something, when you've had a busy month :)
It was a really fun day, especially because everything we wanted was in stock. SOmething which -never- happens when we go shopping.

I have been keeping my eyes out for laced up boots for several years now. I had victorian style boots, but they were kept upstairs, and for some reason, that thin fake leather, strats tearing all by itself after a few years. Which is truley a shame, but it could not be helped. Ive been searching for laced up boots ever since. I dont have the easiest feet to buy shoes for, so I still hadn't replaced those.

 I spotted these boots in a flyer earlier, and was afraid they would be gone when I was going to the store. My size is the first to go out of stock usually, but this time only 37 (my size) en 40 remained!

 Might had something to do with the fluffy lining of the boots, which made them a lot smaller than usual. Which is perfect for me because I have really small (width) feet. And they are warm 2! Also, they are water-repellent, which I saw on the lable when I was spraying them against spots and water and such. Oops.

 A military style cardigan/jacket. They also had pale green, which I loved, but it did not look good on me. I bought this at the market for only 15 euros! It's lined ith satin and even has small shoulderpads.

 I had been drewling over these ankleboots ever since I saw them in the shopwindow. They are made from black suede/velvet, have a tiny platfor n the front and 9 cm heels. The front has military style buttons and hoops instead of laces and it has a zipper on the side.
I adore the buttons and I though they were simple, but yet very different from other ankle boots that you see in store now. Love them!

We also found shoes for Sid, which is pretty hard. Sid has to have good quality shoes with enough room in the front for his toes, because of his diabetes. Most shoes that he likes, tend to have a too small front. When we saw these, he liked them a alot, and they fit too!. We are both really happy with these:

We also went to Ici Paris XL, to buy me some eyecream. I had used the one by Clinique before, as a sample, and really liked it. This package was the SAME price as the eyecream by itself. Score!
 I also bought a perfumesampler that you can fill with your own perfume. I already had one, but you had to spray the perfume in it, which made you waste a lot of product. This one can be placed on top of you bottle and sort of drain it. I'll blog about it, when Ive figured it out myself ;)

 At Inglot(we have one inside the V&D in Alkmaar), I bought 2 concealers. They are pretty creamy and are the best Ive tried so far. Ive bought two, because my facecolour shifts in color. I mostly bought these for the sides of my nose, which are redder than the rest of my face, which makes it look much paler than it really is.

 At Kruidvat I bought this bodylotion, which is supposed to work so fast, it doesnt make your skin sticky. I hope it works, because I dislike sticky skin, which is why i never really use a bodylotion. I bought the Gosh cream primer to see if it'll make my concealer stay on longer. And because it was a 35% discount on makeup if you bought two products, I also bought a Gosh Eyeliner in Black Brass.

A while ago, we went to the dentist and they recommended us an electronic toothbrush instead of a normal one. They gave us a disocunt flyer for 25%, so that's why we bought this brush. Sid loves it, I have to get used to it, because Ive been brushing with a normal brush for so long, it takes a while to break the habit.

All in all, we bought some great stuff, and we are both really happy with our haul :)