Extreme Look: Medusa Makeup with Sugarpill & Outfit Pics

This blog has been a draft for way too long, I just kept forgetting about it, oops.
This was the makeup that I used for Castlefest, including the costume I made.

Prepare for Picture Overload!

I made these EOTD pics when I got home, after a VERY rainy day. Calling it rain doesn't even begin to describe how the weather was eventually, it was more like a bucket of water thrown down, but constantly. Still, the makeup held pretty good!
The EOTD was not a nice as the try out makeup that I did before, but I'm not a morning person, and I only had so much time before I had to go to the trainstation.

Products used for the eyes:
Gosh waterproof eyeshadowbase
Gosh vellvet touch eyeliner Woody Green (eyebrows)
NYX jumbo pencil Milk
Sugarpill Absinthe
Sugarpill Junebug (for the eyebrows aswell)
Sugarpill Goldilux
Dollywink eyeliner black
Barry M Kohlpencil black
False lashes with black glitter from KKcenterHK

 Look at all those sparkling colours!

 The stones are nail art stones from Born Pretty Store.

Products used for the face:
Gosh waterproof eyeshadowbase along the hairline
Sugarpill Absinthe
Sugarpill Junebug
EDM Soft Butter Peach Original Glo
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Morgana Cryptoria Absinthe lipstick

Here are some pics of the outfit I made. I had so many ideas, and in the end too little time. I couldn't decided on what to do, so I ended up with a simple costume, inspired by a Greek peplos. I was not really happy with the outcome, but hey, it worked. At least, this time, I didn't have to take off half my costume when I needed to pee ;)

 In the train applying my lipstick, after having eaten my breakfast.

 My costume consisted of:
A black wetlook snakeprint legging
A silvergrey snakeprint skirt, with 8 slits at the bottom (selfmade)
A black wetlook top that I pimped with silver clasps and a diff neckline (pimped)
A black leatherwaistcorset with buckles
A silvergrey snakeprint bolero with silver clasp. (selfmade)

The sleeves were wide, and were supposed to flow around my arm, but my handbag and the weather made sure, it didn't most of the time. Same with the neckline of the bolero, my handbag made it shift to the side a lot. I've made a similar skirt before, and the slits make it really flowey when you walk...unlees the fabric is all wet...and heavy. *sigh*

I also had a killermigraine, and the hair on my head weighed to much aswell. Still, it looked fab.

Already wearing a wetlook bolero against the cold:

Wearing a fluffy jacket against the cold, together with Sid, who is almost never cold:

After we went home, at trainstation Haarlem at the BurgerKing:

Usually I look on the internet for pictures that were made of me. This year, a LOT were made, but I just haven't had the time and patience to search for them. I did however receive some of some photographers... Not all of them unfortunately though. But almost all of them complimented me on my makeup and wanted to take some pics.
These were made on my way to the toilet, and I really needed to go..can you tell? HAHAHAHHAHA

I should have placed the snakes more in the front, instead of at the longer side of the hair. Now, you can barely tell that there are lots of them in my hair. Oh well, I guess this is my least fav costume, even though it was one of the more comfortable ones. I really do like the makeup though, and the hair.
What do you think?