Ghetto-Fabulous Tip # 5: Buy Travel, Trial or Sample Size Natural & Organic Products First!

If you're anything like I used to be, you know what I'm talking about... expensive, full-size bottles upon pretty bottles of barely-used beauty products stashed away in a deep, dark depths of your powder room closet that you don't use because you didn't like, couldn't return, felt bad throwing out, blah, blah, blah...etc., and now you're throwing a Titty-Fit because you spent a huge chunk of change for it to just sit there! FML. Might as well set your Louie Vuitton Wallet on fire and watch it burn, right? Haha.

When you buy truly natural and organic products these days... you are really making a serious investment in your own health... it's like paying a small mortgage (literally un-greening your wallet) to green your beauty routine which just so happens to LESS PRODUCT for MORE $$$. How frustrating! Just imagine quality vs. quantity! Think about it long-term Lovelies... there is nothing fabulous about Cancerland. Trust me :)

So what's a girl to do???

I honestly never thought to look in the little section of travel size product bins first... Aha-Moment perhaps? Save your $ and start by asking if companies offer free samples (Whole Foods gives free samples of almost everything in their store including the Whole Body Dept. so check it out) or trial sizes, especially online companies. Some do, but they are hard to come by. Many offer some at a fraction of the cost (like .99 cents per sample) for a decent trial amount...which usually lasts for several more uses than you would think. Check the travel products sections at Health Food Stores, Whole Foods, Vitacost, etc. Also try to search for items on websites for 2 oz. sizes (usually travel size).

In my opinion, offering these options to consumers is the very best form of customer service, EVER! I don't mind paying a VERY small amount to try a product- and most people will take a chance on that. I mean like less than $5.00 depending on what it is... free is of course better LOL. And for an entire sample set of the company's products- no more than $20. Natural & Organic Products have a bad reputation of  being expensive (because they are) and also for "not working" (which sometimes they don't). I know that this is the biggest turn-off for a lot of people who flirt with the idea of switching to natural products. Besides that, there are a ton of people with sensitive skin and allergies out there... who want to switch to natural products but don't know the exact cause. Any idea how much these people spend on products they can't use? A LOT! For most of us- this is the only way we can afford to make the switch, frugally. We want the chance to make healthier choices we can afford! So... if any companies are out there listening... HOOK IT UP and let us know if you do! :)