Colorful Lifestyle Haul & a Free gift for You!

I've always liked hairaccessoires, it's one of the reasons why I have long hair. I have a small stash of hairflowers and I'm always looking for other ones that appeal to me.
That's how I found Colorful Lifestyle, a webshop filled with hairaccessoires, makeup, jewelry, bags, and so on. It's a great shop to browse and find special items, that you can't find anywhere else.

I immediately fell in love with the hairflowers they sold, and I ordered 2 pair of them.

The red orchids are (if I remember correctly) the Small version, and are only 2,95 euros for 2 pieces.
The purple orchids are the Small/Medium version, and are 2,95 euros for 2 pieces.(which I think is pretty cheap!)

The customer service is really quick and friendly, and when I asked them if I could link them on my blog, they told me they even wanted to do something special!

So when you place an order at Colorful Lifestyle for 10 euros or more, and you write "Be Colorful" in the commentsection of your purchase, you get a FREE set of Tiki Style Flower Earrings that are worth 4,95 euros! Don't wait to long, because this code will only work untill Octobre 9th and there's a limited amount of earrings!

They also told me, that there will be new colours coming up for the hairflowers, so keep checking it out for updates. I'm definately going to order me some more hairflowers and maybe some other stuff aswell. I think I'm going to order a big red orchid aswell, I just love the colour!The shipping is really fast, so you don't have to wait long for your order either :) .

Ofcourse I wanted to do a look with the hairflowers to show you how beautifull they are:

Used: HD foundation, lipfinity, Catrice blush en a bit of EDM finishing powder & bronzer. The eyes are done with Sleek Sunset, a blog will follow with more detailpics of those.

Ofcourse I can't make any pics in this house without the cats interfering:

He's standing on my shoulder, that's why my pose is so weird, lol

And one for fun...''Why do you say I'm standing in a bathroom? Ofcourse I'm not! Wait...what?.. You can see the toiletpaper hanging behind me? ...
Oh.... *facepalm* ":