Mac Samples, Birthday Haul 1

I got a lot of money for my birthday, and since I didn't have any big things on my wishlist that I was saving for, I decided to shop around for things I'd like.
I love Mac pigments, but the jars are pretty big and if you want more, it can get exensive fast.

So when I found an add on Marktplaats for Mac samples, I decided to try it out.

I bought 10 Mac samples, for 3 euros each, and got an 11th one for free. The normal shipping was free, but I opted for boxrate, since packages tend to dissapear a lot.
When the package arived, I found 8 mini-samples inside aswell! Really sweet!

Look at all those colours! And the samples are pretty big aswell, I can easily use them for lots of times, before they will turn up empty.

Deep Purple, Copperized, Grape, Heritage Rouge
Antique Green, Dark Soul, Green Brown, Vintage Gold
Golden Olive, Deep Blue Green, Old Gold

I'm really excited to try these out, especially the duochromes!

You can get them from this seller!