Enchantra Haul, Birthday Haul 3

This became quite a story, so if you're not into that, just skip down to the pics ;)

My beloved was wracking his brain for a birthdaypresent for me, and he came up with me spending a certain amount at Enchantra. Ofcourse, I didn't say no to that! When I realized I'd mostly recieved money for my bday, I decided to add a bunch of it to my beloveds present. It was really weird, because I never ordered for such an amount online.
Well, that's not entirely true, because I've ordered like that, wayyy in the past....corsets, goth boots, lip service clothing, and so on..Just last year I ordered a new freezer online....
Okay, let me rephrase: I've never spend so much money in one time at one store on beautyproducts! :P
It felt  weird, because I usually think and rethink my orders lots of times, and usually I decide to wait or not to do it. So having this amount of money to spend, was just...well, I was like a kid in a candystore.
All of a sudden I wanted.....everything, hahaha.

Linda had been making me crazy by letting me know she would be adding lots of new brands to the store....and I had to wait. Normally, I'm a very patient person,(I once waited for 5 yrs to buy the perfect leather pants!) but somehow, I changed into an 'I want it now!' person. LOL. But, ofcourse, I waited...

When I saw Sleek was added to the store and Coastal Scents had a 15% discount aswell, my patience ended, immediately. Since I was home with a concussion, I had lots of time to be bored...and ended up browsing the shop repeatedly. I think it was tuesday that I placed my order, and the next day...Sugarpill was added to the store. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.*facepalm* I had just spend most of my bday money and now this awesome brand was there for the taking! *fail*

But, I have the most awesome husband, and because he felt sorry for me, with the concussion and all the crap I had been dealing in the past few weeks, he told me ''Go for it!, You deserve it!". Gawd I love that man :)
So, Sugarpill was added to my order the very next day.

So here's what I ordered:

Sleek-Acid palette, Sleek-Sunset palette, Sleek-Fantasy Idust, Sleek-Green with Envy I dust, China Glaze-Awakening collection, Coastal Scents-Camouflage&Concealer palette, Orly-Comic FX- Space Cadet, Orly-Comic FX-Galaxy Girl, Orly-Comic FX-Out of this World, Coastal Scents-Dual Eyeshadow pencil-Emerald, Coastal Scents-Dual Eyeshadow pencil-Celestial Moon, Coastal Scents-Dual Eyeshadow pencil-Soft Touch, Coastal Scents-Dual Eyeshadow pencil-Trendy Teal, SmARTnails  Cat, Konad Special polish Red, Coastel Scents-Gelliner True Black(not on the pic, I forgot!), NYX-Glitter Mania Powder Purple, Konad-Princess Special Polish Deep Jungle, INM-Out the Door, Coastal Scents- Undercover HD foundation St-03, Konad-MiraClear face, NYX- Highlighter Mosaic Powder Blush.

Burning Heart palette, Junebug, Hysteric, Absinthe(loose powders)

With my first order, I wanted to order the Sleek Bohemian palette aswell, but it wasn't added to the store yet. So I asked Enchantra if I could order it with the rest.........And then I got a DM from Linda, telling me that she would GIVE me the palette. That caused me to grin widely, and I ofcourse thanked her for being so sweet!

Sleek Bohemian palette

Then, on friday night, I saw a textmessage on my phone from a number I didn't recognize. It said that my order was send, the Bohemian palette was added to it, but also a Beautyblender starterskit. With belated birthdaywishes. It was 1 in the morning because I had fallen asleep on the couch...again. So I couldn't text her back immediately to thank her, but then again I was a bit speechless anyway. I had to pick up my jaw from the ground to tell hubs :)

BeautyBlender Starterskit

 Ofcourse I texted her back the next day to thank her, and I was really excited to recieve my order. Which arrived on saturday. I had to go to my inlaws to eat dinner(which my concussion did NOT like btw, gave me an extra special headache), so I couldn't play with everything yet, but when you read this blog, trust me, I've been having a great time with everything I ordered. ;)

Oh and do you remember these?:
As a kid, I was addicted to these candies for a while, so it's really fun to have one again. It came with my order, with a thank you-sticker on it :)

On the concussion part: It's been two weeks, but I still have a headache, and my balance still isnt right. I can't bend, or I'll loose my footing. I'll be so happy when the headache will be gone and I can finally do stuff again.