Review: Essence Studio Nails, Nail Fashion Stickers

When I first heard about these nail stickers, I really wanted to try them out. Not just because I loved the designs, but also, because I was curious to see if they were anything like the Incoco nail stickers. I've written a review about those once and I didn't like the application. The durability was good though.
Anyway...moving on..

Here's the 3 packages I bought last week at Kruidvat for (if I remember correctly) 1,99 euros a piece.

I loved the first 2 designs and bought the third one to experiment with.

 Seems easy enough....

Well...that turned disaster....
I can only show you 2 nails, because after those two, I was FED UP with these stickers.

Look at how small they are, I really don't want to see the sides of my nails.
And look at all the wrinkles! Trust me, they aren't because I didn't apply them well enough, its because my nails are to round. That's also the same reason why all of the stickers weren't wide enough for me.
MAYBE if you have flatter nails, the stickers will fit you, and apply better withouth wrinkles.

Also, look what happens when you want to get the lengths to fit your own nails. *sigh* It was one big disaster. After fooling around with clipprs, scissors and a file, I was just DONE with it.

I can't recommend these, especially if you have rounded nails like me.They might work beter when you have flatter nails, and for only 1,99 euros, you can try it out without loosing to much money.
Also, the sizes avalable aren't working for me, I don't really ahve wide nails, but becaue they are pretty round, they have more surface to cover, and these just didnn't fit.

The stickers itself are fairly easy to apply: you can release them easy enough and coorect them. BUT thats also a reason not to like them: because you can also remove them that way. Which makes them easy to loose while wearing them. They say a topcoat helps, but I'm not sure about that.

Also, if you have round nails like me, flattening the stickers at the sides of you nails just deosn't work. You get ugly wrinkles, and when you try to hard, the sticker will damage and you will get white stripes on your design.

And lastly, fitting the lengths...*sigh*...not working..AT ALL.

Oh and btw, these do NOT have base and topcoat like the Incoco nail stickers!

If you have rounded nails, you can leave these when you see them...or you might cut them into pieces and use them as nail art stcikers...(trying to see something positive here).
If you have flatter nails, you can try them out, and they might even work for you. Please let me know!