Review & Swatches: Gosh Nail Lacquer Miss Minty

This is an NOTD with the Gosh lacquer Miss Minty:

Thisis with 2 coats, which seems to be okay, but after working a few hoursright afterapplying it, the polish had a lot of dents and opaque bitsto it. I forgot to make a picture of it though.

Itapplies easy and dries pretty quickly aswell. I'm not into this colour,because I really don't like pastels, but I got a lot of compliments onmy nails when I had this mani.

Since I wanted to testthe polish for durability, but wasn't liking the colour much, I usedsome dark green konad polish to stamp some nails and give it somethingextra. I had first applied an extra layer of polish to make thecoverage perfect again, which makes it 3 coats, and later on the INMtopcoat.

Igot a whole new round of compliments on this mani. I'm still not reallyinto it, but  I guess it started to grow on me. At least it was a bitinspired by Totem(circqu du soleil), because Totem is partly aboutanimals and the Totem poster had lots of greens in it.

Thepolish lasted this way for dayyyyys, which honestly baffled me a bit. Idon't have a lot of great experiences with this count of polishes, thecreamy ones. But this one really lasts!
To be honest, I did get really tiny and vague scratches on my nails after 4 days, but you can only see those upclose.

Istill think it reminds me of Tipp-ex, which was used by kids ages agoto paint their nails. I never understood that, as I still don'tunderstand the hype for mint and brown polishes.
But I've neverreally been a girl for hypes, and if you love pastels this isdefinately a polish I can recommend. It will be available at the at ofNovember at Kruidvat for 6,99 euros.