NOTD: Orly Cosmic FX, Galaxy Girl

This NOTD is done with the GORGEOUS polish Galaxy Girl.

This polish reminds me of the Mac pigment Blue Brown, it has a brownish purple base, with blue gliters in it.But there are also red glitters to be found in the right lighting.

On the pics below you can really see the difference between a thick or a thin coat.
Left is thick and right is thin. As you can see, the thicker polish is much more purple with more bluish shine/glitter. The thinner coat is much more brown with a more teal coloured shimmer/reflection.

This polish applies easily and lasts for days without any topcoat. This is definately my favourite polish of this collection, you can stare at it all day long, while catching the light and seeing different colours shimmer everythime. I just love duochromes!


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