Cirque Du Soleil, Totem

On October 24th, we went to see the new Cirque Du Soleil show Totem, to celebrate our 7 year anniversary and the fact that we were married for 2 yrs, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days....all on one day.
It was an amazing experience, and I definately want to go to new shows when they arrive in NL.
I didn't bring my cam with me, because they weren't allowed, because they could break the concentration of the artists, but I did buy the program, which has a lot of great pics in it. I'll show you some in this post.

program and cd of the show
The program is printed on 100% recycled paper. Apparantly, Cirque du Soleil tries to think about the environment, which also showed in the garbagebins on the site, which were all divided into paper, plastic and so on. There were also charities on the site, like for example, which I think is a really good way to make people notice it. I think it's great that an organization like CdS, thinks about their environment and tries to do their share of saving it!
We bought 2 of these waterbottles. It came with cold water in it, and you could refill them in the intermission without extra costs.

Our seats were in the front of the stage and we were on like the 5th row! The room between rows was really small, so it felt like I could almost touch the stage. Great seats!
Totem is about humankinds' incredible journey, from our oiginal amphibian state to out ultimate quest for flight.
 The start of the show, someone is a 'discoball outfit' comes out of the roof and symbolizes the spark of life. This gave the creatues below their life and they all started dancing and doing stunts.

 A really kewl Indian dance with rings that were used for all kinds of tricks. I've always had a soft spot for indians and their music, and I really liked this part.

Amazing acrobatics on rings, especially the part where the 2 (gorgeous) guys did stunts with just one hand. The whole act was also a lot of fun, because they started with bollywood dancing on a beach, and one of the 'clowns', a skinny itanlian macho guy, went home with the girl.

Amazing act with really small girls on big bikes. They had these little bowls on their heads and they kicked them around on eachothers heads. One even did it with 5 bowls all at once.

Our favourite act!
A really cite couple that started annoyed by eachother, trying to push the other one ot the trapeze. But secrelty they started liking eachother and ofcourse enede up with eachother in the end. Great acting, but also amazing acrobatics, at one point she was hanging off him and he was just hanging....on his freaking neck?!
Sid and I both loved this act the most, not just because it was just jawdropping what they did, but also, because the act itself was really cute.
 I love this picture :)

 Another awesome act, this time with rollerskates. Great acting, beautifull artists, and breathtaking stunts.

 The band that really tied the whole show together. I especially like the lead singer, his Indian singer was beautifull.

Also, the stage was really incredible, it had a bridge that could transform by opeing op, coming forward and so on. The part around the bridge was used as a screen to portray the tide coming in the water, even swimming people at the end. The end was really awesome, all the actors came back and they did a bollywood styled dance with all of them. The stage itself was transformed through holes in the floor, trampolines that were imbedded and stuff that just got lifted into the air, with people still on it.

There was also a special extra booklet in the program with all the actors in it. The thing that I really liked, is that they had photos of the actors in makeup, and without their performance makeup. Really kewl to see!

There were lots of other amazing, funny and breathtaking acts, but these were my favs.
I definately want the dvd when it's released(within a year), and we decided afterwards that we wanted the rest of the shows on dvd aswell.

There was an intermission at which time you could buy food, drinks, donate money, buy merch and so on. There were plastic masks for kids, and little kids to juggle balls and so on. There were also a lot of gorgeous handmade masks, but they were really expensive.

We went for some shirts, some were really expensive, some were affordable. Sid bought the one that I liked most, unfortunately, they didn't have a girly version of it.



 I found some shirts I liekd, but those were really expensive, think around 80+ euros! Fortunately I found some things that were on sale, I'm a big fan of sale, hahaha.

I bought this longsleev, which is a bit too big, but I can take it in a bit. I really liked the print on it.
And this kewl girlyshirt, I love the colour and the purple is a bit shimmery.

 And since I always drink out of mugs, I couldn't go home without this one:

After the show, we searched for the dvds, but they didn't have all of them there. Sid really wanted Alegria and it wasn't available, one of the sellers even told us we could buy it at, lol. The ones that were sold there were 22 and 35 euros, which is a lot of money. So I decided to take a look at when we got back.

We went to the stores at Amsterdam Arena, and we ended up at Mediamarkt. We bought a daylightlamp there(I'll write about that one later on) and this:

3 Cirque do Soleil shows on dvd for only 10 euros!
Later, after we grabbed a bite and went home with the train, we bought 9 or 10 more CdS dvds for less than 70 euros at, wooohooo. Now we only have to make time to watch them :)

Anyway, we had a great time and this was definately the best anniversary EVER! :D