This weeks bargains!

I'll give you all a list of the nice bargains of this week, so you will all know where to shop!

L'oreal, facecare and cleansers: buy one, get one for free
Biodermal, all products for your face, 30% discount
Maybelline, Dream Creamy foundation, 2euros off
Essence, Go Snow collection is in stores(and already sold out in some!)

Maybelline, The Falsies Volume Express mascara, 2 euros off online(no shippingcosts).
Kruidvat claims the have an exclusive pre-sale, BUT I can tell you that DA already had it in stores last week, because I already bought one there with a 20% discount.(I'll write a review later).

Blistex, lipbalms, second one for halfprice.

Nivea, all products, buy 2, get one for free
Blistex, lipbalms, buy 2, get one for free
Etos, lipproducts, 25% discount
Max Factor, Lash extension mascara, 3 euros off
Maybelline, Dream Creamy foundation, 2 euros off
Rimmel, Volume Flash mascara, 1 euro off