EOTD: more greens

So I wanted to try out my new eyeliners, and was in a spring mood. Waking through melting snow, really makes me look forward to spring. Anyway, this EOTD is from a few days ago, and I thought I'd share.

Products I used:

  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • 88 palette Matte
  • Gosh, Extreme art eyeliner, no. 05
  • Gosh, Extreme art eyeliner, no. 12
  • L'oreal Lash Architect, Midnight Black

I used the Hema eyeshadowbase, because with the matte eyeshadow I want a matte base. I used some random greens from the 88 palette, on my eyelids, and a darker one in the crease.
To give some extra colour I used a very light limegreen on the inner corner of my eye.


I used the light extreme art eyeliner (no. 05) above my eyelashes, which gives a great contrast.  I also made a little wing with it, to keep the contrast with the darker colours.
Below the eye I used the other eyeliner (no. 12), so it gave a nice contrast with the other eyeliner. I extended the line to the other wing, so I got a two-coloured wing.

After applying some mascara, this is the look I got:

Most of you will know by now that green is one of my favourite colours. What is yours? And do you think this is to much for a daily look? I know some people don't like bright or really dark colours for a daily look, but  I think it can be really nice.