Pink & Purple

This look was made with some eyehadows by a brand I haven't used before in a blog. So I thought it might be fun to post it here and see if any of you know the brand.

Products I used:
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • L'oreal Lash Architect, Midnight black mascara
  • Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Funky Violet
  • Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Purple Stain
  • Mylene eyeshadow no. 25, no. 32 and one darker pink without a sticker , I think it was no. 26 or something like that.
  • EDM eyeshadow, ballet slippers

As usual I started with the eyeshadowbase and eyebrows. After that I applied the EDM eyeshadow as a highligter below my brows and towards my crease. It's a soft really pale lavender colour that works with the other colours I've used.
On the inner corner of my eye I used the light pink colour and applied this one a little in the crease aswell. On the other corner of my eye I used the darker pink(without the number sticker) and applied this one in the crease aswell. These colours go perfect together, especially if you blend them a little.
After that I applied some no. 32 eyeshadow, which is a blueish purple colour. Just a little on the outer corner and on the outside of the crease, to give it that bit of extra colour.

I used the Funky Violet as an eyeliner above the eye, and the Purple Stain below the eye. The latter one brings out that no. 32 eyeshadow I used in the outer eyecorner. After applying a little mascara, the look is finished.

Below is a fullface picture, for the lips I used the Mac prep+prime and Mineral Lipstick no. 49N by Manhattan.