Petrol & Purple

For me, petrol and purple are a match made in heaven. I bought some shoes who had this combination, and I've adored it ever since. I realized I hadn't made a blog about these colours yet, so here it is.

Products I used:

  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Catrice, Soft Eyeshadow Mono, no. 280, Dark Lavender
  • Catrice, Soft Eyeshadow Mono, no. 260, Mystic Petrol
  • Bourjois, Regard Effet, Metallise, no. 87, Vert Eclatant
  • Bourjois, Regard Effet, Metallise, no. 78, Blue Chatoyant
  • L'oreal Lash Acrhitect mascara, Midnight Black

The eyeshadows are a bit darker than they appear on the picture, they look lighter because of the flash my came made. The left one is a bit more darker and a bit more green and the right one is also a bit darker and just a lill less blueish.On the rest of the pic you can see the real colour of the petrol one better, but the purple one still seems a bit more blue than it really is.

 I used the Gosh eyeshadowbase for this one, because Catrice eyeshadows tend to fade a little and this base is a bit more sticky, which makes the eyeshadow stay on better.

 I used the Petrol colour on most of my eyelid, and a little in the crease near my inner eyecorner. Than I applied the purple one on the oueter eyecorner and blended it at bit with the petrol. After that I applied the purple in the crease and a little above, to give it that extra touchwhen my eyes are open.

I applied the eyeliner below my eyes in the same order as above. Just a bit of purple on the outside and with the smudge brush I blended them together.

I applied some mascara on my lashes, and also a bit on the lashes below my eyes.

And for Sarah who wants to see how I match clothes and makeup, here's a full face pic. I'm not wearing any other makeup on it, and it was freezing outside, hence the red nose.And I just got back from the dentist....had to replace an old filling....and I'm still able to smile, I'm so though, hahha.

What do you think of these colours together? Do you ever use colours together that most people don't think about to match?