Beautytreat Prize

The lovely Linda of the (Dutch) website beautytreat , gave (and is still giving) away some great prices last month, and one of them was a Trind nail repair kit. All you had to do was to mail your nailcare tips and your adress. A little while later I found out I was one if the winners! Yeay!!

Yesterday, when I got back fro work, I found an envelop on my doormat and this was in it:

A bottle of Trind Nail Repair , a Trind Nail Magic Buffer, an instruction booklet, and a cute card of
I always like to try new things, and since iIbroke a few nails recently, I'm especially excited to try these out.

This is what the Trind website says about the products:

Nail Repair Natural

Trind Nail Repair is an effective nail strengthener which makes your nails strong and keeps them supple at the same time. With this product your nails won’t dry out and won’t show discoloration. The unique formula of Trind matches the protein molecules, which creates a rigid network structure that makes the nail stronger. Important detail is that the natural nail moisture does not disappear. Therefore, the nail stays supple and looks pampered. 

Nail Magic Buffer

Natural nail moisture is essential for healthy nail growth. Trind Nail Magic Buffer is the perfect tool to promote the production of natural moisture. You treat your nails in three steps, beginning with the half black side. With this side, you remove the absolute top layer of the nail. Thereafter the production of the natural nail moisture is being promoted by the half white side. As a last step you evenly divide the nail moisture over the nail with the long grey side. The Nail Magic Buffer removes fine ridges and imperfections from the nail and makes them look equal and shiny!

I'll post an update after I've used these products for a while, to see what kind of a result they give.

Lastly a pic of me with the products. If my smile looks a little strained, it's because I've pulled a muscle in my back yesterday and standing up hurts.  ;)

Don't forget to visit the beautytreat website , Linda makes great looks, tutorials, reviews, and so on. Check it out!