Gosh ambassador gift

For becoming a Gosh ambassador we all received a gift for the holidays. Well, that is, we should have: unfortunately, my package didn't come. It's been snowing a lot lately and some post has dissapeared in that time. It seems our deliveryguys just don't like doing their work in the snow. So I guess one of the delivery guys, or his girlfriend, looked pretty amazing this christmas...

Anyway, they send me a new package (Thank you so much!) , which arrived the day after, which was yesterday. Although the holidays are over, I'm still very excited to receive it and will find the right opportunity to use them.

This is what I found in the mail yesterday, It looked very cute with it's little gold bow and the tiny silver stars in it. A little feast to open...

In it was the complete Black 'n Bright collection, with the following items: a naillacquer, an eyeshadow trio, an effect powder, and an eyeliner pen, an extreme art eyliner. Although the collection was temporarily available, all of these items can be purchased apart now.

Naillacquer, no. 555, Silver
What the Gosh site says about the product:
Gosh naillacquer has been developed using the latest cosmetic and environmental technology for this type of product. It is manufactured without the harmfull use of agents DBT Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid. 
Excellent coverage and extra glossy finish. Hard-wearing. Dries quickly.Has a smooth consistency which is easy to apply. Contains no perfume.

I haven't used a naillacquer by Gosh before, so I can't review that yet. The colour is beautifull and the substance itself looks like it will apply easy.
Price is 6,49 euros at Kruidvat.

Eyeshadow Trio, TR13, Diamond Rock
What the Gosh site says about the product:
A fantastic combination of pearl pigments assembled to create a beautifull palette. The three matching colours are arranged like a unique mosaic, giving you the opportunity to create your own look with innumerable nuances.
Soft and slightly creamy consistency. Unique colour intensity with either shiny micro pearl effect or matt velver finish. Beautifull and long-lasting. Contains no perfume.

I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but it seems this trio is a little less pigmented compared to some others I've got in my stash. It looks a lot better with some base though.  The colours are shimmery and look great together. I think you can use all kinds of different looks besides smokey eyes with this one.

Price is 9,99 euros at Kruidvat.

Effect Powder, Sky
What the Gosh site says about the product:
A very shiny metallic powder for use as eyeshadow, eyeliner or a sparkling effect on neck and shoulders.
Can be used wet or dry. Contains no perfume.

This effect powder seems a bit different than the others. The shimmers are a bit bigger or maybe it's just the powder itself that seems less soft.I like the shimmer it gives and these effect powders are great to use for all kinds of stuff. Highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, on top of other eyeshadows. You name it.
Price is 6,99 euros at Kruidvat

Eyeliner pen, Black.
What the Gosh site says about the product:
Quick-drying and tear-proof liquid eyliner, especially designed to make either thin or thick lines. 
Stays beautifull for hours (however not waterproof). Contains no perfume.

I love eyeliner, there were years when most of the time all I wore was eyeliner and mascara. I usually use eyeliner with a brush, but some eyeliner pens can be great in use aswell. The tip seems a bit thicker than I'm used to, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw small lines with it. But I'm sure it's great to create that 50's look eyeliner with.
Price is 6,99 euros at Kruidvat.

Extreme art eyeliner - Waterproof, no. 19, Glitter Topcoat
What the Gosh site says about the product:
A new liquid semi-permanent eyeliner. The combination of a fantastically soft and light formulation and an ideally formed brush makes it possible to draw a line that is beautifull, even and precise.
Fantastic formulation that dries fast and is extremely durable. Can be used on the body.

This eyeliner surprised me a little. I've had eyeliners with shimmers before, but most of the time it's just a clear liner with too few shimmers which don't create a good line. This one gives off a lot of shimmers, so it's easy to create a line of shimmers. This should be great for parties and going out!
Price is 8,49 euros at Kruidvat


Swatches of the eyeshadow trio, without and with base. (they seem very light, in real they are a bit more pigmented, but not much)

Swatches of the effect powder(without and with base), eyelienr pen and extreme art eyeliner.

I haven't used any of these products yet, so I'll make a NOTD soon and an EOTD. Maybe even more than one. :)