Funky Budget Look 2

Today I made 2 looks with Budget products, all by the brand Essence. I used a quattro eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner and a mascara, which will cost you less then 10 euros together.
Because you can do all kinds of stuff with budget products aswell, I choose o do some funky looks with them. Below you can see two different looks I made with two different palettes. I'll post two blogs, in each one I will explain one of them. This is the second one.

  Products I used for the look on the right:

  • Quattro eyeshadow palette, no. 6, Sooo Cool
  • Metal Glam eyeliner, no 4, Techno Girl
  • Multi Action mascara

I did my eyebrows as usual, and used Gosh eyeshadowstick , love that beige, as a base. Since most people already have products for their eyebrows and base, I didn't count them in for the total value of the look.
I used the lightest colour of the palette (white) as a highlighter below my eyebrows.
I started with the colour on the bottom right, in my inner eyecorner, towards the middle of my eyelid and a little in the crease. Next to that I applied the colour on the top right towards my outer eyecorner and a little in the crease aswell.
In the crease and above I used the purple colour aswell as towards my inner eyecorner.

I used the same mascara as with look 1 and although it looks a little better here, I'm still not a big fan. I also applied some on my bottom lashes

I used the eyeliner above the eye with a longer outward line in the inner eyecorner. I also made a wing, which is applied a little to high.(I hadn't decided yet if I wanted an extra wing or not.)
On the bottom of my eye I applied some eyeliner aswell. With a smudger I applied some more of the Pink colour on the top right of the palette, from the inner eyecorner, all the way to the wing and below that aswell.
This eyeliner is a bit more watery than the other one, so I had to apply it a couple of times to give the same coverage overall.

So what do you think about this look? And would you like to see more of these funky looks, or rather more daily looks?