Makeup Haul

I haven't posted any new products I bought lately, so I thought I'd put them all into one post.
I'll make a blog about them later with NOTD's or swatches and that kind of stuff.

Some time ago, Essence came with the limited edition Moonlight collection. It was sold out pretty fast, so I didn't really see it in stores. One of the items people really got crazy about was the brush they sold. I read a lot of reviews about it, and it looked like a nice brush. Now, I found one recently online, and it was pretty cheap, so I couldn't pass that opportunity.

I also bought some nailpolish of some brands I've never used before (see? I listen to the outcome of my polls!). A nice effectpowder by Etos, which I'll probably use for an EOTD soon. And I also found some green glitter and a brush that went with it for only 1 euros each. No idea what I will do with it yet, but I bet I can think of something. ;)

I love eyeliner, and when I found this bargain online, I could NOT pass on it. These eyeliners by Gosh are 8,95 euros each. And someone sold 8 of them for only 12,50 euros incl shipping!
I wanted to buy some of these anyway, and the other colours are just a nice bonus, they will probably be used for freaky looks :)

So, I hope you're interested in  thes products, because I'll probably be blogging about them soon. :p