Review: Trind Nailrepair and Magic Buffer

Some time ago I won the Trind Nailrepair and the Magic Nailbuffer at beautytreat, you can read about it here .
After using both for 3 weeks, I think it's time for a review.

The Trind Nailrepair:

Firs of all, I really like the bottle. The top has a nice shape which makes using it very easy. It lays comfortably in your hands. The fluid itself is easy to apply, the brush is small so you can be precise if you want.
The nailrepair dries really fast, which I like, because I usually apply some nailpolish after it aswell. It seems the nailpolish dries faster on the nailrepair aswell, but that could be just me, most of my polishes dry fast anyway.
I haven't used any other Trind products, or any other brands except the nailpolish. This way my cuticles weren't 'protected' (as adviced) but although they did tend to harden a bit on the sides, I didn't really have a problem with them.

Did I see a difference with my Herome nailhardener? Not really. Because you can't SEE a difference I didn't post before and after pics.
I do FEEL a difference though. Where Herome makes my nails strong and hard, Trind tends to make them strong, but still flexible. Some people might like that, but it's the whole reason I started using nailhardeners in the first place. My nails are pretty thin, weak and bendable if I don't use anything on them. They tend to rip on the sides, which giave me short nails most of the time. With Herome, they are strong and don't bend, which doesn't make them rip, which gives me beautifull long nails.
Trind makes my nails stronger, but they are still a bit bendable, which makes them vulnerable on the sidepart where they meet my skin. Just where the nail leaves the skin to grow on its own. Especially when I bump my nails into something it can cause them to tear or break. Also, when wearing nailpolish, it can chip the polish off. Especially since I tend to bump my nails into stuff all day, especially at work, this isn't really something I like.

So I have to say, I'm NOT convinced by Trind. I'm still loving my Herome more.
That being said, I have to say that this is just My opinion, and the experience with MY nails.
If you like your nails a bit bendy or maybe your nails are a bit thicker/stronger than mine, you might really like Trind.
Don't get me wrong, it is a great product, and I will probably use it untill the bottle is empty. But I'd like to stick to my Herome nailhardener.

Magic Nail Buffer

This one brought up some memories. When I lived at my parents house, we used to have something like this, but then it wasn't a 3 in one buffer, but 3 seperate buffers and a very nice file. I can't remember what brand it was, they were all in a red velvet package together. It might even have been Trind, I really don't remember.
Having used those buffers back in the day, I knew what this one could do, and I was really glad I had one of my own now. I have to say, I had totally forgotten all about these buffers and what they could do for your nails.
I used this one, once a week, as recommended. It files away all the little strips on your nails and buffers them up really nice. It made my nails nice and smooth, which makes applying nailpolish easier, and they will stay on better. Also, if you don't use a basecoat it will really give a smooth result.
The buffers really made my nails shine again, which they normally only do when I have something on them.
I'm definately going to keep using this one and I can recommend it to anyone. Even if you don't wear any nailpolish, this can give you smoother, shiny natural nails.