Gosh Moodboard Spring 2010

As a Gosh ambassador we were asked to make a moodboard for the springlook.
I've never done anything like that before, but I always like to learn new things.

I started with thinking about spring, and what kind of colours would pop into my head. Immediately I thought of bright flowers, new grass and soft coloured blossoms.
After that I just started searching online for pics I could use to creat a photocollage.
Now I've never used photoshop and I couldn't really do it all in paint, because that would look just awefull. I needed a little help. Thanx to Sarah who helped me with some collage-ideas and putting together the colourchart with the pic I provided: you are the best!
And thanx to hubs, who sat with me behind the computer, while I told him what I wanted. And of course for listening to all my bitching, and for making the collage that was in my head. Love you!

This is spring to me, bright yellows and purples,  new leaves and grass, and lots of blossoms. Spring always surprises me with the little flowers coming out at the first sign of spring, and with all their brightness and loveliness. So here is my moodboard, Surprising Spring:

What is your spring look?