Cheeky Cherry

On the Beautytreat website there's a contest where you can win palettes and gelliners. The theme of the looks must be 'fruit'.
Since I like being creative, ofcourse I wanted to participate in this contest.
Yesterday I posted the first look, today I'm posting the second one and tomorrow, the third one. After I've blogged about them all, I'll enter them for the competition.

Every look is inspired in a different way, you'll see for yourself.

Today's look is inspired by cherries. I love cherries and at my parents place we have different cherrytrees. I really like the colours ranging from bright red to such a dark red that it's almost black. And the green stem gives a nice contrast. I even used the little brown part they always have on top where they hung onto the trees.

The pic I used for inspiration:

Products I used:
  • 88 palette shimmer
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • 2True eyeshadow black
  • Gosh Flirty Curl mascara
  • Gosh extreme art eyeliner

As you can see, I tried to capture the many different colours of red a cherry can have, but all blended together they start to look like one colour.

I made the eyeliner look like the stem of a cherry, so it almost looks like a cherry has 'fallen' onto my eye.


This look is pretty wearable, you could even use it for Valentines day, if you used a a black eyeliner or something.
So how do you like this one? Would you have done it differently?Tomorrow I'll post 'I heard it through the Grapevine'.