Boozyshop Order

I've been wanting to order something at Boozyshop ever since I found the shop online. Especially when Linda from Beautytreat posted some blogs about the shop and their products.

So a little while ago, I ordered some products I was really curious about, by brands I never bought before. I thought it might be more interesting for my readers to buy some non-Dutch products, since I recently found out that from the 140 readers I had in one week (w00h00!! :) ), about half of those were international readers.

First of all, I want to say that Boozyshop is a great shop with fast shipping, and great customer service.
I was really interested in the Jumbo pencils by NYX, because I saw many people use them in youtube vids. Especially the white and black one, because with those you can create colourchanges with just one eyeshadow.
When I wanted to order the white pencil was out of stock, so I emailed them and I got the answer that they would be in stock in just a few days. She even told me the exact day, which was great.

So what did I order?

  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Bean
  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk
  • NYX Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania, Lime
  • LA Colors Moisturize Lipstick, Berry Red

The package came pretty soon, and when I opened it, everything was in this cute little pink bag, closed with a green ribbon. Every product was neatly wrapped in bubbleplastic, so nothing could break in the envelope it came in. I only payed 1,95 euros shippingcosts, for these 4 products, which is really low. Great service!

The lipstick wasn't in the package though and on the note it said it was sold out. Which could be expected, because it had been on sale. The note also had the question if I wanted another colour, so I emailed the shop about what I was looking for. I got an email back that said she probably overlooked the last lipstick in this colour and that she just found the -last- one and would send it to me immediately -with- a free gift. Which is SO sweet, considering she already send the other products instead of emailing that one product was out of stock, and had to make extra shippingcosts for me this way.
So 2 days later( She emailed me in the evening, so she really shipped it immediately), I found another envelope on my doormat. In it was once again the cute little pink bag, with my lipstick and... an LA Colors mascara!
 Needless to say, this shop has awesome service and I can really recommend ordering there. I'm definately going back there soon :)

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil

On the Boozyshop site it says that these pencils are also called 'the product of the year', whic after using them I have to agree with. They come in a lot of different colours and only cost 3,50 euros a piece. I've already been using them and I really love them, they give a great base to eyeshadows and gives them extra colour.

NYX Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania


 On the Boozyshop site it says that this pigmented eyeshadow stays on long, blends great and has shimmer in it. I think this  is already one of my favourite eyeshadows, even though I've only had it for a few days. I am definately going to order more, because they cost only 1,99 euros a piece!
It is -really- pigmented and the colourchart on the site doesn't do it justice. The eyeshadow reminds me of the Gosh effect powders, only wayyyy more pigmented. It comes in a cute little pot, which is filled to the brim with super shimmering powder. I already made some EOTD's with the jumbo pencils and this eyeshadow and i LOVE it. It didn't crease after a long day and was still as shimmery and perfect as when I put it on. I can really recommend these eyeshadows, especially for this price!

LA Colors Moisturize Lipstick


This lipstick moisterizes your lips and contains Vitamin E and Aloƫ Vera.
I haven't tried it yet, but I love the colour and will post a blog about it when I know more. It only cost me 1,50 euro because it was on sale.

LA Colors mascara

This mascara gives you length and spreads your lashes apart, the brush is made so it won't give you lumps.
I got this one in the colour Black Brown, which I never had before, so I'm curious on how that will look.

What do you think about the products? Do you have some of them, and could you recommend me some more? And have you ever ordered something at Boozyshop?