NOTD: Fatal Ocean

This is a blog about the polishes I applied yesterday. When I got the Gosh package, ofcourse I wanted to try out the products. So today, I'll show you some pics of the Nail Lacquer: Ocean.

I was in the mood for something different so I also used:

  • Essence, multi dimension 3 in 1 nailpolish, with xxxl shine, no. 20 Fatal.
  • La Femme Beauty Nail Varnish, no number or name is to be found on the bottle.

The essence polish is just a plain black colour, The last one seems blue with lots of sparkles/glitter on it that seem to change colours due to lighting. When applied on top of a darker polish, you don't see any of the blue anymore.

The Gosh Ocean, dried pretty fast, and does apply easy. However, to me it seems Goshnail lacquers are all a bit thick and apply a little stripey(is that even a word?). It might be because of the brush, which seems a bit small to me. But I think it's because of the texture of the lacquer, a smooth effect is difficult to get. The colour is very nice though.

The Black polish is a polish that dries pretty fast and is just a very pretty black. I use it mostly with nailart and stuff to give it something special. This line of Essence polishes is pretty good, they don't chip fast and they can be worn for several days. I have more colours of this one aswell. I don't like the other line as much, the ones with smaller bottles. They tend to dry slower and chip more often.

The glitter polish dries pretty fast and gives a really nice result on top of the black. The light shows all kinds of colours, from golden to green. I really like the effect. I've never seen this brand before, I picked it up at a new bargainstore at our mail for just 1,99 euros. If you buy 3 they are only 5 euros. I might try out some more if they have some interesting ones, because I'm pretty happy with it.