EFF Tryout Makeup, Raven/Goth look

When I ordered some Barry M makeup a while ago, I wanted to use those products to try out some makeup/looks for the Elf Fantasy Fair.
I waited for my NYX jumbo pencils to come in and immediately after that, started on my look.

At first, I wanted a more elaborate look, but then I thought about the fact that when I go to the EFF, I don't have a lot of time in the morning to do my makeup and get into my costume. So then I thought about a more simple look, which would still look good with the costume. And this is what I came up with:


Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshdaowbase
  • NYX jumbo pencil Milk
  • NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean
  • Hema Waterproof black eyeliner pen
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust, no. 16
  • Barry M, Glitter Dust, no. 21
  • Barry M, kohlpencil, no1
  • Eyelure fake lashes, glamour, Naturalites, no.107

I started by applying the eyeshadowbase as usual. Then I used the jumbo pencil Milk on my inner eyecorner and the jumbo pencil Black Bean on the rest of my eyelid and my crease. I spread that around with my finger so it was evenly applied.

On my whole eyelid, I applied the Barry M Dazzle Dust. A gorgeous green with a very nice shimmer to it. The jumbo pencils underneath give it some extra colour.
On my crease and above I applied the Barry M Glitter Dust, a very nice black with green shimmer in it.
I blended those together and applied some more dazzle dust into my crease to give it some extra green.


Then I applied some eyeliner and made a little wing at the end. On my inner eye corner I stretched the line towards my nose. Then I applied some eyeliner below my eye to meet the other line.
I also applied the Barry M kohlpencil on my waterline, to make it extra dark. I love this one, because it's the first pencil -ever- that stays on my waterline for more then 10 mins. It stayed on for hours!


Then I applied some more dazzle dust and glitter dust on the outer wing and on my inner eyecorner to follow the eyeliner. The colour on the inner eye corner is not as bright as on my eyelid, this is because I didn't apply some NYX jumbo eye pencil there, so I -will- do that when I go the the fantasy fair ofcourse. I just wasn't sure what I was going to do exactly when I started out.

After that I applied the fake lashes, I love this brand by the way, and the look was finished.

I also tried out the Barry M lippaint, to see how long it lasted on my lips and if it looked good with the eyemakeup.
I haven't used any lipliner or lipbrush here, because I just wanted to try it out, so it's not applied as neatly as it should have been.

Then I figured I should try out the black Gosh Lipgosh, because I thought it would look good together.


I loved the way it looked with the lipgloss, BUT the gloss is pretty fluid, and after a little while, it went running into the outerlines of my lips and ruined the lipstick.So the lipgloss is a no-go for me :(

So what do you think? Will this look good with my raven-feathers? Would you change anything? And do you think this look gives my eyes the birdlike appearance that I was after? Tell me what you think please! :)