Have You Seen Artificial Turf?

We are becoming accustomed to many products or applications that use artificial materials. For instance, we know about artificial eyelashes, artificial implants, artificial limbs, artificial insemination, artificial life forms, artificial sugars, artificial flowers, artificial wood. Now you can have artificial lawn! Artificial turf was once used only on putting greens and soccer fields. More and more cities are banning grass landscaping. Do you realize how many gallons of fresh water is used to water your lawn? How about the fertilizers, weed killers, and moss control pesticides that you put on your grass? Where do you think it goes? Right back into your city's water system. How about the noise pollution and the emissions from the lawn mower and the weed wacker. This all adds up to Global Warming!
Artificial turf/grass can be installed quickly and easily. It's like installing carpet.. but it's outside. Did you know that Artificial grass is made from recycled pop bottles! Which means this turf can last for many , many years. Prices are similar to laying carpet which is more than real grass, but hey, I can sit back and admire my lawn ... without any maintenance. It's always green, it's always manicured, and it looks just like the real thing!

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