More Facts About the Feature Film - Whisper

Last night a received an email inquiring about the feature, Whisper. I was the Hair Designer on that show. Every actor needed a specific look for their character. Josh Holloway, was such an easy going kind of guy. He has that down home, southern country style that made him lovable. Josh's character had to be a small town, unemployed, drifter type. I really couldn't change the length of his hair since he needed the same length of hair to continue filming the television series, Lost. Every day, he came into the trailer and greeted me with a smile and a big hug. His hair had bleached out from filming previously in Hawaii, that everyday I would put in a Fanci Full, Chocolate Kiss Color Mouse to darken his look to make him tougher looking . Then I would blow dry his hair and add a little Redken Lush Whip texture cream. And before he left the make up trailer he always thanked us all. His mama taught him well!
Sarah Wayne Callies, was easy going and very much into helping me create her , trashy, small town look. Her hair was long and colored auburn previously from the series, Prison Break. I couldn't change the length of her hair since she would be going back to film the second year of Prison Break. But Sarah was into having a hair color change. I decided to put in lots of chunky blonde highlights by using the Redken Powder Bleach and 30 Volume Redken Peroxide . The ultra light blonde streaks, mixed in with her auburn hair, gave her a small town, do it yourself, hair color look. It was Perfect! The script was broken down into a lot of days which means I needed to have a lot of hair changes. Sarah loved it. She had never played a character like this before and so she really wanted her hair style exaggerated.
Some of the filming was on top of Mt.Seymour. Jack Osborne, and his Special Effects team, had to create a winter cabin that was covered in fake snow in October. It looked fantastic!
The Vancouver local production company was Brightlight Pictures and Shawn Williamson was our producer. Other feature films , that I worked on with Shawn and his company Brightlight Pictures, White Noise 2 (starring Nathan Fillion and Katie Sackoff) and Edison Force(starring LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Spacey). Now , I could tell you more stories about these movies too, but that's another blog for later!

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