Missing Eyelashes, Thinning Eyelashes or Losing Eyelashes

It seems as we get older, are hair begins to thin out and so does our eyelashes. Missing eyelashes, thinning eyelashes or losing eyelashes can make you look tired and old. Sometimes adding a few fake individual eyelashes to the corners of your eyes can give you an appearance of young, alert, bright eyes. If you seem to be losing eyelashes or pulling eyelashes, you can use eyelash glue and a few fake eye lashes to correct this problem. I have been working on the television series called, Supernatural. Our lovely guest star Lauren Cohen has been filming in Vancouver on the Supernatural episode of , "Bad Day at Black Rock". Lauren Cohen has young, beautiful eyes, but unfortunately we have been filming at night, so to keep Lauren looking bright eyed and alert, her makeup artist Shannon Coppin has added a few individual flared eyelashes to the corners of Lauren's eyes. What a difference it makes! Some of you like dyeing eyelashes. But this won't make them look longer or thicker. Long eyelashes gives you a younger look. And thick eyelashes gives you a brighter look. This combination is what the actors want and need. So if you have thinning eyelashes or missing eyelashes ... here is your solution!

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