Microdermabration - Can you Really Do It Yourself

June 8, 2007
I got to work on the movie set of "Tortured" a few minutes early to try out a new Microdermabration system that you can perform on yourself in just minutes. A half an hour in the hair and makeup trailer was all I needed to prepare and use the Crystalift Microdermabration System. The Crystalift is an easy, do it yourself, exfoilating/resurfacing system for your skin. I began by cleansing my face with an oil-free cleanser and drying my face completely. Then I started with my chin, working the wand slowly across the skin. You feel a slight scratching and sucking feeling which didn't hurt or irritate the skin. I did my entire face in less than 10 minutes, until the capsule of crystals ran out. I had turned the dial to the highest position for the full effect. If I compared Crystalift to a Microdermabration Treatment from the spa, I would say it was not as effective or as deep of a pore cleanser, but definitely noticed my skin looked fresher, smoother and my makeup base went on evenly. So then I asked the actor Cole Hauser, if he would try out the mini facial. I got him to relax in the makeup chair while I gave him a treatment with the Crystalift (meduim setting). When I finished , he was so relaxed he wanted me to do it again. Cole's face looked brighter and fresher. Cole will definitely have another treatment next week.

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