Guys Need A Little TLC For Their Hair

June 5, 2007
Tricks of the Trade – male baldness and thinning

Working on the movie “Tortured” has quite a few male characters. The Actor, Jon Cryer (2 and ½ men) has medium brown hair that is extremely fine and thin all over. First, I use a cream makeup base (Couve) designed for masking out Alopecia (balding). Couve comes in a full range of colors from blonde to redhead to black. Couve is applied with a sponge, directly on the scalp all over the head. Then the MAC eye shadow powered in medium brown (brun) is applied with a thick makeup brush, on top of the Couve makeup. And finally, a sprinkle of Toppik in Medium Brown. Toppik (hair building filler) has little hair–like fibers that look like real hair. Then I comb the hair lightly into place, not to disturb any of the fibers underneath. A light spray all over the hair of Redken Super Strength Finishing Spray #23, will set the fibers into place and will hold all day (12 hours) on a movie set.

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